What Is The Best Fire Rated Gun Safe? | Does Steelwater Top the List?

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Are you pondering whether getting a fireproof gun safe to secure your firearms is essential? Gun owners buy gun safes for various reasons, but fire protection is second only to security. Protecting your firearms against theft is vital, but so is keeping your valuables safe in case of a house fire. Key Takeaways:The best fire … Read more

How To Organize A Gun Safe | 5 Awesome Tips on How to Store Arms

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If you’re like most gun owners, you are truly proud of your gun collection. And sometimes, the gun safe isn’t as orderly, reducing the space and aesthetic outlook. So, how do you organize your gun safe? Key Takeaways:You’ll want additional equipment like magnetic mounts and rifle rods to organize your gun safe effectively.Consider the storage … Read more

Are Gun Safes Waterproof? | We Addressed Your Concerns in Detail!

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Moisture is a real issue in gun maintenance and storage, which explains why many manufacturers have devised new strategies to woo customers. They claim that a gun safe is waterproof or water-resistant, but one has to wonder which mechanism was applied for certification. Key Takeaways:A gun safe with ETL certification can withstand water damage or … Read more

Are Barska Safes Any Good? | Safety Features to Guard Your Firearms

5 various sizes safes by Barska

Barska, a company that provides various security solutions, has attracted the interest of many gun owners looking to safeguard their possessions. However, the question most of them have is, “Are Barska safes any good, or is it just a charade?” This question’s answer remains unclear, and many are yet to figure it out. Key TakeawaysBarska … Read more

Rimfire vs Centerfire | Key Differences Between These Two Types of Ammo

Rimfire and centerfire ammunition

When shopping for ammunition for your gun, you will probably wonder, rimfire vs centerfire; what is their difference? Ammunition is either rimfire or centerfire.You are not alone, many people do not know the differences between rimfire and centerfire.  Having an understanding of ammunition is crucial if you are a sportsman and love hunting. In addition, … Read more

Most Accurate Handgun | What Modifications and Shooter’s Skills Do for Accuracy

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As a responsible gun owner, you want to ensure that you’re using the most accurate handgun for self-defense. But how do you know which one is right for you?The most accurate handguns are typically low recoil and a high muzzle velocity. Recoil is the backward movement of the gun caused by the cartridge’s explosion. Muzzle … Read more