Glock 40 Review | Why Go for This 10mm Pistol? – Detailed Guide, Pros & Cons

Seamless modding, accuracy, and reliability are the key features around which a Glock pistol is built. Add such a killer trio to the powerful 10mm Auto caliber, and you get the perfect self-defense and hunting pistol.

The Glock 40 (G40) instantly stands out in this category for its relatively long barrel sitting at 6 inches. Hardly a concealed carry gun or a pocket pistol, but can it be your first gun? G40 also comes with Glock's Modular Optic System (MOS) for an easy mounting of red dot sights. This unique take on a seemingly stale pistol design was enough to get me excited to have the Glock 40 in my hand and do my testing.

In my Glock 40 review, we will explore this pistol's strengths and weaknesses and why it deserves your attention.

Glock 40 Review

It's uncommon to come across a sidearm rocking the Auto 10mm caliber nowadays, but it's a sight to behold when you do. To understand the rise and fall of the 10mm ammunition, I have a quick history lesson for you. In the 1980s, law enforcement agencies could finally move away from revolvers' restrictions and adopt automatic pistols.

Such a move planted the seeds for the development of the powerful 10mm rounds. The new cartridges provided FBI agents with considerable firepower and quickly became the most effective defensive ammo. However, with the limitations in gun engineering back then, the ammo's power came at the expense of producing vigorous recoil.

The .40 S&W cartridges, dubbed the "wonder ammo," became the next evolution of the standard service ammunition. With less gunpowder and a smaller footprint, the resulting recoil became more manageable. Backed up by decades' worth of statistics, it's clear that the .40 S&W didn't live up to the buzz surrounding its introduction. Such subpar results paved the way nicely for the 10mm rounds to make a comeback. 

this is how glock 40 looks

Glock embraces a soft polymer frame in its pistols' design, proven to come with a handful of advantages. In addition to the relative lightweight and durability, the polymer frame absorbs a considerable chunk of the shot's recoil, making it easier to keep steady hands.

The ballistics is only one half of the story of what makes the Glock pistols unique. The other half revolves around the pistol's astonishing accuracy. When it comes to accuracy, we also reviewed Colt Delta Elite, a 10mm gun you should also consider. 

With the Glock 40 MOS system in place, a variety of miniature sights can be added to your pistol without the need for special gunsmithing tools. A single screw holds the gun sight securely in place without adding unnecessary bulk to your Glock 40.

I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of mounted sights on a pistol. So, I expected the MOS to be a gimmick and quickly fade in the background after the novelty factor is over. However, I was dead wrong! I managed to land outlandish shots from long distances using the Glock 40 with an added red dot sight. The impressive part is that I believed such shots were only possible using a shouldered rifle.


With a quick glance at the specifications sheet, it’s no surprise that the Glock 40 is one of the most accurate 10mm pistols.

As the bullet travels along the 6-inch barrel, it gains more and more momentum, boosting the bullet’s velocity and traveling distance.

The Glock 40 is not a stealthy pistol by any means. It comes with an overall length of 9.49 inches and weighs around 28.15 ounces when empty. The weight can quickly jump to about 40 ounces when your pistol is fully loaded.

So, don’t expect the pistol to go unnoticed under your jacket, as the bulky footprint makes it harder to conceal. Furthermore, due to its substantial weight, it’s not one of the pistols you can easily forget that you have on you.

The Glock 40 won me over when it comes to its sizable magazine capacity

The pistol can carry 15 rounds at a time, allowing you to shoot more before you need to reload. It also helps that the reloading experience is a breeze. You can swap in a new magazine in no time and have another 15 rounds ready to go. If you are looking for this capacity, I recommend my Glock 20 review.

It's worth noting that the Glock 40 doesn't support threaded barrel accessories, though. It indeed comes with a long barrel out of the box, but why not have the option to add more? Most users won't miss this feature, but if you're already a Glock gun owner with a couple of these additional barrels lying around, know that you will be out of luck if you try to fit them to your new shiny Glock 40. Probably the same case with Glock 48.

Who is Glock 40 For?

I believe you already have an idea about who can make the most of such a powerful Glock model. The 10mm auto caliber still secures its place in the holsters of many of our law enforcement agents. Some FBI departments like hostage rescue and special surveillance teams can make use of the Glock 40.

Aside from as a self-defense pistol, the hunting community has come to appreciate the Glock 40’s accuracy, since it can even incapacitate some of the largest wildlife. As long as you have the Glock 40 10mm by your side, you won’t have to be too anxious about bear attacks while camping in the wilds.

law enforcement

Furthermore, the Glock 40 can also come in handy for handgun sporting events. It comes as a natural fit in target practice thanks to the ability to mount reflex sights to its MOS anterior accessory rail.

On the other hand, people looking for a concealed carry gun to go with them anywhere can be a little bit disappointed with the Glock 40. Its size and weight make carrying the gun around every day a chore. You can find more stealthy alternatives on the market, but don’t expect them to come close to the Glock 40’s balanced combination of accuracy and power. I mentioned this point in my Glock 44 review, as well.


If you’re a fan of how the Glock pistols feel in hand, you will find yourself right at home with the Glock 40. On the other hand, if you are on the fence of adopting the Glock design, the G40 won’t win you over.

The pistol’s grip might be a bit uncomfortable for some people, especially those with tiny hands. Just like other Glock pistols, the G40 comes with a thick grip. The trigger is also stretched a little forward and might be difficult to reach if you have short fingers.

Luckily, Glock 40 Gen 4 changes allow you to customize and personalize the grip to feel natural in your hand. The pistol comes with swappable backstraps to change the grip’s thickness. Moreover, the textured finish gives you a more confident grip and makes the gun less likely to slip even in sweaty hands.

I have no problem holding full-framed pistols in one hand, and the Glock 40 is no different. The pistol feels nice thanks to its well-positioned finger grooves. I also noticed improved accuracy when shooting through the reflex sight, as the mounted accessory comes with a rest that sits right at the top of my hand, and makes the pistol more secure.

Finally, the pistol's height is 5.47 inches long, which balances perfectly with the 6 inches barrel. The well-calculated dimensions, together with excellent weight distribution, are the magic ingredients that make Glock 40's ergonomic design work. 

man pointing a gun

How Does it Shoot?

Responsive is the first word that comes to mind when describing my shooting experience with the Glock. That’s mainly due to the double-action trigger system that gives you room to customize the trigger action.

For starters, you can change the trigger's travel distance and resistance. While using the Glock 20 in double-action mode, the trigger can travel all the way to the back. As you pull the trigger, the pistol gets cocked, and the bullet enters the firing chamber, ready to engage with the firing pin. Continue pulling the trigger, and the shot is fired.

This double-action mode certainly provides a greater level of safety. If you have second thoughts while pulling the trigger, you can stop midway, and the firing pin is never engaged with the bullet.

On the other hand, when using the trigger in single-action handgun, the bullet starts in the cocked position before pulling the trigger. The trigger just controls the firing pin's movement this time around, making the trigger's travel distance shorter and requires less force to pull it.

Furthermore, the Glock 40 has a broader sight radius, making it much easier to regain aim on your target after recovering from the last round's recoil. It also has much softer recoil compared to the previous Glock 20 model.

Finally, for a seamless shooting experience, the pistol should be easy to put in and out of its holster. The anterior portion of the Glock 40 is compact, making the process of re-holstering your gun a no-brainer.


A pistol's recoil is a key factor that determines how beginner-friendly gun gun it is. The term recoil represents the backward displacement of the firearm when a round is shot. Such reactionary force is equal to the forward propelling force that drives the bullet out of the muzzle.

If you haven't shot a 10mm caliber ammunition before, be prepared for a considerable recoil hitting your way. It's understandable that as the firepower goes up, the recoil follows along. Depending on which type of ammo you're coming from, you will have to get used to the extra power by tightening your grip and adjusting your stance.

Within the 10mm caliber firearms realm, the Glock 40 does a great job reducing the pistol's recoil. As I mentioned before, the polymer frame absorbs a great deal of the resulting force to decrease the pistol's backward displacement.

Furthermore, the reflex sights come in handy even if you're the type of shooter who shoots at mid or close range. The mounted accessory allows you to readjust your aim and zero back on your target quickly.

It's worth mentioning that the type of ammunition is the primary determinant of the recoil. Different cartridges come at variable lengths and amounts of gunpowder. If the 10mm caliber cartridges are too much for you, you can start with the Glock .40 S&W cartridges with their softer recoil.

The bottom line is that Glock G40 does an excellent job transforming the 10mm caliber recoil experience from wild and unexpected to a more manageable one that comes with a less steep mastery curve.


Anyone who used iron sights for aiming can tell you the struggle. You have to align the front and rear sights, making your actual target out of focus to your eyes. This can be a bit tricky to get used to, which explains the appeal of red dot reflex sights.

The Glock 40 comes with a reflex sight out-of-the-box at a reasonable price point. This is an excellent way to get started without doing whole separate research on the reflex sight accessories. The idea behind such sights is that they keep your target at the same plane of the built-in red dot, so you're focusing on your target all the time.

Furthermore, the MOS system provides a universal way of using different reflex sights down the line. In addition, the Glock 40 comes with an already installed plate mount upon which sight can be inserted and four extra plates. You can easily swap the plate adaptors according to the brand of your reflex sight of choice.

Glock's solution ensures that the adaptors feel like an extension of the pistol itself without adding any extra bulk or messing with the gun's balance. 

Finally, the long barrel has a part to play in boosting the Glock 40's accuracy. As the bullet travels for a longer distance before exiting through the muzzle, its energy becomes more focused. This can significantly reduce the chance of ending up with stray or off-target shots.

Glock 40 Reliability

Glock has made a reputation for itself for making one of the most reliable pistols on the market. You can easily get swayed towards focusing more on the pistol's different specs and overlook its reliability. At the end of the day, if your sidearm doesn't work as it should, all these specs are useless.

During my testing, I didn't experience any issues with the Glock 40. I tested different ammunition, and everything seems to work just fine. The trigger is also responsive, and I didn't come across a jammed or stuck trigger.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that semi-automatic pistols need special care and maintenance to ensure their longevity down the line. The 10mm cartridges come with tons of gunpowder, which can build up inside the barrel. 

As the Glock 40 comes with a long barrel, it might not be as easy to clean. Get your trusty bore cleaner and copper solvent ready to get into action, and remember to attend to your handgun from time to time.

Finally, make sure your pistol is appropriately stored if you don't plan on using it for some time to come. Don't just toss it into a drawer to come back and be surprised by all the dust piles built up inside.


  • A 6-inch long barrel for longer shooting distances
  • The MOS system allows any reflex sight to be mounted
  • Included four extra MOS plates 
  • Powerful handgun
  • Unmatched accuracy in a 10mm auto pistol
  • Double-action customizable trigger 
  • Textured grip
  • Swappable back straps to change the grip’s thickness
  • Excellent reliability
  • Manageable recoil
  • Suitable for self-defense and hunting
  • Reasonable price for its specs
  • Comes with Glock’s limited lifetime warranty and excellent customer support
  • Moddable without the need for special gunsmithing tools


  • Thick grip out-of-the-box
  • A considerable footprint for a handgun
  • Relatively heavy pistol, especially when fully loaded
  • Periodic maintenance is a must
  • The 10mm caliber cartridges are noisy when shot
  • No support for threaded barrel parts


The 10mm Glock 40 strikes just the right balance between firepower, accuracy, and magazine capacity. The polymer frame ensures that the gun’s recoil never becomes overwhelming. 

Furthermore, the MOS design makes it possible to mount nearly any reflex sight of your choice. Forget the days when you had to settle for bulky, unbalanced adaptor parts to fix your pistol accessories.

The Glock 40 MOS is the perfect companion on hunting trips, and it also fairs pretty well fas a self or home-defense handgun. However, if you’re looking for a concealed carry gun, the .40 Glock might not be the best option. With its extended barrel and relatively heavyweight, it can get tedious to carry around all the time.

Finally, I believe the Glock 40 is a worthy addition to any gun collection. Its balanced set of features deliver a unique package, one only Glock can pull off.

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