Are Sentry Safes Good? | With Fingerprint Biometrics and Other Advanced Features – Yes!

Protecting your valuable items from theft, fire, and other potential threats is essential in a world where security is becoming more and more vital. One solution to this problem is safes. Now, if you've been shopping for a reliable safe, you've come across the Sentry safes brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sentry safe has both fireproof and non-fireproof safes available at various pricing points
  • All Sentry safes have unique identification numbers, and only the safe's owner has access to the algorithm-generated code.
  • Sentry safes locking systems include fingerprint biometrics, an override key, or even a digital key.
  • The UL classifies Sentry safe to withstand temperatures between (1150 -1850 °F) for up to two hours.

You may even have questioned, are Sentry safes good? Sentry Safe promotes itself as a company that prioritizes customer security, privacy, and innovation. The company even prides itself in providing UL-approved fire protection safes with varying degrees of water and fire-resistance technology. In this guide, let’s find out if Sentry safes are good.

Are Sentry Safes Good?

a Sentry safe on the shelf

Many homeowners prefer Sentry safe products when shopping for an entry-level safe. The primary reason is that their product line has a fire-resistant safes and waterproof gun safes

Compared to other home safes today, these models provide some of the best options for convenience and security features. The best part? They're reasonably priced, made of solid steel construction, and big enough gun safes to store all of your valuables.

What Is the Fire Rating of Sentry Safes?

Sentry safe has both fireproof and non-fireproof  gun safes available at various pricing points. UL independently certifies the fireproof safe to prove their fire-resistant status. Using their rigorous testing standards, Underwriters Laboratory issues a variety of certifications.

The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) classifies Sentry safes to withstand fire damage from temperatures between 1150 -1850 °F for up to two hours, ensuring the safety of your belongings.

safe on fire

How Secure Is a Sentry Safe?

Residential safes are less secure than businesses or banks. Why? An experienced thief with sufficient equipment and time could break into most safes. There are, however, a few things to keep an eye out for in a Sentry safe that will help delay, avoid, and deter would-be burglars.

1. Anti-Pry Hinge Bars

The Sentry safe's door is equipped with anti-pry hinges, preventing the door from opening with a crowbar or pry bar. They make it so a crowbar can't easily fit between the safe's door and the safe hinges.

2. Mounting Hardware

You can mount the smaller safes to the floor, a cabinet, or a wall with the included mounting hardware. Using a mount will help protect valuables from theft. Plus, having the safe mounted makes it simple to move the gun safe into place when necessary. 

3. Steel Construction

Sentry safes have a solid steel construction, making them a reliable form of protection from fire exposure or break in. The durable steel design also means it won't need replacement soon.

5. Locking Mechanisms

There are a variety of locking systems available for Sentry safes. Access methods include fingerprint biometrics, an override key, or even a digital key. 

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If your fingerprint biometric cannot open the safe, you can still use the manual keypad or the electronic combination lock. It minimizes the likelihood of getting locked out. Some standout locking mechanisms are:

  • Privacy Key Lock: It's the most common choice and the quickest and easiest approach to secure your possessions. Usually, a spare key comes with this locking mechanism for convenience.
  • Biometric Lock with Dual Key: It's their most sophisticated locking system yet, and it works with the touch of a finger on the digital keypad to unlock the safe. It comes with two keys for additional protection.
  • Combination Locks with Dual Key: One of the most reliable methods of protecting your possessions is a factory-set 3 or 4-number combination lock. This option provides a dual key beside the 3 or 4-digit factory-set combination to enhance security.
  • Digital Lock with Backlit Keypad and Dual Key: An owner can set a personal 1-8 digit code on this battery-operated, backlit digital locking system. Multiple user options are available, along with a backup key for enhanced security.
  • Card Swipe Reader: With this re-programmable lock, you can open and close your safe by entering a code on the digital keypad or using any card with a magnetic strip. The best part is that this process does not involve using personal data or payment card numbers.

Who Manufactures Sentry Safe?

Sentry safe has been producing high-quality fireproof gun safes for homes and businesses since 1930. John Brush and his brother-in-law, Willard Punnett, started the company stamping steel safes in Rochester, New York.

They rebranded as Sentry Group in 1987, becoming a top provider of high-quality fire-resistant safes, security containers, and other similar products across the US. As of 2014, Fortune Brands Home & Security purchased Sentry Group, the parent company of Master Lock, another well-known manufacturer.

Apart from Sentry safes, Liberty safes are made from high-quality American-made steel and, as we mentioned before, with a careful attention to every detail. Also, Cannon safes are excellent choice for first-time safe owners, and well-worth giving them a look. Another companies that specialze in gun safe manufacturing are Barska, Vaultek, Winchester safes, and many more.

3 various safes by Sentry Safe


How Long Does a Sentry Safe Lock You Out?

Each key press has a limit of 5 seconds. If you pause for too long, you’ll receive an error notice (a blinking red light and three beeps) that tells you to begin again.

Can a Locksmith Open a Sentry Safe?

Locksmiths and safe experts can bypass electronic locks and keypads on high-security safes like Sentry safes. As the industry leader, Sentry safes produces more than any other company in America.

What Happens if Your Sentry Safe Won’t Open?

Wait at least 20 seconds, reinstall or replace the batteries, and reconnect the wiring before attempting to operate the primary lock. You must contact a skilled locksmith if the wiring gets damaged or cut.

Is There a Master Code for Sentry Safes?

No, there is no such thing as a “universal code for sentry safe.” All Sentry safes have unique identification numbers. Only the safe’s owner has access to the algorithm-generated code.

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