44 Magnum Bullet Size | Detailed Guide With Advantages, Comparison and Use

Magnum 44

The 44 Magnum revolver bullet is powerful. It was a more effective cartridge for the 44 S&W Special, its progenitor cartridge.“Dirty Harry,” Clint Eastwood’s 1971 film, was the catalyst for its rise to fame among law enforcement officers, hunters, and aficionados of hunting rifles. Given its popularity, ammunition is never an issue, and the best … Read more

How Powerful Is a 44 Magnum Cartridge? | Our Full Guide to This Popular Bullet Type

a person loading 44 Magnum

One of the most powerful handgun rounds, the 44 Magnum, is the second revolver cartridge to receive the designation “Magnum.”The 44 Mag. remains one of the most popular big-bore revolver cartridges, attracting many enthusiasts. No big-bore round can compete with the range of ammo options available, from the light to the wild.It is the cartridge … Read more

When Was the 44 Magnum Invented? | Our Guide to Its History And Performance

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You’ve probably heard of cops in several movies nicknamed Dirty Harry, but you might not be aware of Dirty Harry’s influence on the wheel guns industry. Since its introduction, the .44 magnum, otherwise known as the “World’s strongest handgun cartridge” in Dirty Harry, has been a common feature in big game hunting, self-defense, home defense, … Read more

How Many Rounds Can a 1911 Hold? | Should You Go for a Single or a Double Stack Mag?

1911 Colt pistol

The turn of the 20th century saw the advent of semi-automatic guns. Some like the Colt 1911 or the Colt government would go on to influence the design of many modern pistols today. This magazine-fed firearm holds a special place in gun enthusiasts’ hearts, but it’s also unique in terms of history, magazine capacity, and … Read more

What Does 1911 Mean in Guns | Our Guide to History and Benefits

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America’s love affair with firearms began as an experimental phase with primitive, heavy muzzle-loading muskets, cannons, and arquebuses. As technology advanced rapidly, the world witnessed a growing demand for compact models.Regardless, the most significant turning point was the introduction of pistol designs, also known as the colt government, in 1911. On that account, what does … Read more