Rock Island M206 Review | Budget-Friendly, Smooth-Shooting Revolver!

Rock Island M206 handgun

For anyone who wants a budget-friendly, smooth-shooting revolver (that doesn’t feel like pulling a block of concrete across a rough surface when shooting), the RI M206 is worth a closer look.The gun is ideal for concealed carry, self and home defense, and even as a truck gun. In this review, you’ll see the M206 revolver’s … Read more

Smith and Wesson 5906 Review | What to Expect From This Budget-Friendly 9mm Pistol?

sw gun review

Smith & Wesson’s 5906 is a budget-friendly pistol that delivers both quality and affordability. There’s a lot to like in this handgun, which I’ll uncover throughout this review. Produced throughout the 1980s and ’90s, the 5906 9mm pistol is a third-generation semi-automatic that was once favored by law enforcement.If that doesn’t intrigue you, perhaps the … Read more

Ruger EC9S Review | Affordable & Sleek-Looking Self-Defense Pistol

two Ruger handguns on the wooden surface

The Ruger EC9S is part of the productions’ E-series (E standing for Essential). It’s an all-in-one gun ideal for concealed carry. The Ruger EC9S review below shows its pros and cons, features, feel, and specs, background, takedown guidelines, and much more.So, is it a cheap substitute or a quality handgun for anyone looking for a … Read more

Ruger SR1911 Review | A Reliable 10mm Pistol

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If you’re at all familiar with 1911s, you know that each gun ranges from affordable to downright expensive. While the new Ruger SR1911 rests somewhere on the higher side of the affordable end, it is still an incredible bargain for such a reliable shooting experience. As I’ll share in this review, Ruger SR1911 gun is … Read more