How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to a Shooting Range? | State by State Laws

a person from the back shooting in a gun range

It’s hard to come across a more controversial topic in recent times than gun control. On one side, some people think that owning firearms should be strictly prohibited. On the contrary, others believe that firearms should be outlawed, particularly among youth and underaged.The silver lining is that controlled shooting in a registered range is relaxing … Read more

Shooting Range Safety | Personal Protection and Preventing Accidents Is a Must!

two persons in the shooting range

The most important thing for any shooter, whether experienced or a novice, is practicing shooting range safety. That means wearing the proper eye and ear protection, safely handling firearms, and being aware of your surroundings. Besides the proper wear, observing shooting range etiquette is an integral part of practicing safety. It would be best to … Read more

Indoor Shooting Range Dimensions | What Are the Standards?

a woman shooting on a gun range

The planning of a shooting range facility is a substantial undertaking. Live-fire shooting has specific needs that demand careful planning. To begin any realistic planning and design work, it is necessary to identify what type of shooting will occur on the range.You can use indoor firing ranges for a variety of purposes. First is basic … Read more