7 Best Gun Safe Under $2000 Reviews in 2023 | Are They Worth the Investment?

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Welcome to the world of gun safety! Whether you are a first-time or a seasoned gun owner, if you are like me, keeping your firearms safe and secure is a top priority. This review presents my top picks for the best gun safe under 2000. I'll take you through each product's features, pros, and cons, so you can make an informed decision and rest assured that your firearms are safe.

3 Top Gun Safes Under $2000

I've tailored this review to meet most, if not everyone’s, gun safe needs, from a home gun owner to a gun collector. I understand that a gun safe is not just a storage solution, but peace of mind. That's why I've ensured that each product in this review offers excellent security, convenience, and durability, making it the best gun safe investment for your firearms.

Best Gun Safe Under 2000 Reviews 


  • Brand: BARSKA
  • Dimensions: 11.25 by 14.75 by 5
  • Color: Black
  • Lock: Electronic lock
  • Capacity: 0.23 Cb Ft
  • Weight: 9.53 kg
  • Control: key

As an expert in home security, I highly recommend the biometric drawer gun safe to protect your valuable possessions. What sets this gun safe apart from others is its biometric locks technology, which provides quick access to allowed users while keeping any unallowed entries at bay. In my experience, the 2.5-second biometric fingerprint scanner and scan are straightforward to use and activate the motorized dual deadbolts for added security.

Features With Benefits

The all-steel construction of this gun safe ensures durability, and the designer had security in mind during the design process. My firearms and other valuable items are safe from unauthorized access, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing my possessions are secure is invaluable.

The gun safe has a silent mode that allows for discreet access making no noise. And the automatic open-door alarm provides an extra layer of security, alerting me to any unauthorized access.

Installation was a breeze, thanks to the pre-drilled holes and included mounting hardware, while the sleek design perfectly complements my desired location. When it comes to performance, the Barska gun safe surpasses expectations, delivering exceptional value for the quality it offers. I highly recommend this safe to anyone seeking a secure and user-friendly option for their home defense gun safe

Moreover, there's no need to worry about a toddler attempting to fake an adult's fingerprint since the biometric feature ensures reliable access.

Additionally, the safe includes safeguards like an alarm that sounds if it's accidentally left open. The overall quality of the safe is impressive, and there are no issues with lid rubbing, as some others have mentioned. I'm genuinely satisfied with my purchase and relieved that I didn't opt for a cheaper, lesser-known brand.

The construction of the safe is sturdy enough to deter unauthorized access to firearms, passports, credit cards, and other valuables. If you're looking for a reliable way to secure your firearms, important documents, and cash while maintaining quick access, this safe is the perfect choice.


  • Experience effortless access to your valuables with the hydraulic-assisted top-opening door
  • The silent mode allows for stealthy access
  • The automatic open-door alarm provides added security.
  • With drilled holes & safe mounting accessories included, installation is a breeze.
  • The biometric locks ensure secure and quick access.


  • It's not suitable for water-prone environments.


  • Brand: VAULTEK
  • Dimensions: 11.5 by 11.6 by 15
  • Lock: Electronic lock, Key
  • Weight: 14.5 kg
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Alloy & Carbon Steel

In my experience, this gun safe is a powerful and convenient option for those needing Wi-Fi connectivity. It offers peace of mind with live data viewing, instant alerts, and remote management from my phone or online dashboard. 

Features With Benefits

The Vaultek MXi (Biometric+Wi-Fi) gun safe is the ultimate solution for owners seeking a secure storage option for their valuables. With advanced security features, the gun safe provides a high level of security, ensuring that only allowed individuals can access it. The Wi-Fi connectivity feature allows for remote access and monitoring, adding an extra layer of protection.

The high-capacity interior of the rifle safe is perfect for storing up to eight handguns and other valuables.

The 12-gauge steel door & 14-gauge steel body, with advanced anti-theft protection, make it almost impossible for break-ins. 

I love the high-resolution oversized biometric scanner, which stores up to 20 different fingerprints, and the 8-digit auto-illuminating keypad with a proximity sensor. That means I can allow several other people to access the safe without being there, especially when going for a sports shoot. 

The rechargeable lithium-ion backup battery ensures the gun safe stays powered for 3-4 months. The pull-out shelf, foam pistol rack, and LED lighting make great additional features that make it the best gun safe because it's customizable to my needs.

It's very solid and seems very hard to open without authorization. Additionally, it can be bolted to the wall to prevent someone from taking the safe. This feature makes it great for self-defense and needing quick access in the middle of the night.

The fact that it doesn't need to be recharged often is a bonus, and the manual advises against leaving it plugged in.

Overall, it is responsive and strikes a good balance in size, weight, and tamper resistance.


  • Despite its compact size, the safe offers ample storage space.
  • The durable drill-resistant hard plate construction of the safe ensures it is resistant to tampering and break-ins, with a tough exterior that can withstand impacts and prevent unauthorized access.
  • The Vaultek MXi gun safe is easy to use and access, even for those who are not tech-savvy, thanks to the biometric scanner and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The internal LED lighting makes locating items in the dark easy.
  • The safe also comes with a long-lasting Lithium-ion battery, ensuring it remains powered for extended periods with no recharge.


  • However, the safe's design is not water-resistant, which may concern those living in areas prone to flooding or high humidity.

3. [Best Digital Lock] The Vault Room SnapSafe Door



  • Color: Black
  • Gun Style: Universal
  • Product Height (Inches): 81
  • Material: Steel
  • Length (Inches): 36
Vault Door

I recently interacted with the SnapSafe vault room door, and the product impressed me. It's an exceptional security door that offers an outstanding level of protection against theft and unintended intrusion. With its 12 gauge steel construction and nine hinge-side, live-locking security bolts, this door's built to last and withstand forced entry attempts.

Features With Benefits

The SnapSafe vault room door is a well-designed and reliable item that offers superior protection against theft and forced intrusion. With its sturdy construction, easy installation, and convenient features, this door is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their safety and security.

One feature that sets the SnapSafe vault room door apart from its competitors is its SecuRam digital lock with key backup. This lock provides excellent security and is easy to use. The backup key feature ensures I can still access the door in the unlikely event of malfunctioning of the digital combination lock function or in case I forget the combination.

In my experience, one of the key benefits of the Snap Safe Vault Door is its internal release function, allowing for quick access and easy opening from the inside, even when locked externally.

This feature provides an additional level of safety and security, particularly in emergency situations. The construction of the safe appears solid, with fireproofing capabilities, making it an excellent addition for those looking to enhance firearm security.

Additionally, the door's built-in threshold ensures a seamless installation with the lag bolts directly on the floor. I was pleasantly surprised by the product's higher-than-expected quality, both in terms of construction, fit, and appearance.

Overall, the functionality of the safe door makes it well worth the price.


  • Thanks to its substantial 12 gauge steel construction and nine hinge-side live locking bolts, it offers top-notch security features that are hard to beat.
  • With its SecuRam digital lock and key backup, the door provides reliable protection against forced entry attempts and ensures ease of use.
  • With emergencies, the door's internal release function makes it easy to open the door from the inside and provides an added layer of safety and security.
  • The door can fit into standard 36-inch door openings, making it a breeze to install without significant modifications to the doorway.


  • The door swings to the inside, which may obstruct the surrounding areas and limit its use in certain spaces.


  • Brand: BARSKA
  • Dimensions: 13 by 14 by 19.75
  • Lock: Electronic lock
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 1.45 Cb Ft
  • Weight: 22.29kgs

The BARSKA biometric is on the best gun-safe list because it's a reliable and secure solution for safeguarding valuables. With its top-quality biometric scanner, I can access my belongings in just a few minutes or 2.5 seconds with a simple fingerprint scan. It can store up to 120 fingerprints, ensuring multiple users can easily access the gun safe.

Features With Benefits

One of the key advantages of this safe is its compact size. The gun safe fits practically anywhere in your home at 13 by 14 by 19.75 inches and 1.45 ft³. It also has two removable shelves, providing ample storage space for my firearms.

The safe is 100% steel walls, tamper-resistant inner edges, and three built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts. These features make it a robust and tamper-proof safe that can withstand any attempt to break in.

Another feature that sets this gun safe apart is its optional silent mode, allowing discreet access to your valuables. This feature makes it an ideal choice for home defense.

Additionally, the safe includes a useful open safe beep that sounds approximately 5 minutes after it is opened, providing an added layer of security. To test the accuracy of the fingerprint reader, I periodically had my kids try to open it, but it correctly never opened for them.

With a capacity to comfortably hold up to two small to mid-size handguns and extra magazines, this safe opens in just 2-3 seconds. Furthermore, the ability to turn off the audio opening beep adds to its convenience.

Overall, this product is great, easy to program, and has proven to be highly reliable. What I particularly appreciate is the peace of mind knowing that I can store a fully loaded, round-chambered handgun in this safe without worrying about my grandchildren or guest children accessing it.


  • Constructed from alloy steel, it's both durable and long-lasting.
  • The floor mounting type keeps it in place and prevents it from being stolen. 
  • The safe features versatile storage options, with two removable shelves and a spacious interior of 1.45 cubic feet.
  • It can store jewelry, documents, medication, firearms, and ammunition. 
  • They build the safe to be tough and unbreakable, with solid steel walls and tamper-resistant inner edges.


  • The safe is not fireproof. However, it comes with a one-year limited warranty.


  • Brand: SentrySafe
  • Dimensions: 20.24 by 21.65 by 37.6
  • Lock: Electronic
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 6.01 Cb Ft

I recently tried out the SentrySafe home gun safe, which has exceeded my expectations. As someone who values security and organization, I find this gun safe quite impressive.

Features With Benefits

Physically, the SentrySafe home safe is a sturdy heavy-duty steel construction safe constructed from high-quality steel. Its exterior dimensions measure 37.7 inches in height, 21.7 inches in width, and 19.8 inches in depth, making it a perfect gun safe for apartment, home and office use. I particularly love the soft interior lining that keeps my valuables scratch-free and the removable shelving that helps me organize everything.

In terms of security, the home safe is unparalleled. The three live-locking door bolts, pry-resistant door, and bolt-down hardware provide advanced protection against unauthorized access or safe removal.

The programmable digital keypad that stores up to an eight-digit combination allows for multiple user options, giving me peace of mind, knowing that only permitted users can access the safe.

One thing I truly appreciate about this gun safe is its spacious interior. With measurements of 36.5 inches in height, 20.5 inches in width, and 14.1 inches in depth, it offers ample room to accommodate all of my valuable possessions, including my laptop and jewelry.

The key rack and bungee organizational system also prove to be incredibly helpful for keeping track of easily misplaced items. As someone who has used various gun safes in the past, I can confidently say that SentrySafe home safe stands out from its competitors due to its meticulous attention to detail and superior product quality.

Knowing that my valuables are in good hands brings me an unmatched sense of security. Furthermore, this safe's heavy and durable construction, along with its perfect size, further adds to its appeal. Having a key backup option is also a great feature, ensuring access even if the battery dies or someone forgets the code.

In my experience, this is the best safe I have ever purchased, surpassing the eight safes my family has owned for different businesses. Whether for home use or elsewhere, it offers adjustable shelves and the ability to set your own combination, making it an excellent, sturdy, and user-friendly choice.


  • The safe's durable steel make provides long-lasting protection.
  • The safe's interior is spacious, with a soft lining and removable shelving for convenient organization.
  • Advanced security features such as live-locking bolts and a pry-resistant door help keep your valuables safe and secure.
  • The programmable keypad allows multiple user options and quick access to your belongings.
  • The key rack and bungee organizational system makes storing and locating small items effortless.


  • The large exterior dimensions of the safe may not be suitable for those with limited space.


  • Brand: Steelwater gun safes
  • Dimensions: 16 by 22 by 59
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Lock: Key
  • Color: Black

This EMP Proof Digital Lock is an innovative and highly secure way to keep valuables safe and secure. This safe is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for top-notch protection for their valuables. 

Features With Benefits

My belongings are secure from damage because it's a fire-proof gun safe. This safe offers a double-layer fire-board, a 14-gauge steel construction, and ten locking bolts. The 3-way drive bolt & lock system, drill-resistant hard plate, and internal re-locking bolt provide even better security.

The front heat-activated door seal and expandable door seal out smoke and water. Plus, its textured semi-gloss powder coat, the silver striping with a black finish, and its polished lever handle give the safe an attractive appearance.

The fully upholstered gray interior includes a two-section best gun rack and adjustable shelves. The adjustable shelves increase my storage options. Plus, I can keep all my weapons safe from moisture with the included silica gel by Dry Pack, which is a rechargeable dehumidifying box.

The High-Security bypass key lock adds extra protection and peace of mind, ensuring you can access your safe quickly when needed.

The safe is fire-resistant and capable of withstanding extreme heat, boasting a UL fire rating of 1875 degrees. With its 10 1 1/2-inch locking bolts, it offers enhanced security by fortifying all four sides of the door, making it highly resistant to pry attacks.

To further enhance its convenience, the safe comes equipped with a free door organizer and LEDomatic LED interior lighting, allowing for easy organization and access to belongings. Additionally, it includes a complimentary dehumidifier, ensuring that valuables remain safeguarded from moisture and humidity.

This safe provides the utmost security for both firearms and valuables, making it an ideal choice. Customers have praised its exceptional quality and reasonable size, with some noting that it comfortably accommodates additional guns.

Overall, purchasers have found this safe to be a worthwhile investment, emphasizing its robust construction and fireproof capabilities.


  • Exceptionally secure: With a two-layered fire-board, 14-gauge steel makes, and ten solid steel locking bolts, this safe provides an extremely high level of security.
  • Large interior: The fully upholstered gray safe's interior provides ample space for gun storage.
  • The double layer fire-board makes this safe and exceptionally fire resistant.
  • Included dehumidifying box: The silica gel box included with the purchase helps to protect my guns from moisture.


  • Because of the sturdy construction, this safe is heavy, making it difficult to move or transport.


  • Manufacturer: Steelwater Gun Safes
  • Weight: ‎305 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎20.75 by 23.5 by 55.13 inches
  • Alarm: Anti-theft
  • Chamber (Depth, Height, and Width): ‎17.38 by 52.75 by ‎21.63 Inches

The Basic Series safe is an excellent entry-level for securing valuables without breaking the bank. The safe's exterior dimensions provide ample space for storing up to 24 long guns, with a recommended capacity of 18-20 long guns.

Features With Benefits

The safe's five solid steel, one-inch diameter locking bolts provide maximum protection and exceptional security. The fire rating means a 45-minute fire protection when the flames are 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. That ensures my valuables will remain safe in the event of a fire.

The safe's EMP-proof locking system ensures that I will never get locked out of my safe in case of an EMP; the included high-security bypass key allows me to unlock and lock your safe easily.

The safe also features two pre-drilled anchor holes in the bottom, making it easy to secure and stabilize it in place. With its durable 14GA steel construction, this safe provides maximum protection and all the necessary features. One downside, however, is its limited divider section width of only 10".

Nevertheless, the adjustable height to the gun rack and the depth of the safe with the door open at 90 degrees of 39 3/4" offer some flexibility in storing firearms and larger items.

Despite this drawback, I am extremely satisfied with this safe as it ensures the safety of my guns, particularly from my children. It is also great for rifles with scopes, providing ample space to store my eight guns and saving me valuable room.

Furthermore, it boasts a well-built, sturdy, fireproof design that I highly recommend, especially for owners of long firearms.


  • Spacious Interior to store up to 24 long guns
  • A durable solid built with 14 gauge steel provides reliable valuables protection.
  • Fire rating at 45 minutes, meaning fire protection at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Anchoring Capability: The safe comes with (2) pre-drilled anchor holes in the bottom, allowing you to anchor and stabilize your safe securely.


  • The door's thickness takes up some significant space.

Buying Guide

Knowing what to expect from a gun safe in this price range is critical. With a $2000 budget, you can expect to invest in a high-quality gun safe from a reputable brand with a capacity of around 30-33 long guns, a reliable locking mechanism, and durable steel. Remember to do your research and prioritize quality to ensure your firearm's safety for years. Here are some key factors to consider when purchasing a gun safe for this budget:


It's always important to look for one from a reputable manufacturer. Research and read reviews from other customers to ensure you invest in a high-quality product. That is especially necessary if you're unfamiliar with a brand or model.


Most gun safes in this price range have a capacity of around 30-33 guns. If you're willing to compromise on quality, you may find high-quality gun safes with higher capacities. However, if you prioritize quality, you may have to settle for a gun cabinet with a lower capacity.

Locking Mechanism

Most gun safes in this budget range come with high-quality, reliable locking mechanisms. While they may not have the most advanced features, they are secure and effective. A locking mechanism that is digital, biometric, or combined is the best. However, a safe with both key and digital is even better.

Steel Gauge

Regarding steel gauge thickness, most safes in this price range are between 11-12 gauge. Avoid gun safes with a gauge thickness of 14 or lower, as thicker steel provides better protection for your firearms.

Gun safe

Why Are Some Safes Not Good for Guns?

Some gun safes may not be suitable for storing guns because of their size or design. For example, a safe designed for jewelry or documents may not have enough room to accommodate larger firearms. Also, its interior configuration may not allow optimal storage of other guns and accessories. 

Some safe's construction is not from durable materials that can withstand the weight of heavy firearms, which can lead to warping or damage.


What Do You Mean by Fireproof Safe?

A fireproof safe means it has a high fire rating, meaning it can endure fire for a specific time. Some safes are fire resistant and can withstand fire for an hour, while others have a lower fire rating and can only fight it for 30 minutes. The specific rating will depend on the safe's design and intended use. No safe can claim to be 100% fireproof.

How Do I Change the Combination of My Gun Safe?

While some gun safes allow you to change the combination manually, others do not. It is advisable to consult the manufacturer when you want to change the combination. Sometimes, you'll require a locksmith's expertise. In others, a simple do-it-yourself process will suffice. Remember that changing the combination may differ depending on the type of gun safe you own.

What Is the Hardest Home Safe to Break Into?

The hardest home safe to break into is constructed with thick, high-quality steel and advanced locking mechanisms. Also, the ones that safe independent organizations like Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and the Safe and Vault Technicians Association (SAVTA) have tested and certified are the most secure. Some of the most challenging safes to break into feature multiple font locking systems, bolts, and reinforced hinges in their features, making them even more resistant to forced entry.

Do Burglars Break Into Gun Safes?

Yes, burglars break into gun safes if they believe valuable firearms are inside. However, a high-quality gun safe with robust security features can be difficult to breach, even for experienced burglars.

A gun safe

Most times, burglars will take the entire safe with them if they cannot break into it rather than trying to force it open. So always correctly secure and anchor your safe to the floor or wall to prevent it from being easily removed or stolen.

Thoughts on Whether a $2000 Gun Safe is Worth It?

Whether a gun safe costing $2000 is worth it depends on your specific needs. More expensive safes have high-quality material construction and better security features, such as thicker steel walls and advanced locking mechanisms. 

However, if you have a small collection of firearms or don't live in an area with a high theft risk, a less expensive safe may be sufficient for your needs. Ultimately, finding a safe that provides the level of protection you need without breaking the bank is essential.