What Is the Most Popular Handgun in America? | See Which Firearms People Like and Why!


America has the highest number of gun buyers on the continent, and the gun sales numbers keep growing. The firearm industry is a billion-dollar business. Consequently, manufacturers are kept on their toes to provide the best firearms in the market. Handguns have improved a lot from the time their production started. To stand out, the companies … Read more

Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag Review | A Revolver With Formidable Force and Superb Accuracy

Ruger handgun, a knife, gloves and bullets

In the world of handguns, the Ruger Super Blackhawk .44 Mag is a formidable force. With its rugged design, powerful .44 Magnum chambering, and superb accuracy, this single-action revolver has earned its place among the top choices for handgun hunting and target shooting. As with all of my reviews, in this Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 Mag … Read more

Rock Island M206 Review | Budget-Friendly, Smooth-Shooting Revolver!

Rock Island M206 handgun

For anyone who wants a budget-friendly, smooth-shooting revolver (that doesn’t feel like pulling a block of concrete across a rough surface when shooting), the RI M206 is worth a closer look.The gun is ideal for concealed carry, self and home defense, and even as a truck gun. In this review, you’ll see the M206 revolver’s … Read more

Heritage 22 Revolver Review | A Reliable Firearm With Old West Vibes!

Heritage revolver and bullets

Are you looking for a firearm that combines classic style with exceptional performance? Look no further than the Heritage 22 Revolver. This beauty has been a longtime favorite among gun enthusiasts, and for a good reason. Its sleek design and smooth shooting experience are second to none, making it a joy to hold and fire.  But … Read more

S&W Ladysmith Review | A Reliable & Compact Revolver Favored by Women

S&W Ladysmith pistol

The Smith & Wesson LadySmith revolver is a reliable and lightweight firearm designed specifically for firearms carry and personal protection. With its snub-nose barrel, rubber grips, and double-action trigger, this revolver offers a combination of accuracy, ease of use, and effectiveness. In my reviews, I delve into the design, features, shooting experience, and overall value … Read more

Cobra Arms Freedom .380 Review | An Affordable Concealed Carry Pistol!

Cobra Freedom gun

Cobra Firearms have been making guns for over 15 years, building the most budget-friendly pistols on the handgun market today. The Cobra Arms Freedom .380 may leave something to be desired as a firearm, but it has its merits as a single-action, economical, and modest gun.In this Cobra Arms Freedom .380 review, you’ll see our … Read more