How Does a Revolver Work? | The Mechanics of This Beautiful, Traditional Firearm Explained!

A person holding a revolver in their hand

In the pursuit of understanding responsible firearm handling, knowledge of how does a revolver work is paramount. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of this subject matter, while acknowledging the importance of formal instruction and training.A revolver, with its elegant rotating cylinder, cradles several rounds of ammunition. As the trigger is pulled, the … Read more

How To Shoot a Snub Nose Revolver Accurately | Grip, Aiming and Trigger Pull Explained

Snub Nose Revolver

Snub nose revolvers are double-action revolvers with a short barrel and a long cylinder. They are designed to fire—38 Special ammunition. The term snub nose refers to the shape of the grip. This revolver style was developed in the 19th century and became popular in the 20th century.This kind of revolver is also known as … Read more

How To Buy a Handgun In California | The Legalities You MUST know!

Pistols in a handgun store

Uncovering all the necessary steps regarding how to buy a handgun in California can become a tough challenge as soon as you enter a deep rabbit hole of information on the web.Age restrictions, legal prohibitions for certain individuals, a manual background check process, a mandatory 10-day waiting period, limits on handgun purchases within a 30-day … Read more

How To Get a Concealed Carry Permit For All States | Full Guide to the Legalities

a handcun and the Concealed carry permit form

You’re well within your rights to secure a concealed carry permit because of the fundamental rational reason: personal safety. Plus, the window of securing one is open. So take that chance, you never know when you’ll need a firearm away from home. So here’s how to get a concealed carry permit for all states. Key … Read more