Charles Daly 1911 Review | A Popular Top-Quality & High-Accuracy Pistol

Charles Daly 1911 has been an American favorite for over 111 years. Used by the Military from 1911 to 1985 and beyond, the popularity of Charles Daly field grade 1911 is remarkable, and it's getting more prominent now than ever. In fact, several companies currently make them. Some cost thousands of dollars, while some are reasonably priced. Here's the Charles Daly 1911 review I've done below.

Synopsis of The Charles Daly 1911 Review

When thinking about an Italian handgun, you imagine its Civil War Old West counterpart six-shooter. However, this Charles Daly 1911 will widen your view.

Charles Daly 1911 is one of the three colt clones of 1911 initially designed by the Arms Corp in the Philippines. Please note that Arms Corp made the initial Charles Daly plans.

But currently, Brixia, an Italian arms company, makes them using the same Charles Daly name. Brixia is famous for making fine shotguns.

So from Arms Corp plans, Brixia made the three Italian Colt handgun clones, which are also called Charles Daly. So, Charles Daly is part of Italy's Chiappa firearms made by Brixia.

The Crone models are the imperial model & superior model, and now the Charles Daly field model. But in the core, the three prototypes are the same pistol, copied from the military drawings, which were the initial specification of Arms Corp.

This review focuses on one of these clones, Charles Daly Imperial. It's also called the 1911 Empire Grade. So, let's get on to it.

Charles Daly 1911 handguns

Charles Daly Empire Grade 1911 Overview

The Charles Daly Empire Grade satisfies all shooters. But exceptional to shooters who value high-end Italian quality. In my opinion, it's way above its pay grade.

Empire Grade is outstanding in its customization, enhancement, and fit to the other two models.

To start with, it has a steel-forged, machined feed ramp made of solid billet steel of the three Charles Daly prototypes. Its barrel is made with laceration rifling 4140 steel.

Brixia is popular among competitive and recreational shooters because of its good-quality sporting shotguns. But Empire grade is also made by high-tier manufacturers who aim at the high-tier markets.

So the parts of this gun are high-quality. It's part of the reason Charles Daly selected Brixia to make this firearm's parts specifically.

I love its safety guarantee such that private users rest securely. This Italian-made handgun has undergone testing in a government-proof house with a high-pressure threshold. And after testing, that's when Brixia assembles the gun. There's again test firing, to be absolutely sure.

For those who love color, Empire Grade comes in different hues. Black and silver.

two guns on the grey background

1911 Empire Grade Pistol 45acp & 5" Bbl Review

The 1911 Empire Grade Pistol is the new babe you want to check out. From its appearance, price, and specifications, the 1911 Empire Grade Pistol is one of the best designed 1911s.

The handgun is a 45-caliber Automatic Colt Pistol. That means, as a 45 ACP, it uses 230-grain rounds. A quick fact about those: Fired from this pistol, they travel 830 feet in a second, meaning its speed is about 250 meters/second. That will be lethal, especially with hollow points.

The gun has a relatively long five-inch barrel. Now that's very important in shooting, especially something far away.

That's because longer barrels always generate increased velocity than shorter ones. So you can expect a change in velocity ranging between 20&25 FPS for every inch of barrel gained. Therefore, with that in mind, I liked the Empire grade because it has a higher impact.

Tip: Extra-long barrels had diminishing returns, depending on your gun's cartridge, propellant, and caliber.

Finally, the gun comes with an extra magazine, so I could fully load the two mags and head out for sports. I don't have to reload every time I finish a round, it gets tiresome. But with this gun, there are 18 bullets to fire before that. 

The 1911 Empire Grade Specs



Trigger System 



Manual & internal


Auto Ejection


8.63 inches

A Charles Daly gun

Features of Charles Daly Empire Grade: With Benefits For its Users

Here are some of the features I love about the Empire Grade:

  • The 45 Caliber empire grade weighs 2.57lbs, which is heavier than a regular Field grade. That means the extra mass helped reduce recoil kicks, making the recoil less felt.

  • It has more bullets in a magazine because its capacity is eight plus one. It fires 18 rounds before reloading because of the extra three bullets in the magazine, and it comes with two mags.

  • Its semi-automatic action design is alluring as it's custom-made to fire one bullet with every trigger job. The "auto" in "semi-auto" means automatically loading the holding chamber using the gun cartridge in the magazine, which makes my gun ready to fire again.

  • Accuracy guaranteed. It has a rear sight and front target sight for precision. Plus, these target sights are adjustable. Hence their adjustability and long burrel help me have a clearer view of a more extensive range.

  • It has a steel chrome finish which is aesthetically appealing. I love this feature because, above all, I love my guns appealing.

  • It has the famous g10 grip safety. G10 Grips are incredibly durable, semi-automatic, and water-resistant. Additionally, the material is tough and impervious to weather, chemicals, or moisture. So it's a perfect material for a handgun.

Pros of the 1911 Empire Pistol

  • It has a more accurate impact that is heavier and highly destructive than the other three models.
  • It spares a shooter the hassle of the second round reloading because it has a second mag and more ammo.
  • It's durable due to its g10 grips.
  • It's aesthetically appealing.


  • It's relatively heavy, which means you could use a hand to shoot, but you'll require both hands, one for support and the other to point.

A Charles Daly 1911 Buying Guide

In my opinion, here's what to look for when you go out there for a Charles Daly shopping.

  1. Quality. Enquire which company made the gun and how safe it is to use. G10 grips are the perfect material. If it comes from Brixia, the bette.; Brixia is more trusted.
  2. Weight. Some prefer light guns. The average weight of guns is 1.5lbs. But I find heavier guns better because of recoil negotiation.
  3. Barrel length. The barrel is critical for propelling and impact. Long-range shooters love handguns with longer barrels. 4-6 inches should be okay.
  4. Activity. What do you need the gun for? Consider whether you need it for personal security, and so consider mobility and weight. For sports, I would take the three models to go testing them. That would, of course, depend on your budget.
A Charles Daly gun in a leather holster

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Charles Daly 1911 Good?

Yes, Charles Daly 1911 is good because it's the right gun for the right price. It's way over its pay grade and has a high impact. Its recoil feels significantly subsidized. Plus, the producers are well known for quality guns.

Where is Charles Daly 1911 Made?

Charles Daly field is part of Chiappa firearms, made by Brixia in Italy.

What Magazines Are Compatible With Charles Daly 1911?

The Para-P14 magazines are compatible with Charles Daly 1911. The P14 mags have an OEM cartridge that is perfect for widebody rifles. However, MecGar P14 is also compatible. Charles Daly 1911 has a large body and beautiful frame made in the Philippines.

How Would You Rate a Charles Daly 1911?

I would rate a Charles Daly 1911 at 4.5 out of 5. After receiving the entire grade and firing over 100 rounds, it has neither jams nor failures. Shooters could fire as many times as they wanted. And because it comes at a reasonable price, the extra ammo, and the general features of the gun hence I give it a 4.5.

Plus, with an improvised brass drift, its slight hammer tap of the rear sight will go a long way in taking good shots.

The Charles Daly field grade 1911 is less priced than the empire grade model. But it's actually beyond its pay grade.

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