What Is a Striker Fired Pistol? | Guide to a Simple but Reliable Firearm

A striker fired pistol

The rise of striker-fired pistols has been notable in the realm of firearms.  These handguns have garnered attention due to their simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. The growing demand for these models has led many firearm manufacturers to produce them.Everybody knows what a pistol is, but what is a striker-fired pistol?Striker-fired variants offer a … Read more

Colt King Cobra Review | A Powerful Revolver With Remarkable Accuracy

The revolver closeup

The Colt King Cobra holds a special place in the world of revolvers, renowned for its exceptional performance, reliability, and exquisite craftsmanship. In this detailed Colt King Cobra review, I’ll delve into its key features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages, providing you with valuable insights to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a collector, an avid shooter, … Read more

Rock Island Armory 1911 Review | A Great Pistol That Went Under the Radar

A gun and a shooting range

In an industry saturated with various firearm manufacturers, Rock Island Armory stands out as a prominent and revered name due to its iconic 1911 pistol. The “1911” was given its name because the pistol was adopted by the U.S. Army in the year 1911. This legendary firearm has become synonymous with excellence, showcasing a perfect … Read more

Taurus G2C Review | A Reliable and Concealable Sidearm Pistol

Taurus G2C in the case

The Taurus G2C has established itself as a highly regarded carry gun within the firearms community, gaining popularity among firearm carry permit holders and gun enthusiasts alike. Manufactured by Taurus, a reputable Brazilian firearms company known for producing reliable and affordable handguns, the G2C delivers powerful performance in a compact package. In this Taurus G2C review, … Read more

Ruger LCP Max Review | A Light, Compact But Powerful Pocket Pistol

Ruger LCP Max and the target in the background

The Ruger LCP Max is the latest addition to Ruger’s renowned LCP series of pocket pistols, designed specifically for self-defense and discreet carry. In this comprehensive review, I will delve into the key features and specifications of the LCP Max, evaluate its performance, and analyze its advantages and disadvantages. Whether you’re a seasoned gun enthusiast … Read more

Rock Island Armory Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm Review | A Reliable & Affordable Pistol

Rock Island pistol at the shooting range

The Rock Island Armory Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm is a high-quality, feature-packed pistol that offers excellent performance for both experienced shooters and beginners alike. With its durable construction, advanced features, and affordable price, this pistol has gained popularity among gun enthusiasts. In this Rock Island Armory Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm review, I will … Read more

Cobra Arms Freedom .380 Review | An Affordable Concealed Carry Pistol!

Cobra Freedom gun

Cobra Firearms have been making guns for over 15 years, building the most budget-friendly pistols on the handgun market today. The Cobra Arms Freedom .380 may leave something to be desired as a firearm, but it has its merits as a single-action, economical, and modest gun.In this Cobra Arms Freedom .380 review, you’ll see our … Read more

Coonan 357 Magnum 1911 Review | Impressive Velocity and Accuracy!

a handgun on the wooden surface

The Coonan 357 Magnum 1911 has a good reputation for accuracy and reliability. This gun is a bit pricey because it’s handmade for silhouette and accuracy shooting. Let’s look closely at the 357 magnums focusing on the Coonan 357 Classic 1911 Black.In this Coonan 357 magnum 1911 review, we’ll see the shooting experience, the problems … Read more