Ruger SR1911 Review | A Reliable 10mm Pistol

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If you’re at all familiar with 1911s, you know that each gun ranges from affordable to downright expensive. While the new Ruger SR1911 rests somewhere on the higher side of the affordable end, it is still an incredible bargain for such a reliable shooting experience. As I’ll share in this review, Ruger SR1911 gun is … Read more

What Is the Most Popular Handgun in America? | See Which Firearms People Like and Why!


America has the highest number of gun buyers on the continent, and the gun sales numbers keep growing. The firearm industry is a billion-dollar business. Consequently, manufacturers are kept on their toes to provide the best firearms in the market. Handguns have improved a lot from the time their production started. To stand out, the companies … Read more

Glock 44 Review | New Addition to the .22lr Pistol Market

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With the surge in demand for semi-automatic rimfire pistols, Glock has finally decided to release the G44 in late 2019, which happens to be the Austrian manufacturer’s very first .22LR semi-automatic, recoil-operated pistol since its inception in the early 1960s. Is the G44 worth it or is it just hype? In this comprehensive Glock 44 review, … Read more