Are Gun Safes Waterproof? | We Addressed Your Concerns in Detail!

Moisture is a real issue in gun maintenance and storage, which explains why many manufacturers have devised new strategies to woo customers. They claim that a gun safe is waterproof or water-resistant, but one has to wonder which mechanism was applied for certification.

Key Takeaways:

  • A gun safe with ETL certification can withstand water damage or provide protection.
  • Some gun safes offer water resistance up to specific depths for specified periods.
  • The Palusol seal is a fireproof feature found in most gun safes, preventing water entry through the door.
  • The fire protection feature Palusol seal can protect the contents from fire, but can also risk the contents due to moisture from steam build up during a fire event.
  • You can use items like zip locks, oven safes, or water-resistant bags for water protection. You can also switch to a Tupperware container or water-rated box.

It’s challenging to establish factors that put possessions at risk of water damage and how you’d limit or eliminate such risks. Additionally, it can be challenging to pick out other waterproof and fireproof gun safe features to integrate into your vault. Restore your peace with this brief on gun safes waterproof and the mechanisms to protect safe contents from damage.

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Are Gun Safes Waterproof?

No safe is 100% waterproof. During a flood, if the water is high enough or your safe remains submerged for an extended period, it will eventually get compromised and allow water to enter.

Manufacturers of watertight safes typically provide details on how much water pressure their products can withstand. Before handing over your hard-earned cash, verify that these particulars meet your expectations. If you need a safe to keep your possessions dry for several days, you shouldn't waste your money on one that is just watertight for a few hours.

Waterproof Rating

A good safe should remain impervious to water for as long as 72 hours at depths of up to 39 inches.

Under normal circumstances, the Palusol seal might prevent water entry if you spray with a hose. However, some water might penetrate, but it assures some safety. The same feature, on the other hand, risks your valuables through moisture in your gun safe.

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You can rate the waterproof capabilities of each safe by submerging it into specific depths of water. That would depend on what you’ve used as a floor to support the gun safe. But up to 6 inches of water depth will suffice.

In the case of a flood, the seal can ensure no water entry into a waterproof safe. The steam build-up can cause an increase in pressure which can also burst the seal. That brings me to a conclusion:

  • In such an instance, you'd want to use a zip-lock bag. Primarily found in hospitals, this bag will protect your valuables or gun from damage.

  • You can also use a Tupperware container. Such a container can help protect your gun or valuables from moisture.

Note that water resistance can deter penetration up to certain levels but might let water in. Waterproof, on the other hand, enables water impermeability. Understanding the two will save you time, money, and hope of going home with a better safety device.

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Are Gun Safes Fireproof?

Fireproof Rating

Gun safes are not completely fireproof, even though they could help protect their contents to some extent. A good safe should withstand fires with temperatures of 350 to 450 degrees for an hour.

However, most gun safes feature a seal that can withstand heat to protect against fire or smoke. The Palusol seal perforates or increases tenfold in the event of a fire at your house. After detecting high temperatures, the seal will secure spaces around the door.

Smoke cannot enter, and steam builds up in the gun safe to provide a cool temperature. The downside of this feature is the moisture building up and you will probably need a gun safe dehumidifier or other moist hacks to keep water out of a gun safe.

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How do you Make a Gun Safe Waterproof?

You can waterproof safes. How? Well, you'll need some equipment. However, they should all be ETL tested and certified.

  • You can include a water-resistant bag in different places in the safe to provide safety.

  • Tupperware can protect the contents in most incidents of floods. 

  • You can use cinder block as the floor but make it more concrete by filling it with more cement. That hinders water entry through places where the gun safe is bolted down to the floor.

It's critical to make sure all of them can withstand high temperatures. 

The bag can't limit water entry if submerged in water for an extended period. Thus, water protection is limited.

You should avoid using a regular fridge or storage bag. They can melt under high temperatures in case of a fire—thereby risking the contents.

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What Keeps Moisture Out of Gun Safes?

Dehumidifiers, silica gel packs, and dry rice help keep moisture out of a gun safe. 

Desiccants will also soak up any extra moisture in the air inside your gun safe. For an additional layer of defense, desiccants should be positioned inside and outside your gun safe.

A silica gel pack is the most cost-effective way to keep moisture out of waterproof safes.

Can You Store a Gun in a Waterproof Safe?

Yes, you can store a gun in a waterproof safe. But preferably ones with the Silicone Treated Sock—as the sock absorbs moisture. To ensure dry air circulation, avoid storing your gun in a waterproof fabric, leather, or non-breathable casing. Otherwise, moisture would damage the gun.

The silicone-treated gun safe is ideal for safes that include a fireproof gun safe seal. Or for those living in coastal regions.

Is a Gun Safe Waterproof and Fireproof?

There is no completely fire or water resistant safe. Thus, In the event of a fire or flood, you might lose your valuables. However, you can better secure your valuables with a gun safe that has a good fire rating.

The Palusol seal provides fire protection, but the seal can break due to pressure built by the steam inside the gun safe. The seal, on the other hand, can provide water protection. However, this is only partially guaranteed as the water might still enter.

What Happens if a Gun Safe Gets Wet?

If a gun safe gets wet, moisture can cause damage to the contents you fit inside. Guns often rust, jewelry may become damaged, and documents are susceptible to mild odor. You could also lose your photos to water damage.

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