Can You Store a Gun in a Safe Deposit Box? | Is it Legal in US?

Key Takeaways:

  • It is illegal to store firearms in a safe deposit box according to the Federal Gun Control Act of 1968.
  • Cash, guns, and original copies of wills should not be stored in a safe deposit box.
  • The most secure way to store firearms is in a gun safe.
  • The IRS does not typically have access to a taxpayer’s safe deposit box unless it has a court order or search warrant.
  • Common items that can be stored in a safe deposit box include marriage and divorce records, car titles, jewelry, and watches.

This article will discuss the legal implications of storing a gun in a safe deposit box and the practical considerations. We'll also explore other ways to safely store a gun if you choose not to use a safe deposit box. With the right information, you can decide whether storing a gun in a safe deposit box is the right choice for you.

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Can You Store a Gun in a Safe Deposit Box? What Cannot Be Put in It?

Safe deposit boxes are secure gun storage options that can store items of value. However, not all items are suitable to be stored in a safety deposit box, as some are too large or fragile to be stored safely. Let's discuss what cannot be put in a safe deposit box and why.


Cash may not be accepted in a safe deposit box. Banks and financial institutions have specific regulations prohibiting customers from placing money in a safe deposit box. It's best to consult with your bank to make sure you understand their policies and can abide by them.

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If you have a large amount of cash that needs to be stored, depositing it in your bank account is recommended. Banks offer secure and insured ways to store cash. They also have a variety of other services, such as savings and money market accounts, that can help you safely and securely store your cash.


The Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits people from storing guns, such as handguns, rifles, and shotguns, in concealed carry within a bank. This rule is in place to protect the public's safety and ensure that people storing firearms are doing so with the proper licensing.

Some banks may allow licensed people to possess and transport guns to store unloaded firearms in a safe deposit box. You can store your weapons in Trigger lock, safety deposit boxes, and banks. However, ammunition and loaded firearms are not allowed in a safe deposit box.

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Original Copy of Your Will

A safety deposit box can be a great way to store important documents, but it is not suitable for a living will and other documents that the only person who can access is you. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the original copy of your will is stored somewhere safe, secure, and accessible to you and your authorized family members.

It is important to keep the original copy of your will in an easily accessible place, rather than a safe deposit box, as family members cannot access it in the event of an emergency. That ensures that your wishes can be carried out promptly.

Spare House Keys

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A safe deposit box is a secure storage option, but it is not ideal for storing spare house keys because it is not always easily accessible. If an emergency arises and you need to get into your house, you may need more time to access your safe deposit box. It is better to leave spare house keys with a trusted friend or family member who can provide access in an emergency.

What Is the Best Option for the Safe Storage of Firearms?

The best option for the safe storage of firearms is a gun safe. Gun safes provide the most secure storage option, as they are designed to protect firearms from fire, theft, and unauthorized access. They come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to find the right gun safe size and type of safe to fit your particular gun safety needs.

Other secure storage units, such as lockable firearm cabinets and trigger locks, can also be used to keep firearms safely stored and away from unauthorized access.

Does the IRS Know About Safe Deposit Boxes?

The IRS generally does not know about a taxpayer's safety deposit box. The taxpayer is solely responsible for the box's contents and for ensuring that any taxes due on those contents are reported and paid.

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Do You Even Need a Safe Deposit Box These Days?

Yes, safe deposit boxes are still useful in many situations. They offer more privacy than other storage options, as only you can access the contents. Many banks and financial institutions also provide insurance for items stored in safe deposit boxes.

Can I Store Ammunition in a Safe Deposit Box?

No, storing ammunition in a safe deposit box is not legal. Ammunition can be stored in a locked container, such as a gun safe, but it should not be stored in a safe deposit box.

Can I Store My Gun With a Licensed Firearms Dealer?

Yes, you can store your gun with a licensed firearms dealer at a shooting range. The dealer must have the appropriate licenses and permits to store firearms. They should also follow all applicable federal and state laws.

Can I Store a Gun in a Safe Deposit Box?

No, you cannot store a gun in a safe deposit box because it is illegal. Federal law prohibits the storage of firearms in safe deposit boxes.

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Store Your Gun in a Gun Safe

Can you store a gun in a safe deposit box? Storing a gun in a safe deposit box is not a good idea due to the legal and safety risks involved. It is best to store guns in a secure location, such as a locked gun safe designed to store firearms. Doing so can help ensure that they are stored safely and legally while providing easy access in an emergency.

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