How Often Should a Firearm Be Cleaned? | Best Practices and Actionable Tips

a gun taken apart

We are all aware that weapons need regular cleaning and maintenance, but how frequently should they be cleaned? Some argue that guns should be cleaned after each usage, and every few months – regardless of whether you have used them or not. Others maintain that it is okay to leave your handgun – see legendary 1911 … Read more

44 Magnum Concealed Carry | Is it a Perfect CCW Handgun for You?

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At the current crime rate, it is understandable why you might be having some anxiety walking in the streets. Probably, you get that feeling of safety when walking in chromed-up places or if there are law enforcement officers. Feeling safe doesn’t have to be limited to public places and police officers’ availability. Our Recommended .44 … Read more

Can You Fire a Revolver Without Pulling the Trigger? | How to Prevent a Negligent Discharge


Firearms need a trigger to be pulled in order for them to discharge. However, some revolver models can fire without the trigger being pulled. That is because the gun’s cylinder can rotate and align the gun’s hammer with the firing pin, causing the gun to fire.There are two main types of revolvers that can discharge … Read more

What Is a Single Action Revolver? | The Benefits of This Firing System Explained

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A single-action revolver is a handgun that uses a rotating cylinder to fire rounds. Single action revolvers can be either semi-automatic or manual. To use it, the user must cock the hammer to rotate the cylinder and prepare to shoot. Single-shot revolvers are typically lighter and smaller than double-action trigger handguns, making them easier to … Read more

Can a Revolver Jam? | Our Guide to Common Causes and What to Watch For

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Today, we dive into the question that lingers in many minds: can a revolver jam? Join us as we explore the common causes of revolver jams and the necessary steps to address them.The revolver has long been celebrated for its reliability and functionality. However, even the most dependable of weapons can encounter reliability issues.By comprehending … Read more