How Many Rounds Can a 1911 Hold? | Should You Go for a Single or a Double Stack Mag?

1911 Colt pistol

The turn of the 20th century saw the advent of semi-automatic guns. Some like the Colt 1911 or the Colt government would go on to influence the design of many modern pistols today. This magazine-fed firearm holds a special place in gun enthusiasts’ hearts, but it’s also unique in terms of history, magazine capacity, and … Read more

Rimfire vs Centerfire | Key Differences Between These Two Types of Ammo

Rimfire and centerfire ammunition

When shopping for ammunition for your gun, you will probably wonder, rimfire vs centerfire; what is their difference? Ammunition is either rimfire or centerfire.You are not alone, many people do not know the differences between rimfire and centerfire.  Having an understanding of ammunition is crucial if you are a sportsman and love hunting. In addition, … Read more

How Many Bullets Does a Handgun Hold? | The Ultimate Guide Based on the Type of Weapon

a pistol and the bullets

Different handguns hold a different number of bullets. For instance, traditional handguns (revolvers) can accommodate between five to six bullets. On the other hand, automatic handguns accommodate between two rounds and can go up to one hundred rounds. But, the rounds this handgun holds depend on its magazine. You are more likely to get your … Read more