Cobra Arms Freedom .380 Review | An Affordable Concealed Carry Pistol!

Cobra Freedom gun

Cobra Firearms have been making guns for over 15 years, building the most budget-friendly pistols on the handgun market today. The Cobra Arms Freedom .380 may leave something to be desired as a firearm, but it has its merits as a single-action, economical, and modest gun.In this Cobra Arms Freedom .380 review, you’ll see our … Read more

How to Conceal Carry a 1911 | 10 Most Popular Methods

a person carrying a handgun

How often do you see someone carrying a concealed weapon? If you’re anything like me, I don’t overthink it. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anyone else carrying a concealed weapon before.Concealed Carry Laws vary from state to state. Some states require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, while others allow citizens to carry … Read more

Cobra Derringer Review | A Great Compact Pistol Ideal for Concealed Carry!

two Cobra Derringer handguns

There is a large selection of Derringer Pistols available among the Cobra Firearms. I find Cobra Derringers as one of the most desirable classic American derringers. There was a time when no reputable cowboy or gambler would be seen without one. The gun remains popular today, so here is my Cobra Derringer Review.The American-made Cobra … Read more

Coonan 357 Magnum 1911 Review | Impressive Velocity and Accuracy!

a handgun on the wooden surface

The Coonan 357 Magnum 1911 has a good reputation for accuracy and reliability. This gun is a bit pricey because it’s handmade for silhouette and accuracy shooting. Let’s look closely at the 357 magnums focusing on the Coonan 357 Classic 1911 Black.In this Coonan 357 magnum 1911 review, we’ll see the shooting experience, the problems … Read more

What Is a Single Action Revolver? | The Benefits of This Firing System Explained

revolver in a box

A single-action revolver is a handgun that uses a rotating cylinder to fire rounds. Single action revolvers can be either semi-automatic or manual. To use it, the user must cock the hammer to rotate the cylinder and prepare to shoot. Single-shot revolvers are typically lighter and smaller than double-action trigger handguns, making them easier to … Read more

How To Shoot a Snub Nose Revolver Accurately | Grip, Aiming and Trigger Pull Explained

Snub Nose Revolver

Snub nose revolvers are double-action revolvers with a short barrel and a long cylinder. They are designed to fire—38 Special ammunition. The term snub nose refers to the shape of the grip. This revolver style was developed in the 19th century and became popular in the 20th century.This kind of revolver is also known as … Read more