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Are you seeking a gun safe that offers top-notch security without breaking the bank? You've come to the right place. In this article, we'll be exploring the best gun safes available for under $1000.

Owning a firearm comes with prioritizing how you'll keep it secure. So why not secure it well without stretching your pocket? 

3 Top Gun Safes Under 1000

2. [Best for the Money]
Vaultek MXi Wi-Fi & Biometric Safe 

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3. [Most Versatile]

a gun safe

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That's why we've researched and compiled a list of the best affordable gun safes that offer excellent features, benefits, and security. So what is the best gun safe under 1000? Read on to find out which affordable gun safes made the cut for our top.

Best Gun Safe Under 1000 Reviews

I looked for a safe to protect my valuable possessions from fire, water, and theft and discovered the SentrySafe Fireproof & Waterproof Steel Home Safe.

This safe is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a secure fire protection storage option for their essential firearms.

Overall, the SentrySafe Fireproof & Waterproof Steel Home Safe offers unbeatable protection from water, theft, and fire. It is an excellent investment for keeping valuable possessions safe and secure. 

Features With Benefits

The UL Classification for fireproof protection is 1 hour at 1700°F, combined with ETL Verification for water protection of 24 hours in water with an 8-inch depth. It ensures that my belongings remain safe in case of the worst-case scenarios.

The SentrySafe fireproof & waterproof steel home safe also boasts robust security features. They include 4 live-locking bolts, a digital combination lock with a secondary-looking key, and steel construction with an anti-pry bar. The interior light, locking system drawer, and bolt-down apparatus add extra protection and ease of use.

While the safe is an excellent choice for protecting my valuable possessions, the manufacturer recommends using alkaline batteries for optimal performance.

Compared to other safes on the market, the SentrySafe fireproof & waterproof steel home safe offers superior fire protection and water protection, along with advanced security features that make it an excellent choice for protecting my belongings.


  • Brand: SentrySafe
  • Dimensions: 14.75 by 19.3 by 17.8 inches
  • Locking System: Electronic Lock System
  • Color: Gun Metal Grey
  • Capacity: 1.23 cubic feet
  • Resistance: Waterproof and Fireproof gun safe
  • Interior: 11.9 by 13.8 by 8

Setting the combination took a little time, but once done, it is very easy to use. The safe is sturdy and heavy, making it difficult to move. It is ideal for placement in a closet and can be attached to the floor or wall to further enhance security.

The safe is particularly recommended for storing handguns, with two trays inside for better organization.

Additionally, it comes with an absorbent pouch that lasts a long time. Strong, heavy, and practical, this safe is definitely worth the purchase.


  • It provides excellent fire protection (fireproof protection up to an hour a 1700°F) and water damage and ETL Verification for water protection in 8-inch water depth for 24 hours.
  • Features strong security features, including a digital combination lock with a secondary-looking key.
  • The large 1.23 cubic foot capacity allows ample storage space for guns.
  • The interior light, locking drawer, and bolt-down apparatus provide added protection and ease of use.


  • The door needs 14.75-inch clearance to open fully, which may limit placement options in some spaces.

2. [Best for the Money] Vaultek MXi Wi-Fi & Biometric Safe


As a gun safety enthusiast, I was thrilled to test out the Biometric Gun Safe with Wi-Fi by Fort Knox, an advanced gun safe with impressive features. One aspect that stood out was its Wi-Fi connectivity, which added a new level of convenience. The battery life exceeded my expectations, lasting several months even with daily use.

Additionally, the capacity of this safe is remarkable for its size. I was able to expand its storage by purchasing two additional inserts, allowing it to hold up to six full-sized pistols and eight magazines.

What impressed me further was the abundance of customizable features. It was effortless to enable or disable specific functions, ensuring a personalized experience. The fingerprint scanner proved to be highly accurate, eliminating any concerns about false openings.

Features With Benefits

One of the best things about this safe is its robust Wi-Fi connectivity. The app and online web dashboard allowed me to monitor and manage my safe remotely. I could view the safe's data, including battery levels, history logs, interior temperature, and humidity. I also received instant alerts for safe activity.

The spacious interior can store eight handguns, magazines, passports, and a wallet is a plus for this safe. I could mount it to my nightstand using the pre-drilled holes and included mounting hardware, making it easily accessible when needed. 

The modular safe's interior has a pull-out, an adjustable shelf, a twin high-density foam pistol rack, and interior LED lighting. The customizable space allowed me to order accessories that helped store more guns & magazines.

The twelve-gauge solid steel door and the 14-gauge carbon solid steel body feature a durable powder-coat finish, ensuring longevity.

The advanced anti-theft features are the anti-pry hinge bars and two anti-impact latches, making it nearly impossible to break into the safe. The detection system sounds the alarm on the safe if someone impacts your safe. 

That means you'll get alerted if anyone tries to tamper, impact, or open the safe. This feature gave me peace of mind and made me feel secure, knowing my valuables were safe and monitored.

Quick access is another advantage of this safe—the high-resolution bio-scanner stores 20 unique fingerprints, allowing me to grant access while following safety protocols.

The auto-illuminating eight-digit keypad has a proximity sensor and manual keys allowing me to access my stored items easily. 


  • Brand: VAULTEK
  • Dimensions (Exterior Depth, Width, and Height): 11.5 by 11.6 by 15 inches
  • Lock: Electronic, and a backup mechanical lock Key
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 14.5 Kg
  • Material: Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel 
  • Battery cell: Lithium Ion

Furthermore, it offers the capability to store up to 20 fingerprints, making it ideal for shared access. The accompanying phone app was a valuable addition, enabling me to monitor the battery life and access a log of every successful or attempted opening.

The app even displays the exact time and the code or fingerprint used. However, the Biometric Gun Safe with Wi-Fi by Fort Knox is a top-notch option for gun owners seeking advanced technology, ample storage, and user-friendly features.

Overall, the Fort Knox Biometric Gun Safe with Wi-Fi is an excellent choice for gun owners who value security and convenience. Its powerful Wi-Fi connectivity, high capacity, and advanced features make it a top contender in the gun-safe market. The size may be a drawback for some, but the customizable space and modular interior make up for it. This one is worth considering if you're in the market for a gun safe.


  • Powerful Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring and instant alerts.
  • High-capacity interior with an adjustable shelf and included accessories.
  • Rugged & tough 14-gauge carbon steel body with anti-theft protection.
  • Quick access with a biometric scanner, keypad, and smart key.
  • Rechargeable backup battery with long standby time.


  • Biometric scanners may be less reliable with dirty or wet fingers.

3. [Most Versatile] UNDER BED SS AUXILLARY Safe


Gun owners unanimously prioritize the security of their firearms, making the large slide-out drawer under-bed gun safe an excellent recommendation. With its well-thought-out design and robust construction, this safe guarantees the utmost protection and ensures that unauthorized individuals cannot access my guns.

It's a versatile option that I highly recommend to anyone seeking a reliable gun safe. Moreover, I adore this compact safe as it accommodates numerous handguns and clips. 

a gun safe

Features With Benefits

Its exterior dimensions are 48 inches by 7 inches height by 24 inch-depth, making it a perfect fit for my needs. And I could program the digital front locking system with key backup programmed with a 3 to 8-digit access code, ensuring only allowed users can gain entry.

The safe’s construction is 14 heavy-duty gauge steel. This robust build is to withstand prying attempts and keep children or unauthorized users out. 

Its robust cable adds security, especially when you anchor it to a stationary object. The pre-drilled bolt holes allow for permanent installation if desired.

I appreciate the versatility of this safe, as it can accommodate firearms and other items like jewelry, documents, and other valuables in its large slide-out drawer. 


  • Firearm style: Universal
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 148 lbs
  • Exterior Dimensions (W, H & L): 48 by 7 by 24 inches
  • Material: Steel

Thankfully, I managed to get it at a fantastic price. With its generous capacity, I can store my three weapons and all my ammo with room to spare. Its convenience and ample space make it a valuable addition to my collection.

One of the best things is that it stays neatly tucked under the bed, allowing me to keep it out of sight if I desire. Its versatility extends beyond firearms, enabling me to store various other items securely. This safe has truly been a worthwhile investment for me.

Not only does it serve my needs for storing valuables, but it also ensures the safety of my home defense equipment. I am thoroughly satisfied with its sturdiness and overall performance. Lastly, as someone who owns multiple guns, I appreciate its ability to hold up to three rifles and four pistols.


  • Large slide-out drawer for versatile storage of valuables.
  • Pry-resistant door for added security and child protection.
  • Digital lock with key backup for quick and easy access.
  • Constructed with 14 gauge heavy-duty steel for durability.
  • Robust 3-foot cable for anchoring to a stationary object.


  • The weight of the safe at 150 lbs can make it difficult to move, but this is a trade-off for its durability and security features.

I recently had the opportunity to interact with the SentrySafe executive fire-safe, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with its remarkable features. This product is especially well-suited for individuals residing in regions prone to natural disasters such as floods or wildfires, as well as for those who prioritize the safety and security of their essential belongings. 

The safe's larger size and weight make this gun safe suitable for larger apartments, homes, or businesses that require ample storage space. Its digital combination and live-locking bolts offer advanced security features that provide peace of mind. 

Features With Benefits

The safe's ETL Verification guarantees the safe will endure 1400°F frames for 30 minutes. It is also waterproof and has a 72-hour ETL Verification in water depth of 12 inches providing peace of mind in case of an accidental flood.

The digital combination lock provides strong security and allows me to set my combination. Also, the safe had five live-locking & four deadbolts, steel construction, bolt-down apparatus, and a thick safe door to offer advanced theft protection. The safe is also California DOJ certified as a gun safe.

Its exterior dimensions are 21.7 inches in width, 19 inches in depth, and 37.7 inches in height, with an extra-large 4.7 cubic foot capacity and a weight of 217 pounds, adding to its overall sturdiness.

And if you want a more spacious safe for your valuables, there are more expensive Sentry gun safes for that matter as well. As someone who has used many gun safes, I know that its attention to detail and superior product quality set SentrySafe home safe apart from competitors. 


  • Brand: SentrySafe
  • Exterior Dimensions (D, W, & H): 11.7 by 19.4 by 35.7
  • Lock: Electronic
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity (Cubic Feet): 4.71 Cb Ft
  • Weight: 186.34 Pounds

Personally, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase. After an extensive search for a safety solution for my collection of pistols, I stumbled upon this safe, and it unquestionably met all my requirements.

The locking mechanism exudes durability and strength, with its four heavy-duty bolts securely engaging into place.

Another noteworthy feature is that the system locks out for a full two minutes if an incorrect code is entered more than three times. I am genuinely delighted with my purchase and feel confident that this safe will effectively deter unauthorized access to my firearms. Additionally, the capacity of the safe perfectly meets our needs.


  • Fireproof & waterproof protection for important documents and valuables.
  • Allows you to set your digital combination for added security.
  • Large 4.7 cubic foot capacity.
  • Certified by the California DOJ for gun storage.
  • Bolt down hardware for permanent installation.


  • A heavy weight of 217 pounds may make it difficult to move or transport.

As technology advances, the importance of protecting valuable belongings also increases. That is where a high-quality secure safe, such as the slim-sized one with a programmable electronic keypad, comes into play.

The safe's design allows it to fit conveniently inside a drawer, making it an ideal choice for those who value security and convenience. 

Features With Benefits

One of the critical features of this safe is its programmable electronic keypad, which makes it easy to operate. This fireproof gun safe also comes with an emergency backup key, providing a reliable alternative if the electronic locking mechanism fails or malfunctions. 

The small door handle allows quick access to the contents of the safe, making it perfect for those who need to access their belongings regularly.

The safe is also highly secure, with two live door bolts & pry-resistant hidden hinges. That provides superior protection against unauthorized access, making it a trustworthy storage option for high-value items. The drilled holes and hardware make mounting the safe to a drawer easy, ensuring it stays in place.

Its slim size and programmable electronic keypad make it an ideal choice for those who need quick access to their belongings. Its superior security features ensure that the safe remains safe and secure. 

With its pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware included, it's easy to install and use, making it an excellent choice for both home and office use.


  • Brand: Amazon Basics
  • Exterior dimensions (D, W, & H): 4.4 by 8.6 by 11.8 Inches
  • Lock: Key
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 10.34 pounds
  • Unique Feature: Fireproof

Overall, this safe is an excellent investment for those who want security and convenience. It's a reliable, secure, and convenient way to store guns. The drawer safe, while not a true safe, functions as a security box with a solid design and an easy-to-use number pad.

Each number press emits a clearly audible beep, enhancing the user experience. The keyhole, though primarily aesthetic, is hidden by a removable plastic plate. The thick bolts provide a satisfying "thunk" when unlocking or locking the safe, adding to its overall appeal.


  • The slim size fits conveniently in my drawer.
  • Easy operation because of the programmable keypad.
  • It has two-door bolts & concealed anti-pry hinges to offer superior security.
  • Drilled holes & apparatus included for easy installation.
  • Small handle on door for easy access.


  • The interior size may be too small for some users' needs.

JINXNOBI's Large Fingerprint Safe is the ultimate safe box for those needing a reliable and secure storage solution. With its 25.5" x 17.5" x 16" dimensions, this four cubic feet safe offers ample space for gun storage.

JINXNOBI's safe is an excellent choice for those in need of a secure storage solution. With its advanced anti-theft protection, tamper and motion-sensitive alarm, and multiple access options, it proves to be a reliable option for anyone looking to safeguard their valuable belongings.

The safe is highly secure, offering no possible way for unauthorized access. Programming a personal code is easy, and its stylish appearance adds to its appeal. It is also impressively spacious, making it suitable for various items, including firearms. 

Features With Benefits

The safe’s construction is heavy solid steel, with a 6&14-gauge door & body. Also, it weighs 90.5 lbs with a powder-coated finish that prevents corrosion, ensuring prolonged protection by the security safe. Hence, I won’t worry about buying another safe for a lifetime.

The safe features three ways to open it, making it convenient. I could use the touch-to-open biometric access with 20 unique fingerprints stored, an electronic programmable digital lock that opens with a 3-8 digit combination, or backup keys for emergent entry. JINXNOBI also provides work instructions and shirt films for reference, making the safe extremely easy to use.

The safe also features an anti-theft alarm entry system that is tamper and motion-sensitive. If one enters an incorrect code 3 times repeatedly, the security alarm sounds. And after activating the mute system, I can mute the audible beeps for silent entry.

This well-packaged safe has a fashion design look, with a textured coating on the cabinet, making it the best-looking home safe.


  • Brand: JINXNOBI
  • Exterior Dimensions (D, W & H): 15.8 by 17.3 by 25.2 
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 4 Cubic Feet
  • Lock: Keys, Electronic, and Fingerprint
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Unique Feature: Alarm System
  • Weight: 90.5 Lbs

The safe is built to last, boasting sturdy construction and a sleek, modern design. It is the perfect size and met all the requirements I had in mind. The only minor drawback is the additional locked section within the safe, which I personally didn't find necessary.

While it took a moment to figure out the electronic lock, overall, it performs well for its price range. I would confidently recommend this safe to a friend and wouldn't hesitate to purchase it again myself.


  • Ample space for important documents, money, jewels, and guns.
  • Durable and heavy 14-gauge steel body with anti-corrosion finishing.
  • Superior theft protection with two anti-impact hinges and three-way five live bolts.
  • Multiple ways to open the safe with biometric access, electronic lock, and backup keys.
  • A tamper and motion-sensitive alarm with a mute system for silent entry.
  • Fashionable design with textured coating and well-packaged for home and office use.


  • The heavyweight may require help with the installation of mounting equipment.

As someone who highly values security and privacy, my recent interaction with the BARSKA Large Keypad Safe left me thoroughly impressed.

This safe offers a remarkable level of security, thanks to its solid construction and reliable digital keypad. I wholeheartedly recommend this product to fellow security-conscious individuals.

With its exceptional features like the easily programmable digital keypad, lock-out mode, sturdy construction, and various mounting options, the BARSKA Safe is a wise investment. Additionally, the inclusion of extra components is a pleasant bonus. 

Features With Benefits

First, the digital keypad of the safe can store two unique PIN codes. This feature allows me to give access to someone else while still maintaining my code. Also, the safe alerts when the batteries are low, preventing any chance of the batteries dying unexpectedly. That ensures that I can always access the safe when I need to.

The lock-out mode feature of the safe is also impressive. This feature activates if I enter the incorrect PIN three times ‌. Knowing that unauthorized persons like children cannot easily access the safe is reassuring. 

The safe’s solid construction entails three built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts, which provide maximum protection from any forced entry. The safe also has two removable shelves, making organizing my valuables easy. The shelves are sturdy and can hold heavy items without bending or breaking.

Mounting the safe was easy, thanks to the pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included in the package. This feature allows me to choose the best location for the safe, depending on my needs, either on my floor or the wall.

The safe has two backup keys, mounting hardware, batteries, and a floor mat. The floor mat prevents scratches and damage to the valuables inside the safe. The backup keys provide an alternative way to access the safe if the battery dies or I forget my PIN.


  • Brand: BARSKA
  • Dimensions (D, W, and H): 13 by 13.75 by 19.75 
  • Lock: Electronic
  • Capacity: 1.45 Cb Ft
  • Weight: 45.35 Pounds
  • Special feature: Locking

Despite not being excessively heavy, the safe's overall quality is outstanding. The option to disable keypad beeps ensures quiet entry into the safe. However, it's worth noting that the safe must be in an upright position to open properly. I was genuinely amazed at its durability, especially considering its weight.

As a gift, I loaded it with my valuable revolver collection and felt confident in its protection. When securely mounted to a cement floor, the safe proved to be quite sturdy, although it's important to remember that it is not an impregnable fortress.

Nonetheless, it provides ample storage space for handguns, ensuring a moisture-free and adequately temperature-regulated environment.

All in all, the BARSKA Safe is a phenomenal product that unquestionably delivers excellent value for every penny spent.


  • Digital keypad with two unique PIN codes.
  • It has a Lockout mode for added security.
  • Easy mounting with pre-drilled holes and hardware included.
  • It has two removable shelves for organization.


  • It may not be large enough for bigger items like long guns.

If you're in search of a reliable, sturdy, and secure way to store your long guns, the Wasatch Long Gun Safe is the perfect solution. Engineered to endure both fire and flood while incorporating user-friendly features, this safe offers exceptional value for its price.

Whether you want to safeguard your firearms from potential hazards or deter theft, the Wasatch Long Gun Safe is a wise investment. Its convenient size allows for ample storage space, and its robust construction and secure door ensure the utmost protection. 

Features With Benefits

It has a 30-minute fire rating at 1400°F and is waterproof for up to 72 hours in 2 feet of standing water. With these features‌, my valuables are safe even in extreme conditions.

Electronic lock with alarm U function: The complete electronic locking system with the alarm U function provides added security for my safe. In the event of an attempted break-in, the theft alert and the deterrent alarm will sound, alerting me and scaring off any potential intruders. The backup key ensures I can always access my safe in case of an electronic lock malfunction.

External Hinge: The external hinge on the Wasatch Long Gun Safe allows for a complete 180-degree opening, providing full access to my safe. This feature makes storing and retrieving my firearms easy, ensuring I can quickly access my weapons when needed.

Factory-installed door storage: The Wasatch long gun safe comes with factory-installed door storage, which maximizes your secure storage options. This feature allows the adequate storage and organization of firearms, ammunition, and other valuable possessions.

It has active 1.5-inch bolts and three deadbolts to provide top-of-the-line security. These bolts ensure my safe is impenetrable to anyone who tries to gain unauthorized access.

The Wasatch long gun safe comes with a heavy-duty bolt-down kit, ensuring no thief can walk away with the safe. This feature provides added security and peace of mind, knowing your safe is safe.


  • Brand: Wasatch
  • Color: Pebble Gray
  • Dimensions (L, W by H): 20.25 by 19 by 55 inches
  • Components: Alarm anti-theft, gun safe.
  • Water Resistance: Waterproof

Additionally, the safe's warranty adds to its appeal. It is an overall excellent choice, providing peace of mind for gun owners, knowing that their valuable firearms, including ammunition, will be well-protected.

The safe's functionality has been tested and proven to work effectively without excessive noise, while its interior is easy to set up with sturdy shelves. If you're searching for a smaller safe that fulfills your requirements, the Wasatch Long Gun Safe is definitely worth considering.


  • Fireproof and waterproof for added protection.
  • It comes with an electronic lock that has an alarm U function & a backup key for added security.
  • Increased resistance due to tapered bolts & recessed doors.
  • Factory-installed door storage for easy organization.
  • Plush tan interior for a sleek look.


  • Limited interior space for more extensive gun collections

As a gun owner looking for a safe way to store firearms, I checked out the BARSKABiometric Gun Safe. This lightweight gun safe’s construction has durability and security in mind, making it a reliable choice for safeguarding my firearms.

The BARSKA gun safe is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a reliable and secure storage solution for their firearms. Its notable features include a biometric fingerprint lock module, customizable storage options, sturdy construction, and easy mounting capabilities. 

Features With Benefits

It comes with a biometric lock module that is easy to program and can hold up to 120 fingerprints, allowing me to give access to multiple people. The optional silent mode enables stealthy home defense, useful in an emergency.

The Biometric Gun Safe also offers personalized storage options. I customized the safe's interior with 16 internal removable racks and three removable shelves to fit my needs because the safe is customizable. This safe can store up to 12 rifles with no accessories, so I can safely store my collection.

Regarding construction, they built the Biometric Gun Safe to last. Solid construction protects your firearms from accidental fires and other natural disasters.

Finally, the biometric gun safe is easy to mount as it has drilled holes & mounting hardware for anchoring it anywhere. That makes it a convenient and accessible option for gun owners who want quick and easy access to firearms.


  • Brand: BARSKA
  • Exterior Dimensions (D, W, & H): 16 by 57 by 9.6
  • Lock: Electronic
  • Color: Multi
  • Weight: 139 pounds
  • Material: Alloy Steel

Although it claims to hold four guns, it may be a tight fit for larger firearms like shotguns with pistol grips or rifles with scopes, barely accommodating them with the door closed. However, the fingerprint system operates flawlessly, with straightforward programming that aligns precisely with the provided instructions.

If you possess average-grade guns and prioritize safeguarding them from curious family and friends while maintaining quick access, this safe will fulfill your requirements.

It serves as a reliable quick access safe, effectively keeping belongings out of the reach of children. The thickness of the metal and quality of the locks meet expectations, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction for users looking to protect their firearms from unauthorized access.


  • Easy to program biometric module with 120 fingerprint capacity.
  • Personalized storage with 16 removable racks and three adjustable shelves.
  • Durable steel construction with tamper-resistant edges and pry-resistant deadbolts.
  • Optional silent mode for stealthy home defense.
  • Pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware for easy installation.
  • Can store up to 12 rifles without accessories.


  • Limited capacity for storing firearms with accessories.

Buying Guide

For storing your firearms, a gun safe is an essential investment. It protects against theft, fire, and unauthorized access. But with so many types and models of gun safes under $1000 on the market, knowing which one to choose is challenging. This buying guide will provide tips for making an informed decision.

Look at the Construction Material

The first factor to consider when selecting your gun safe is the material used in its construction. While wooden boxes may be aesthetically pleasing, they are not the best choice for gun storage. 

Instead, opt for a heavy-duty gun safe with solid steel construction in the 14-16 gauge range. Steel is a durable material that can resist high temperatures and offer additional protection.

Quality & Thickness of Steel

Many options are available for the quality and thickness of the steel used in a gun safe. If your primary concern is keeping your firearms out of reach of children, a 12 or 11-gauge portable gun safe is enough. However, if you want to protect your firearms from burglars, a 12-gauge steel gun safe will be more difficult to break open.

Note that different brands use different steel to construct gun safes under $1000, affecting their protection level. Safes made from 12 to 18-gauge steel are okay since they resist most equipment used by intruders.


While a gun safe made from thicker steel will be more resistant to prying, it will also cost more. It's essential to weigh the level of protection you require against your budget when selecting a gun safe.

Many steel gun safes are corrosion-resistant and stand up to heat and water. Thick steel makes it difficult for a saw or cutting torch to cut through, making it an ideal material for gun safes.


The size of the gun safe you choose is another important consideration. You want to ensure it is large enough to hold all your firearms and other valuables you want to keep safe. However, it shouldn't be so portable as burglars may go for the portable gun safe, nor should it be too large so that it’s difficult to move or install.

Many gun safes come with removable shelves, allowing you to customize the interior to suit your needs. If you have an extensive collection of firearms or other valuable items to store, it may be worth investing in larger gun-safe overviews.

Security Features

Finally, consider the security features of the safe gun you are considering. Look for affordable gun safes with multiple locking mechanisms, such as a combination lock and key lock. Some gun safes under $1000 also come with biometric locks that use biometric fingerprint scanners and recognition technology for added security.

Besides the locking mechanism, check the fire rating of the gun safe you are considering. A fire rating shows how long the safe can withstand high temperatures without damaging its contents.

An opened gun safe in the apartment

What Is the Best Brand of Gun Safe?

Several reputable brands of gun safes are available in the market, each with strengths and weaknesses. Some popular and highly rated brands include Liberty Safe, Fort Knox, Browning, SentrySafe, and Winchester. That doesn’t mean the less popular brands offer less quality.

The critical assessment is looking at the safe's UL fire rating or ETL fire rating and seeing if it meets your needs.

However, the brands above offer high-quality gun safes under $1000 or more than $1000 with various features and security levels to meet different needs and budgets. Ultimately, the best gun-safe under $1000 brands will depend on individual preferences and requirements.

What Is a Level 1 Gun Safe?

A Level 1 gun safe is a type of gun safe that meets specific security standards set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). These standards measure the strength and durability of the steel water gun safe against different attacks, including lock picking, drilling, and prying. 

So a Level 1 gun safe protects against theft and unauthorized access. It typically has a steel body and door, at least three locking bolts, and a primary locking mechanism.

A good gun safe also helps to protect your investment in your firearms, keeping them in good condition and prolonging their lifespan. In some jurisdictions, a gun safe may be required by law, making it a necessary investment for legal compliance.
An opened safe


What Is the Number One Gun Safe?

There is no absolute number one gun safe; the best safe for you depends on your specific needs and budget. However, the review above contains top-rated gun safes under $1000 and others to consider.

Are Cheap Gun Safes Good?

While some decent options exist for budget gun safes under $1000, cheap gun safes are sometimes ‌less reliable or secure than their more expensive counterparts. Investing in a higher-quality, safe will ensure better protection for your firearms and valuables.

Is a Gun Safe a Good Investment?

A gun safe is a good investment for any responsible gun owner who wants to protect their firearms from theft, fire, and other potential hazards. A quality gun safe can also help you comply with local laws and regulations.

Do Guns Rust in Gun Safes?

Yes, guns can rust in gun safes if the safe does not have proper ventilation or has exposure to high humidity levels. You can use a dehumidifier in your safe to prevent rust and ensure adequate ventilation.

How Long Do Portable Guns and Safes Last?

The lifespan of a gun safe depends on the quality of the safe, the environment kept in, the frequency of access, and how well you maintain it. However, a good quality gun safe can last for decades or even a lifetime with proper care. So is it better to buy a portable or large gun safe? Personal preference and immediate needs will be the major factor in that case. 

Final Thoughts

A gun safe is a good investment for anyone who owns firearms. A gun safe provides secure storage for your firearms, preventing them from falling into the wrong hands and reducing the risk of accidents or theft.