Are Liberty Safes Good? | Hi-Quality Protection for Your Firearms!

No gun owner worth his salt should lack a gun safe to protect against fires, theft, and unauthorized gun use. Are Liberty safes good for protecting your firearms? If by good, you mean certified fire protection, an electronic lock, a lighted interior, key backup, locking bars, increased security, fast access, enough space, and gauge steel, then Liberty Safes are good. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Buying a safe should be a meticulous and well-thought-out affair because the gun safe you purchase can be a matter of life and death.
  • If you are thinking of investing in a worthwhile safe, you have to consider space, fire resistance, security options, your budget, and more. 
  • Additionally, you should consider an approved service provider for the best safes for your guns. 
  • Liberty safes are a world-class model offering different safety options to ensure your firearms stay in a convenient environment for everyone. 
  • While the task can be severely daunting, especially if you are new to the industry, this article will shorten your search for a good gun safe. It will shed some light on why the Liberty safes are highly recommended.

    Are Liberty Safes Good? Reasons for Getting a Liberty Safe

    There are some things that you can buy with little due diligence. Then there are gun safes.

    Getting a gun safe is not like walking into a store and buying the first safe you lay your eyes on.

    Or the most beautiful and imposing.

    It’s more than that.

    So, what are the reasons for buying a Liberty Safe for your handguns?

    Liberty Safes are Worth the Money

    If 'are Liberty safes worth the money' is your constant question, the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’ Their cost is one of the reasons why they are a darling of many gun owners.

    The price largely depends on factors like gun safe fire protection, security level, gun safe size, design, and other best features.

    Consequently, you’ll find more costly top-of-the-range gun safe series like Presidential, plus more affordable ones like the Liberty Centurion.

    Still, no range of safes provides a greater price-quality ratio than Liberty Company! To add to the icing on the cake, they offer a lifetime warranty where they promise to refund the cash, modify your great safe, or fix it cost-free.

    Liberty gun safe

    Liberty Safes Are High-Quality

    Do you need help determining whether the Liberty Company has high-quality safes? Then you’d be happy to know that they take the trophy for their uncompromising culture regarding quality products.

    All their safes are manufactured using superior-quality American gauge steel. Apart from their 30-150 minutes fire rating, they also boast UL-rated fire boards.

    Liberty Safes Offer Fire Resistance

    The entire range of Liberty home defense safes is fire resistant, with the capacity to withstand high temperatures of up to 12,000° for a gun safe fire rating of up to 1 hour for standard models and 90 minutes for premium ones.

    For the gun safe, their certified fire protection feature affords them gun safe protection starting at temperatures of 1200º F, which can reach 2.5 hours for premium models. Thus, fire damage can be non-existent to inconsequential at worst, making them highly recommended by any fire department across the U.S. On the other hand, Winchester gun safes have an impressive 75-minute fire protection rating at 1400°F.

    Liberty safe and fire around it

    Liberty Safes Offer Lots of Space

    Well, regarding how much space these safes avail gun owners, the answer is sufficient space, depending on your needs and how you organize a gun safe. In a nutshell, when it comes to handgun storage space, nobody does it better than Liberty!

    The gun safes come in various sizes, from large gun safes like the Fatboy 64 Extreme, holding up to 64 guns and effortlessly dwarfing all other American-made gun safes! Another favorite for clients with guns is the Liberty Centurion 12, which holds up to a dozen long guns.

    Other Security Features Offered by Liberty Safes

    As far as security features go, Liberty safes take things very seriously. These features include electronic locks, locking bars, a piston-assisted door, security prod, solid steel plating, mounting holes, gauge steel, relocking systems, and many others.

    They even throw in a lifetime warranty covering gun safe break-ins and fire to assure you how confident Liberty is about its security. How cool is that?

    3 sizes of Liberty safes

    Between Liberty and Cannon, Which Company Makes the Best Safes?

    While the race has always been between Liberty and Cannon safes, it ultimately boils down to a few factors that tip the balance in favor of Liberty safes. For instance:

    Liberty safes are 100% made in the USA, while Cannon safes hail from Mexico. It has always been a deciding factor, especially among American gun owners, to whom using a safe from outside would be unpatriotic.

    Liberty safes are crafted by folding a steel sheet onto the structure and welding the machine back on, offering much more strength than Cannon safes' multi-piece designs.

    Liberty safes are the best fit for both experienced and newbie gun collectors. You can easily outfit them with your preferred gun safe lock, either an e-lock or a mechanical lock.

    The safes boast of Palusol heat-activated door seals. Palusol has insulating properties and expands exponentially when it comes into contact with intense heat. When the expansion occurs, the Palusol tightly seals all openings around the safe door, keeping moisture out of the gun safe, and also keeping heat and smoke at bay.

    Apart from the two gun safe manufacturers, we also recommend Sentry safes, which come with options for whisper-quiet entry, biometric (fingerprint) access and portable security, and are on the leading-edge of tactical firearm storage, and Barska gun safes which offer offer tamper-proof locks, steel structures, and various configurable options at reasonable prices.

    two gun safes

    Why Are Liberty Safes Good?

    For over three decades that the Liberty Company has been building safes for guns, they’ve built a stellar reputation as the foremost gun safe makers.

    Well, that is not all about the best Liberty safes. There are more impressive stats that will blow your mind. For instance, did you know that their safes meet the CA-DOJ Safe Standards? In states like California, legal gun holders must have a safe that either meets or surpasses the stipulations set forth by the California Department of Justice (CA-DOJ) Safe Regulations.

    So are Liberty safes good? We believe we’ve answered your questions and then some! If good or great is measured by formidable gun safe safety features, excellent fire rating, good value for your money, superior quality, and sufficient space, then Liberty safes worth the money is all the answer.

    The FAQs below make it easy to understand why Liberty makes great gun safes.


    Where Are Liberty Safes Made?

    Liberty handgun safes are made by American engineers with decades of extensive knowledge about security, fire ratings, and everything about what makes a good safe.

    Do Liberty Safes Enhance Safety?

    Liberty safes will enhance security whether you have long guns, handguns, other types of firearms, or other valuables. Your family members, pets, and guests will be safe from accidental firearm incidents since the weapons will be under lock and key.

    Are Liberty Safes Safe from Attacks?

    Liberty gun safes are resistant to pry attacks. Unlike some inferior gun safes, which can be pried open with crude tools like levers and crowbars, the lock will always hold on Liberty safes.

    Do Liberty Safes Come With Convenient and Secure Access?

    With a Liberty gun safe, you have quick access with a password. Storing firearms in closets and drawers can be highly inconvenient since you sometimes hide them under mounds of clothes. Better yet, with a biometric safe, you get faster access through fingerprints or a retina scan.

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