Are Stack-On Safes Good? | Our Detailed Guide to a Popular Brand!

As a gun owner, you want to protect your guns from fires and burglaries. You also want to keep them away from children. It means looking for a gun safe that’s affordable and has the right mix of security features. In your research, you’ll come across Stack-On gun safes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Stack-On safes are affordable
  • Stack-On safes are water and fire-resistant
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes allow for easy anchoring to the floor and wall
  • Electronic locks provide faster accessibility

So, are Stack-On safes good? We must first examine these safes’ features to establish if they are worth the investment. Let’s dive in. 

Stack-on safe among the clothes in the closet

Are Stack-On Safes Good?

Stack-On safes are some of the best gun safes available today. They are affordable and offer various features most gun owners want in their gun safes. 

To help you understand how good they are, let’s look at some key features of a Stack-On gun safe. 

Fire and Water Resistance

In the case of a fire accident, you can be sure that your guns are safe. All Stack-On’s gun safes are fireproof, withstanding fires up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. A typical Stack-On gun safe has a fire retardant material infused into its steel door frame. 

Most gun safes offer fire protection for up to 30 minutes during a fire. Some offer fire resistance for up to 75 minutes. 

The steel doors have a synthetic rubber gasket and additional sealants to provide waterproof gun safes. The safes can withstand 2 feet of stagnant water for up to 72 hours. 

a gun safe between water and fire

Pre-drilled Holes

While most gun safes are heavy, you may still want to mount your gun safe to the wall or bolt down the safe to the floor. The safe requires holes for the mounting screws. Many gun safe brands don’t provide gun safes with pre-drilled holes; drilling them yourself violates the company’s warranty. Stack-On keeps your warranty safe by ensuring the safes come with these holes. 

While they may be sturdy, weighing up to 700 pounds, the safes also come with locking bolts for anchoring on the wall and floor.

Available in Various Sizes

You want a safe that fits all your valuables. Stack-On offers different-sized gun safes, perfect for all ammo types, including handguns, rifles, and long guns. The gun safes are well-designed, and you can pick one that suits your needs based on the features and price. They also come in small and portable sizes.

Stack-on safes in two various sizes

Many Stack-On gun safes have adjustable gun barrel rests to form scoped rifle standoffs. They also have adjustable shelves for storing ammo, handguns, and other valuables. You can also use the safe as an ammo cabinet. 

A large Stack-On safe can be used as a gun cabinet, storing over 72 guns. From our experience, it is always good to buy a gun storage safe with more space than you need. Check the internal capacity and if the safe has interior padding to protect the guns from scratches. 

Locking Mechanism

Stack-On provides versatility when it comes to locking your gun safe. You can use an electronic or combination lock on a stack-on safe, depending on your preference. Spin combination locks are usually time-consuming and require a lot of patience. 

A gun safe with electronic lock(s) is less strenuous and allows easy access. You can change your locking mechanism whenever you want, but be sure to hire a professional. Always choose a locking mechanism that allows you to open the gun safe without straining.

Some safes may have a key lock mechanism and come with a backup key if you misplace or lose the original key. While backup keys shouldn’t be accessible to everyone, ensure they are where you can access them when needed.

closeup of the lock mechanism


Stack-On provides a one-of-a-kind warranty on its safes. You get a five-year warranty for any manufacturing defects and a lifetime warranty cover for gun vault damages caused by fires, break-ins, and water. However, it doesn’t cover damage to items in the gun safe. 

The company pays for all freight charges involved. It won’t pay for the installation or removal of the Stack-On security cabinets and their contents.  
Warranty badge

If you conduct repairs or tamper with the gun safe without obtaining a written agreement from Stack-On, you invalidate the warranty.

If the damage happens while the safe is still in the ownership of the original owner, Stack-On repairs or replaces it. The company may pay an approved local technician to conduct repairs. If the damage is extensive, it may have to be returned to the company for repair. 

So, Is a Stack-On Gun Safe Good?

Buying a Stack-On gun safe is one of the best decisions for gun enthusiasts since it provides various features at a reasonable price. The fire and water resistance protects your guns in the event of accidents. You can also anchor them on the wall or floor to prevent thieves from carrying them away.


What Safes Are the Hardest to Break Into?

Stack-On safes are among the hardest to break into because they have various security features. You can use an electronic lock, combination lock, or biometric system, depending on the safe you purchase. Electronic and biometric locks are fast. You can change the code and fingerprint when the need arises. 

Are Stack-On Safes Fireproof?

Most Stack-On safes are fireproof. They can withstand fire at 1400 °F for over half an hour. Some can even last for around 75 minutes because of the built-in fire-resistant material. 

Stack-on logo and safes

What Does the Warranty for Stack-On Products Look Like?

The warranty on Stack-On products is unique and arguably the best among gun-safe manufacturers. For any manufacturing defects, the company provides a five-year warranty. The warranty provides a lifetime cover for fire, water, and theft damages. 

Note that the warranty doesn’t cover the contents of the safe.  

How Long Will My Electronic Lock’s Battery Last?

Expect the electronic lock’s battery to last at least a year under normal circumstances (when you access the gun safe an average of twice a day). You will receive a notification once the battery begins to run low. It is easy to replace the battery, and we advise keeping the door open when doing the replacement. 

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