Bersa Thunder 380 Review | A Reliable Pistol With a Compact Design

Bersa Thunder 380 handgun

In the world of concealed carry pistols, the Bersa Thunder 380 has earned a solid reputation for its reliability and compact design. Manufactured by Bersa, a renowned Argentine firearm company, the Thunder 380 offers a balance of power, accuracy, and ease of use. Whether you are an experienced shooter or a first-time gun owner looking … Read more

Rock Island Armory 1911 Review | A Great Pistol That Went Under the Radar

A gun and a shooting range

In an industry saturated with various firearm manufacturers, Rock Island Armory stands out as a prominent and revered name due to its iconic 1911 pistol. The “1911” was given its name because the pistol was adopted by the U.S. Army in the year 1911. This legendary firearm has become synonymous with excellence, showcasing a perfect … Read more

Springfield 1911 Mil Spec Review | A Reliable and Well-Performing Pistol

MilSpec 1911

Springfield Armory is known for its reliable and comfortable pistols, and the 1911 Mil Spec is no exception. In this Springfield 1911 Mil Spec review, I’m going to show you why this .45 caliber weapon will make an excellent addition to your arsenal. If you’ve been holding out for a versatile handgun that is easy … Read more

Ruger SR1911 Review | A Reliable 10mm Pistol

check out our review about ruger sr1911

If you’re at all familiar with 1911s, you know that each gun ranges from affordable to downright expensive. While the new Ruger SR1911 rests somewhere on the higher side of the affordable end, it is still an incredible bargain for such a reliable shooting experience. As I’ll share in this review, Ruger SR1911 gun is … Read more

Ruger EC9S Review | Affordable & Sleek-Looking Self-Defense Pistol

two Ruger handguns on the wooden surface

The Ruger EC9S is part of the productions’ E-series (E standing for Essential). It’s an all-in-one gun ideal for concealed carry. The Ruger EC9S review below shows its pros and cons, features, feel, and specs, background, takedown guidelines, and much more.So, is it a cheap substitute or a quality handgun for anyone looking for a … Read more

Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact Review | A Tiny Pistol That Packs a Punch

Closeup of Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact and a man shooting

The Hellcat Micro Compact is a revolutionary concealed carry gun that has gained significant attention in the gun industry. With its impressive features, compact size, and high-performance capabilities, the Hellcat has become a popular choice among gun owners and concealed carry enthusiasts. In this Springfield Hellcat Micro Compact Review, I will explore the specifications, advantages, and … Read more

Springfield XDM Elite Review | Reliability & Precision Meet Ergonomics

A handgun and the targets

The Springfield XD-M Elite line is known for its exceptional performance and reliability, and the Springfield XDM Elite takes this reputation to a whole new level. This accurate pistol boasts several enhancements, including an improved trigger assembly, ambidextrous controls, and enhanced slide serrations. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or looking for a reliable concealed carry … Read more

Glock 40 Review | Why Go for This 10mm Pistol? – Detailed Guide, Pros & Cons

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Seamless modding, accuracy, and reliability are the key features around which a Glock pistol is built. Add such a killer trio to the powerful 10mm Auto caliber, and you get the perfect self-defense and hunting pistol.The Glock 40 (G40) instantly stands out in this category for its relatively long barrel sitting at 6 inches. Hardly … Read more

Taurus G2C Review | A Reliable and Concealable Sidearm Pistol

Taurus G2C in the case

The Taurus G2C has established itself as a highly regarded carry gun within the firearms community, gaining popularity among firearm carry permit holders and gun enthusiasts alike. Manufactured by Taurus, a reputable Brazilian firearms company known for producing reliable and affordable handguns, the G2C delivers powerful performance in a compact package. In this Taurus G2C review, … Read more