Glock 19x Barrel Length | Why It Matters Plus Other Specs and Features

The Glock 19x is a hybrid of the Glock 17 & Glock 19, using the 17's frame and the 19's slide/barrel. It was an initial design for a U.S. Army modular pistol experiment. However, the P320 defeated it, although it remained a formidable rival during testing.

Model 19X was never adopted by the U.S. Army. Still, Glock didn't waste any time bringing it to the civilian market, where it has found favor among shooters of all stripes and levels of experience and proficiency. The Glock 19x barrel length and design are similar to the original Glock's. Several minor adjustments are made to the new Glock 19 crossover model to improve the shooting experience.

Glock 19x Barrel Length: What Barrel Is in the Glock 19x?

The Glock 19x is a "compact" Glock. With a 4-inch barrel, the Glock 19 is 7.36 inches long, allowing for a more relaxed grip. The slide's width is 1.18 inches and 5 inches in height. Is it a marksman barrel? The G19x enhances overall balance, controllability, and accuracy compared to the G19. The Glock 19x sports an ergonomic design with a textured grip for a secure grip for tough circumstances.

Glock handgun

The G19X is the most recent addition to the G pistol series. As a result of its compact size (it measures 6.85 inches in total), it's perfect for home defense, everyday use and concealed carry. The G19X also features a decreased width slide making it more comfortable to fire and easier to handle. It's lightweight and concealable, ideal for keeping your firearm close at hand whenever you need it. When empty, it weighs 23.65 ozs; when filled, the weight rises to 30 ozs.

The following are the Glock 19 X's general specifications and dimensions:

  • Length of Barrel: 4.02 inches

  • Loaded weight: 31.39 oz

  • Unloaded weight: 24.83 oz

  • The width: 1.30 inches | 33 mm

  • Travel of the trigger: .49 inches

  • The caliber used: 9x19mm 

  • The height: 5.47-inch stature | 139 mm

  • The length: 7.44-inch total length | 189 mm

  • Trigger pull weight: 5.8 pounds

  • The range between the sights: 5.94-inches

  • Rifling Profile: Enhanced Hexagonal with Right-Handed Twist

  • Twist Length: 9.84 inches

  • Magazine Capacity: 17/19: includes two 19-round magazines and one 17-round magazine as standard.

Will a G19 Barrel Fit a 19x?

If you have a G19 Gen 4 barrel, it fits the G19 Gen 5 & G 19X. The design remains close to the original Glock, although there are several significant alterations. The G19X features a G19 slide, a G17 frame, and the desert tan (Coyote) tint. What are some other notable G19x changes:

  • Backstrap lanyard loop

  • A more dynamic trigger pull

  • New barrel for the marksman

  • Release of ambidextrous slide

  • Enhancements to the slide coating

  • Removal of the finger grooves from the front strap

Let's take a look at Glock 19X unboxing. The G19X is packaged in a conventional Glock packaging but in a peculiar desert tan hue that Glock refers to as Coyote. Two 19-round extended magazines are included in the package and the standard 17-round magazine.

In addition to the standard grip - the smallest back strap - comes with four other backstrap options. An owner's manual and a magazine loader are in the Glock package.

Experts noted tests demonstrate the 9mm firearm is lightweight, more effective, and performs ballistically well or better than its more excellent caliber-round equivalents.

Are Glock 19 and 19x Barrels the Same Size?

The barrel of the Glock 19x is somewhat longer than the 19's. The Glock 19 boasts a better muzzle velocity than the 19X because of its smaller size. Professionals can employ these handguns in several scenarios. G19X has no manual thumb safety, the only distinction between military and commercial versions.

The Glock 19X competition entry was first classified as a perfect replica of the tiny Glock 19. The Glock 19X package became nearly unbeatable on July 10th, 2018—in less than six months after its public availability, Glock sold more than 100,000 Glock 19X handguns.

An excellent handgun for every occasion has been created thanks to the GLOCK 17's full-size frame and GLOCK 19's compact slide. An enhanced nPVD slide coating and first-ever factory-colored slide complete the 19X's coyote color scheme.

The Glock 19 is a popular handgun because many people find the existing Glock 17 too big and other Glocks too designed for concealed carry or bigger calibers. It is often the ultimate handgun due to its compact size, high capacity magazine, and powerful cartridge.

The Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB), ambidextrous slide stop levers, no finger grooves, and a lanyard loop are additional features on this firearm. A typical two 17 Plus 2-round magazine, 17-round magazine, and a coyote-colored pistol case are also in the firearm.

Glock 19 Concealed Carry

Glock 19 concealed carry has several advantages. There are several advantages to owning a gun, but the most apparent is that you may carry it with you. Due to its simplicity and reliability, the Glock 19 is a weapon you can rely on when the stakes are high.

What else could one want? Glock 19 is also a compact and smaller gun making it easier to conceal. The Glock 19 is an excellent compromise between a carry pistol and service pistol. It can be carried without it being noticeable, which can help keep you safe.

What Makes the Glock 19x Different From Other Glock Models?

The main difference between the military and commercial versions is the absence of a manual thumb safety. When compared to other models, the Glock 19x stands out. Even though it's called a "compact," its grip nevertheless resembles a duty firearm. The Glock 45 is the only other handgun that matches the 19x's performance.

The Glock G45 is a semi-automatic pistol made by Glock to combine the most outstanding elements of the Glock 17 and Glock 19 models. It incorporates the G17's full-size frame with the G19's compact slide.

Glock 19x and Glock 45

The G45 completes what the 19x began in 2018 by adopting a gen 5 strategy. The Glock 45 handgun differs from other Glocks in design with a small slide and a full-size frame. It features the same coating as other fifth-generation Glocks and the flared mag well but no lanyard loop. Front serrations on Glock 45s improve ergonomics.

A 15-round magazine comes standard with the Glock pistol. However, Glock's "Big Stick" magazine allows you to increase the load to 33 rounds. The barrel is 4.02 inches long, whereas the overall length is 7.44 inches.

The Best Ammo for the 19x

Feeding your pistol is a matter of choice, and several options are available. We suggest sticking to 115 and 124-grain bullets whenever feasible to keep your range sessions consistent.

CCI Brass Blazer

My favorite range game to use is CCI Brass Blazer. The CCI Brass Blazer is less expensive and reliable. 115- and 124-grain are widely available, making big round counts simple.

PMC Bronze

PMC Bronze is another excellent choice. These are most commonly seen in 115-grain form, although they can also be found in the 124-grain form. Compared to other competing brands, they perform well and come in minimal packaging, allowing you to fit a few additional rounds in your ammunition can that would otherwise be eaten up by larger boxes.

Federal HST

The ideal defense round to use is the one made by Federal HST through 124 grain. The Federal HST round has a lot of stopping power and can snowball, making it easy to solve problems quickly. You can buy bullets with higher grain weights, but you should maintain your bullet weights the same as before.

The Glock 19X comes equipped with two magazines, one holding 17 rounds and the other ten rounds. Glock 19X's accuracy, dependability, and ergonomics are recognized. Its exorbitant cost has also been questioned. If you want a 19 with a few extra rounds, get the 19x.

Glock 19x FAQs

Do Glock Pistols Have Flaws?

Glock pistols are among the most dependable, yet they are not flawless. The polymer frames of Glocks can become weak over time and break or shatter. Some shooters have also commented that Glocks' striker-fired design is more challenging to master than other handguns.

People still love and trust the Glock pistol, even though it has a few flaws. Most law enforcement agencies and civilian gun owners rely on Glocks to protect them, and for a good reason: Glock pistols are very compact and easy to use.

Is the Glock 19x a Full-Size?

The 19X incorporates the compact slide of a Glock 19 with the Glock 17's full-size grip. Users can enjoy a pleasant grip while simultaneously benefiting from a compact slide.

Is the Glock 19 Pistol Compatible With Factory Magazines From the Glock 17 and Glock 18?

Factory magazines from Glock 17 and Glock 18 may hold 10, 17, 19, and 33 cartridges in the Glock 19 handgun. Only the slide, barrel, frame, recoil spring, and locking block are replaceable between versions 17 and 19; the rest of the components are the same.

Is the Glock 19 Gen 3 No Longer Available?

With the Gen5 Glocks, the Gen3 Glocks were dropped from the roster. There are still Gen3's accessible in the distribution system, but Glock says each will only come with a 10-rd loaded magazine capacity.

What Is the Caliber of a Glock 19?

Semi-automatic pistols like the Glock 19 can fire 9mm Luger rounds. You can fire .40 S&W caliber ammunition from a Glock 23 semi-automatic rifle.

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