How Many Guns Can You Buy at One Time? | Pistol Purchases and Licensing Regulations

a person looking at the guns on the wall in a gun shop

Many Americans can buy as many guns as they want. However, the process can take several months in some states. There is no limit on the number of firearms a person may purchase in a given period under federal law. However, a federal firearm licensee must disclose sales of handguns to the Bureau of Alcohol, … Read more

How Old Do You Have to Be to Go to a Shooting Range? | State by State Laws

a person from the back shooting in a gun range

It’s hard to come across a more controversial topic in recent times than gun control. On one side, some people think that owning firearms should be strictly prohibited. On the contrary, others believe that firearms should be outlawed, particularly among youth and underaged.The silver lining is that controlled shooting in a registered range is relaxing … Read more

How to Clean a Handgun | Regular and Proper Cleaning Will Keep Your Gun Reliable and Accurate

clean your handgun

While today’s handguns are undoubtedly reliable, they need to clean and regularly maintained if you want to keep yours functioning correctly.And while it’s true that most shooters are careful in keeping their guns clean and dry, it’s actually pretty common for many gun owners to fire their handguns without the value of consistent cleaning and … Read more

What Is a Striker Fired Pistol? | Guide to a Simple but Reliable Firearm

A striker fired pistol

The rise of striker-fired pistols has been notable in the realm of firearms.  These handguns have garnered attention due to their simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. The growing demand for these models has led many firearm manufacturers to produce them.Everybody knows what a pistol is, but what is a striker-fired pistol?Striker-fired variants offer a … Read more

How to Re-blue a Pistol | Our Guide to Protection From Corrosion and Rust

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Bluing a pistol provides a protective coating to steel. Consider it a tiny layer of protection resistant to corrosion and rust. Longtime firearms enthusiasts know that gun bluing isn’t comprehensive protection. Rust and corrosion can still develop on blued steel. However, they do so at a slower rate than on bare metal.Rebluing a pistol is … Read more

How To Keep Moisture Out Of Gun Safe | Our Guide to Regulating the Humidity Levels

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Gun safes are an indispensable part of a gun owner’s armory. A decent gun safe is an effective way to safeguard firearms against fire, theft, unauthorized hands, and misuse. However, it does not prevent moisture damage. Therefore, this implies that you are responsible for regulating the humidity level in your storage unit. Key Takeaways:A gun-safe … Read more

How to Build a Gun Safe in a Closet | All Actionable Tips in One Guide

A big gun safe

Homeowners who own firearms typically have questions about storing their guns safely and providing easy access and proper security when needed. In many cases, the answer is a gun safe in your closet! Key Takeaways:Building a gun safe in a closet is quite convenient because it is out of sight but still easily accessible.When turning … Read more