Colt King Cobra Review | A Powerful Revolver With Remarkable Accuracy

The Colt King Cobra holds a special place in the world of revolvers, renowned for its exceptional performance, reliability, and exquisite craftsmanship. In this detailed Colt King Cobra review, I'll delve into its key features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages, providing you with valuable insights to make an informed decision. 

Whether you're a collector, an avid shooter, or someone seeking a dependable self-defense weapon, my review of colt king cobra aims to empower you with the knowledge you need.

Colt King Cobra Review

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The Colt King Cobra is not just a collector's dream; it delivers on its promise of remarkable accuracy and consistency for shooters. Its elegant design, available in mesmerizing finishes like Royal Blue and brushed stainless, adds to its allure. With a powerful .357 Magnum chambering, it instills confidence in self-defense situations.

I'll explore its trigger system, sight configurations, and suitability for being a concealed carry firearm. While acknowledging potential drawbacks like weight considerations, our aim is to present a balanced and comprehensive review. Join me on this journey as I unravel the essence of this legendary revolver, showcasing its rich heritage and unwavering performance that continues to leave an indelible mark in firearm history.

Design and Ergonomics

The New King Cobra Colt revolver showcases a sleek and robust design, embodying the timeless aesthetics of Colt's revolvers, including those of the iconic K frame series. The stainless steel construction ensures durability while maintaining an elegant appearance. The Hogue grip with finger grooves offers a comfortable and secure hold, enhancing control and reducing recoil. The well-designed trigger guard allows easy access for gloved hands, making it suitable for various shooting conditions.

At the time of this writing, all Colt King Cobras, which are renowned handguns, are equipped with a front post featuring a brass bead insert. Personally, I greatly appreciate the presence of a well-polished and shiny brass ball front post on these handguns. The hammer spur was serrated for a positive purchase when thumbing the revolver.

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Performance and Accuracy

The King Cobra's double-action trigger pull is smooth and consistent, providing an excellent shooting experience. Working as a single-action revolver, the trigger is crisp and breaks cleanly, contributing to enhanced accuracy. The revolver's barrel lengths, ranging from 3 to 6 inches, offer different sight radii options, catering to individual preferences and shooting styles.

The brass bead front sight and a rear notch or adjustable rear sight provide a clear sight picture, facilitating accurate target acquisition. Rubber covers just enough of the backstrap to help soften recoil while allowing perfect placement of my trigger finger on the trigger to effect a smooth and controlled double-action mode pull.

Reliability and Durability

Colt revolvers have a long-standing reputation for reliability, and the Colt King lives up to this legacy. The robust construction, coupled with quality components such as coil springs and a solidly built frame, ensures consistent performance and durability. The cylinder release operates smoothly, allowing for quick and easy reloading.

The shrouded ejector rod protects against damage, and the cylinder locks up tightly, minimizing play and maximizing safety. It would appear that Colt has plans for additional models in the lineup, as the ejector rod is sized for a 2-inch barrel, and as a result, sacrifices the ability to dump empty cases cleanly. As far as practical accuracy goes, Colt's King Cobra does everything I could expect of a product with a 111-year history.


  • Caliber: .357 Magnum

  • Capacity: 6 rounds

  • Barrel Length Options: 3 inches, 4.25 inches, and 6 inches

  • Overall Length: 8.25 inches (3-inch barrel), 9.25 inches (4.25-inch barrel), 11.5 inches (6-inch barrel)

  • Weight: Varies based on barrel size, ranging from approximately 28 to 34 ounces

  • Frame Material: Stainless Steel

  • Grip: Hogue grip with finger grooves

  • Sight: Brass ball front post with a rear notch or adjustable rear sight

  • Finish Options: Brushed stainless or Royal Blue

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  • Versatile Barrel Size Options: The King Cobra offers three barrel lengths, catering to different preferences and shooting applications, including concealment, target shooting, and home defense.
  • Exceptional Trigger: The DA mode and single-action trigger pulls are praised for their smoothness and consistency, enabling precise shooting and better control.
  • Reliable Performance: The King Cobra's robust construction and quality components ensure reliable performance, even with full-house loads.
  • Classic Aesthetics: The revolver's elegant design, combined with the brushed stainless or Royal Blue finish, exudes a timeless appeal appreciated by enthusiasts and collectors alike.
  • Aftermarket Support: The Colt King Cobra benefits from a wide range of aftermarket accessories and support, allowing owners to customize their firearms to suit their preferences.


  • Weight: The King Cobra's weight, varying from approximately 28 to 34 ounces, may be on the heavier side for some individuals, potentially affecting all-day carry comfort.
  • Limited Capacity: With a capacity of 6 rounds, the King Cobra's ammunition capacity is lower compared to semi-automatic pistols, which may be a consideration for certain self-defense scenarios.
  • Limited Sight Options: While the brass front sight and a rear notch or adjustable back sight provide a satisfactory sight picture, some shooters may prefer more advanced sight options, such as tritium night sights or fiber-optic sights.


Is the Colt King suitable for concealed carry?

Yes, the Colt Cobra is suitable for concealed carry, especially with the shorter barrel options. However, it is important to consider factors such as clothing choices, holster selection, and personal comfort when deciding on a carry gun.

What is the difference between the Colt King Cobra and the Colt Python?

The Colt King Cobra and Colt Python are both iconic revolvers from Colt, but they differ in design and manufacturing. The King Cobra is a more recent offering, featuring a stainless steel construction and Hogue grip, while the Python has a reputation for its high-quality finish, smooth action, and adjustable sights.

Can the King Cobra handle +P ammunition?

Yes, the Colt King Cobra is designed to handle +P ammunition. However, it is always recommended to consult the firearm's manual and adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for ammunition selection and usage.

What is the trigger squeeze weight of the King Cobra?

The DA mode trigger squeeze weight of the Colt King Cobra is typically around 8 to 9 pounds, while the single-action trigger squeeze weight is approximately 3 to 4 pounds. These figures may vary slightly depending on individual firearms.

Does the King Cobra come with a warranty?

Yes, Colt offers a warranty for their firearms, including the King Cobra. It is advisable to check with the manufacturer or authorized dealers for specific warranty details and coverage.

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Final Words

Overall, Colt King Cobra has become one of the most popular revolvers. It is a reliable and accurate double-action revolver that embodies Colt's legacy of quality craftsmanship. With its versatile barrel size options, excellent trigger, and classic design, it appeals to both enthusiasts and those seeking a dependable self-defense or target revolver.

While it may have some minor drawbacks, such as weight and limited sight options, the King Cobra's performance, reliability, and aftermarket support make it a compelling choice for any revolver enthusiast or discerning shooter.

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