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    When you’re a gun owner, you need to take extra precautions to keep your weapons secure at all times. One method to do that is to put a gun safely in your vehicle. However, placing a gun safe in your car can be tricky, especially if you’ve never done it before. Key TakeawaysBefore buying a … Read more
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    A sensible strategy to keep your firearms safe and away from unauthorized individuals is to own a gun safe. One place that’s proven to be ideal for putting a gun safe is the basement. However, getting it to the basement can be a hassle if you have a large and heavy safe. Key TakeawaysThe narrow … Read more
  • Are Barska Safes Any Good? | Safety Features to Guard Your Firearms
    Barska, a company that provides various security solutions, has attracted the interest of many gun owners looking to safeguard their possessions. However, the question most of them have is, “Are Barska safes any good, or is it just a charade?” This question’s answer remains unclear, and many are yet to figure it out. Key TakeawaysBarska … Read more
  • How to Keep a Gun Safe From Tipping | Our 5-Step Guide With Tips
    An important part of gun safety is preventing a gun safe from toppling over. Now, having a gun safe that isn’t anchored properly can put your family and anybody else who comes into touch with the safe in danger. Plus, a gun safe that tips over is not only dangerous but can also seriously damage … Read more
  • What Is a Modular Gun Safe? | Benefits, Installation & Maintenance
    Any prudent gun owner knows that a gun safe is a must-have for storing and protecting firearms. However, not all gun safes are the same, and in recent years, the modular gun safe has gained appeal. So, what is a modular gun safe? Key TakeawaysOne of the most significant benefits of a modular safe is … Read more

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