Are Cannon Safes Any Good? | A Detailed Look at Features and Benefits

Key Takeaways:

  • They use a UL Type 1 certified electronic lock
  • The safe comes with a warranty that protects your firearms in the case of a fire or theft
  • A fire rating for the safe is 60 minutes at 1400° F
  • The Cannon safe has a pre-wired USB connector, an RJ45 Ethernet port, and a power outlet
  • The safe, when securely bolted to the floor, can withstand water depths of 24 inches for 7 days

Are Cannon safes any good? Yes, they have a fire rating of 60 minutes at 1400°F, and they’re reasonably priced. Plus, they come in various sizes, making them an excellent option for first-time buyers. 

In this guide, let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of the Cannon safe and see how it stacks up against competitors like the Liberty gun safe.

Are Cannon Safes Any Good?

A Cannon gun safe is a fantastic option for a first-time safe buyer. They’re made with three pieces of steel that are then welded together.

They’re often reasonably priced gun safes for their quality and have a 60-minute fire rating at 1400° F. Plus, there is a range of sizes to choose from.

In the past, Cannon’s primary focus was on offering steel safes with mechanical lock mechanisms, automotive-style paint, and heavier gauge steel. However, they’ve upgraded their construction with door pouches, rifle rack internal hinges and now provide 12 gauge steel as their thickest option.

Which Gun Safe Is Better: Cannon or Liberty?

Liberty and Cannon make outstanding gun safes you can customize to meet your specific requirements.

Cannon makes safes for people who want to keep the firearms safely inside something sturdy enough to withstand almost anything. Liberty designs its gun safes for owners who want to keep firearms hidden in their houses. 

Since they're made for two distinct uses, setting up a Cannon safe would be more complex than setting up a Liberty gun safe. There are a few things to think about while choosing between Liberty safes and Cannon safes, such as:


Similar sizes are available from both gun safe brands at reasonable prices. You should expect to pay a premium depending on the size of the safe you select.


Liberty gun safe comes built by folding a sheet of steel into a box-like structure and welding on the back. Compared to the Cannon’s multi-piece construction, this provides greater strength for a comparable cost. Cannon safes typically offer slightly better quality than what you might expect from Liberty safes for the price.


Both safes are widely available. However, you can buy Cannons from a variety of prominent merchants, including:

  • Amazon
  • Costco
  • Home Depot
  • Walmart

And much more.

Liberty safe vs Cannon safe

Although Liberty safes are less widely available than Cannon safes, it's still simple to buy one through the Liberty safes website or a distributor like North American Safes.

Since both safes are excellent options, Cannon is the superior choice because of pricing and it’s more durable, though it shouldn't stop you from looking at other viable options such as Sentry gun safes and more.

Key Benefits of Cannon Safes

1. UL Certified

Although it’s not stated on the Cannon website, Cannon safe reviews show that the safe is UL RSC-rated. It’s a positive factor for entry-level safe options.

2. Fire Safety Rating

The safe is fire resistant and can withstand fire for 60 minutes at 1400° F. A rating of 60 minutes is a respectable amount of time, though Winchester gun safes have an impressive 75-minute fire protection rating at 1400°F. In addition, a third party independently verifies the rating. Even with premium alternatives, having a third party to verify gun safe fire ratings is rare and unique to Cannon. 

It also incorporates a “Triple Fin” door seal as part of the gun safe fire protection. It means the safe door will seal even if the smoke is frigid. 

3. Warranty

The gun safe comes with the Cannon safe warranty, which covers you in the event of a fire, flood, or theft. The warranty covers the shipment cost and a locksmith to access the safe.

4. Lock

You get an electronic lock that is UL Type 1 approved. The lock works well on low-cost safes.

5. Internet and electrical connections

A USB port, RJ45 Ethernet connection, and internal power outlet are pre-wired into the safe's interior. It's a feature that almost no higher-end safes have including Liberty safes, making it exceptional for one at this price. As a result, you can "plug and play” a gun safe dehumidifier and store firearms safe.

gun safe by Cannon

Key Drawbacks of Cannon Safes

1. Side locking bolts

Only one side of the gun safe door includes locking bolts. While many do the same, other entry-level safes perform better. In either case, one-sided coverage is not ideal.

2. Weight

It’s not a heavy gun safe. It barely weighs 421 pounds. Overall, it’s light but decent compared to other mass-market options.

3. Steel

It’s made of 12 gauge steel, which is not ideal but is typical for low-cost choices.

Cannon safe


Are Cannon Safes Easy to Break Into?

No, Cannon safes are not easy to break into. According to customer reviews, it's hard to break it. Of course, every gun safe has weak points you'll aim for if you want to break in. But Cannon safes are a good bet.

What Is the Best Brand of Gun Safe?

The best brand of gun safe is American Security. It makes some of the best home safes in the world. The company's two main safe types are RSCs and TL-rated safes.

Are Cannon Gun Safes Made in China?

Yes, Cannon gun safes are made in China. However, Cannon manufactures safes in other countries including the United States, and Mexico. The Commander, Armory, and Scout series are the models manufactured in the US.

What Safes Are the Hardest to Break Into?

The safes that are the hardest to break into are biometric safes. They are expensive and often regarded as "high security" safes. However, biometric safes are tough to break into because of their quality.

How Long Does a Cannon Gun Safe Lock You Out?

A Cannon gun safe locks you out for five minutes. After 4 unsuccessful attempts, the safe enters lockout mode for 5 minutes. The safe will again go into lockout mode if you key in invalid codes two more times. To unlock, enter a six (6) digit code, and if the code becomes accepted, you will hear two beeps.

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