How to Shoot a Revolver | Guide to Achieving Maximum Accuracy

A person shooting a revolver

Learning how to shoot a revolver requires meticulous attention to posture, stance, and mental composure. The shooter must assume an erect position with closed eyes, striving for unwavering stability. Optimal alignment to the target is achieved at a 45° angle, while foot placement may vary.Your stance is absolutely crucial, demanding precise positioning in front of … Read more

How Does a Revolver Work? | The Mechanics of This Beautiful, Traditional Firearm Explained!

A person holding a revolver in their hand

In the pursuit of understanding responsible firearm handling, knowledge of how does a revolver work is paramount. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of this subject matter, while acknowledging the importance of formal instruction and training.A revolver, with its elegant rotating cylinder, cradles several rounds of ammunition. As the trigger is pulled, the … Read more

Can You Dry Fire a Revolver? | Practice Trigger Control Without Damage or Injury

Closeup of person's hands holding the revolver

Dry firing a revolver is a practice that involves pulling the trigger on an unloaded firearm. However, can you dry fire a revolver safely and without causing any harm to yourself or your firearm? Based on my experience, while generally considered safe for most modern revolvers, it is important to note that not all revolvers … Read more

How To Buy a Handgun In California | The Legalities You MUST know!

Pistols in a handgun store

Uncovering all the necessary steps regarding how to buy a handgun in California can become a tough challenge as soon as you enter a deep rabbit hole of information on the web.Age restrictions, legal prohibitions for certain individuals, a manual background check process, a mandatory 10-day waiting period, limits on handgun purchases within a 30-day … Read more

How Many Bullets Does a Revolver Hold? | Standard Capacity vs. Alternatives

The bullets and the revolver detail

Do you ever wonder how many bullets a revolver can hold? Here’s an interesting statistic for you: most revolvers, commonly known as six shooters, can hold up to six cartridges. That’s right, six chances to defend yourself or hit your target.  But are all revolvers limited to six rounds – let’s find out!Revolvers have been … Read more

What Is a Striker Fired Pistol? | Guide to a Simple but Reliable Firearm

A striker fired pistol

The rise of striker-fired pistols has been notable in the realm of firearms.  These handguns have garnered attention due to their simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. The growing demand for these models has led many firearm manufacturers to produce them.Everybody knows what a pistol is, but what is a striker-fired pistol?Striker-fired variants offer a … Read more

Colt King Cobra Review | A Powerful Revolver With Remarkable Accuracy

The revolver closeup

The Colt King Cobra holds a special place in the world of revolvers, renowned for its exceptional performance, reliability, and exquisite craftsmanship. In this detailed Colt King Cobra review, I’ll delve into its key features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages, providing you with valuable insights to make an informed decision. Whether you’re a collector, an avid shooter, … Read more