Are Vaultek Safes Fireproof? | We Addressed Your Concern in Detail

If you have been making rounds trying to find secure safes on Amazon, you’ve probably come across Vaultek gun safes. You’re also probably wondering, who is Vaultek, and are their products any good? Are Vaultek safes fireproof? This guide answers these questions and presents the most reliable models by the manufacturer.                                  

Key Takeaways:

  • Vaultek gun safes aren’t fire rated.
  • The top attraction to these safe boxes is their excellent quality and reliability.
  • Vaultek offers eight series of safes. 
  • The safes stand out with their remarkable battery life
  • They’re among the most portable safes available

First and foremost, Vaultek is a quality gun safe brand with multiple benefits that make it stand out beyond its equivalents, including the Bulldog lockboxes. The company boasts about its services, safety, security, and innovation. But innovation is the capability that stands out, and this has drawn me to test how “fireproof” the gun safes are.

Are Vaultek Safes Fireproof?

Vaultek safe boxes are not fireproof. Instead, the gun safe manufacturer designed them as high-quality quick-access safes prioritizing smart protection and technology. A fireproof gun safe must comprise thick metal construction composed of fire-retardant and heat-activated materials. Vaultek safes do not harbor such features.

However, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker as you can leverage a fire protection bag, where you’ll keep your items before storing them in a high-quality safe. Despite lacking this crucial feature, safe models from this company stand out among the highest quality and durable options in the market. Of course there are other brands in the market that specialize in gun safes, such as Barska, Cannon, Winchester gun safes, and many other companies worth checking out.

When it comes to choosing the right safe, water resistance is a also huge factor. But just remember that no safe is completely waterproof

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What Are Vaultek Safes

Vaultek safes are smart metal safes with advanced security features for the best performance. These safes integrate innovative features, including live alerts and Wi-Fi connectivity, ensuring a secure environment. 

Vaultek safes are also Bluetooth-controlled, allowing you to control them remotely via Bluetooth. Besides, they have a fingerprint scanner entry mechanism that requires your biometrics to unlock, which makes it a good gun safe option. Thus, burglars and petty thieves can’t break into the gun safe. Other smart and anti-theft features this safe supports include web control, smartphone apps, keyed backups, and a customizable interior. 

The safes have eight different series: MX Series, Barikade, slider series, RS series, 10 series, VT series,20 series, and LifePod. However, you should know that each series has different features and are customized using different mechanisms. The gun safes differ in weight, size and purchase price. 

On the other hand, if you want to explore more gun safe options, we also recommend Sentry gun safes, which come with options for whisper-quiet entry, biometric (fingerprint) access and portable security, and are on the leading-edge of tactical firearm storage.

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Vaultek offers the best security for your firearms and other valuables. Unfortunately, these are not fire-rated safes. The primary focus of Vaultek safes manufacturers was technology and smart protection designed for quick access. Since fire resistant gun safes must have a sturdy construction, it was impossible to achieve them with Vaultek safes. 

Also, you should be warned that Vaultek safes can be hacked. Since it is primarily a smart safe, tech-savvy individuals can successfully crack it using a laptop and the internet. 

Where Are Vaultek Safes Manufactured

Vaultek safes are manufactured in the U.S. Vaultek, the parent company of Vaultek safes, is an American-based technology company that diversifies its production into portable and smart personal security safes. Falling among the best gun safe options, their production is tech-driven and produces innovative safes with advanced features for maximum security. 

The company is a privately owned manufacturing industry founded in 2015. It specializes in technology, firearms, personal security, manufacturing, and security.

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Are Vaultek-Made Safes Any Good?

Yes, Vaultek safe boxes are worth the investment. These products have a quality build and multiple innovative features for maximum security. Of course, each model has its unique combination of features, but the standout ones include the following:

  • Bluetooth control

  • Keyed backups

  • Biometric safes 

  • Keypads

  • WiFi connectivity

  • Web Control

  • Smartphone apps

  • Customizable interiors

  • Smart key

The best experience comes when you match these features with your needs and preferences. Therefore, you must familiarize yourself with the crucial consideration factors when looking for a home lock box or gun safe from Vaultek.

Which Are the Best Vaultek Safe Models?

Vaultek boasts an ever-expanding lineup. Each model offers unique features and capabilities, and. From Bluetooth-enabled safes to manual varieties, you have vast options. Currently, the manufacturer’s lineup comprises the following safe series:

The RS Series 

This biometric smart gun safe series is among the largest safes in the Vaultek lineup. Besides the standard safety features, the models also have a dedicated app for control, instant alerts, and safe data storage.

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The MX Series 

These high-capacity modular gun safes offer numerous customization opportunities and greater capacity. They can store a maximum of eight full-size handguns.

The Slider Series 

This group of compact, rugged slider safes is ideal for defensive firearms and quick-access items, which are mountable against a desk, wall, or in a car.

The VT Series 

These rugged smart safes can store a pair of full-size handguns. Also, these safes can be mounted on your apartment wall or RV.

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The 20 Series 

These compact, rugged smart safes are the largest in Vaultek’s compact, portable category. They’re easy gun safes to move and have a cable tether for enhanced security.

The 10 Series 

Considered the 20 Series’ younger sibling, this sub-compact rugged travel gun safe is sufficiently large for compact handguns and conveniently fits a checked bag.


One of my personal favorites for travel, the weather-resistant lockable Lifepod is perfect for most sub-compact carry guns and has an optional gun safe organizer for cash, cards, and document.

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Can Vaultek Safes Be Hacked?

These safes are highly secure, and hacking one is next to impossible. These safe boxes have multiple innovative features, including keypads, biometric entry, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth control, keyed backups, and a smartphone app to receive instant alerts. All these make it one of the most secure, hack-proof safes.

Is Vaultek TSA Approved?

Yes. All Vaultek models, including Lifepod, are 100% TSA-compliant. You’re authorized to fly with it and use it to transport guns. A TSA lock isn’t necessary if traveling with a weapon.

Is Vaultek Waterproof?

Yes. the safes are water-resistant with an environmental rating of IP-65. They’re dustproof, airtight, and can float on water with contents weighing up to 2 pounds. Therefore, you can store any items without worrying about water damage.  

What Kind of Battery Does the Vaultek Lifepod Use?

Vaultek Lifepod safes run on 9-volt alkaline batteries, which aren’t part of the original purchase. These can last slightly above a year during regular use and with the interior LED lighting disabled. A low battery will be the least of your concerns. 

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