Heritage 22 Revolver Review | A Reliable Firearm With Old West Vibes!

Are you looking for a firearm that combines classic style with exceptional performance? Look no further than the Heritage 22 Revolver. This beauty has been a longtime favorite among gun enthusiasts, and for a good reason. Its sleek design and smooth shooting experience are second to none, making it a joy to hold and fire. 

But let me tell you, this revolver is more than just a fun gun with a pretty face. In Heritage 22 Revolver review, I'll dive deep into this classic revolver's features, performance, and overall value, so you can see why it's a must-have for any gun owner. Get ready to fall in love with the Heritage 22 Revolver.

Heritage 22 Revolver Review: First Impressions 

With a design that brings to mind the legendary Colt Single Action Army revolver, the Heritage Rough Rider is a self-defense fun gun that looks like it belongs in a classic western film. Its wooden hand grip, aluminum frame, and steel barrel create a solid, dependable feel.

What impresses me about this firearm, though, is the build quality. Given its affordable price point, I wasn't sure what to expect, but the Rough Rider has held up well over time. I've put upwards of a thousand rounds through it and cleaned it countless times. The finish on the front of the cylinder has worn off, but the gun itself has remained durable and reliable.

Heritage 22 revolver

Does Taurus Make Heritage Revolvers?

While Taurus is the parent company, Heritage Manufacturing later took over the brand in 2012. It is one of the largest gun manufacturers in the world. They are a force to reckon with when making affordable, high-quality heritage Rough Rider revolvers.

Since the Taurus handover, Heritage Manufacturing has stood by these standards. They effortlessly exceed clients' expectations through impressive packaging and limitless options that mimic the real old-west spirit.

For instance, my Rough Heritage Rider arrived in an appealing light brown box, accompanied by a revolver, pistol chamber flag, hang tag, and trigger lock. Additionally, the barrel measures around 6 ½ inches from muzzle to breech.

Some ammo retailers even include discount coupons for ammo or the optional Magnum cylinder. One notable feature is the smooth and comfortable cocobolo wood grip, which provides an excellent first impression. The hammer, constructed from a stainless steel frame, makes it an ideal choice for new shooters.

Moreover, the swing-out loading gate appears sturdy enough to withstand multiple seasons of use. I thoroughly enjoy shooting this gun as it offers a lot of fun at the range, and I believe it is a perfect choice for beginners or training purposes, as it encourages new shooters to think before pulling the trigger.

Personally, I find it fits my hand much better than the similar Ruger Wrangler 22 revolver. It is both enjoyable and accurate, despite a couple of loose screws that can easily be fixed with Locktite. Furthermore, I have no issues with the blade and groove sights, as I started shooting with reasonable accuracy once I became accustomed to the sight picture.

a revolver

Is the Heritage Rough Rider 22 Easy to Use? 

Before revolvers, I was more accustomed to semi-automatic sights (tritium three dots). Much later, I also realized that single action stands out regarding accuracy. In my experience, the fixed sights in single-action revolvers are simple and work much better than adjustable sights in handguns.

The gun's customizable, old-western feel and features make it easy to use. It's a perfect gun to add to your gun arsenal if you're looking for a classic .22LR revolver that can serve both as a fun plinking firearm and a reliable backup option for your range sessions, as well as an attractive display piece.

The front sight resembles a blade and sticks out slightly from the rear sight and barrel. Heritage manufacturing has the rear sight placed on the top part of the frame from a u-notch cut.

The 6 ½ inch barrel translates to minimal recoil with small caliber guns. That enables me to fire accurately. And new shooters can take advantage of the lack of recoil to improve their fundamental firing skills.

In addition to what the old-time revolvers have, modern revolvers have the hammer block safety. The feature with four positions is on the left side (opposite the loading gate). The first one, fully forward, rests against the firing pin. This is the hammer's resting place after firing.

There is also one feature of a modern thumb safety (opposite the loading gate) which I maneuver using the shooting hand. Flipping it up (to a safe position) blocks the firing pin. If I flip it down (fire position), you'll notice a little red dot on the gun frame. That shows that the revolver is ready to shoot.

revolver and its parts


Action: Single

Round: 6

Weight: 33.4 oz.

Barrel: 4.75 inches

Hand: Ambidextrous

Finish: Blued

Color: Cocobolo

Pros and Cons

Shooting is a competitive game that involves precision, accuracy, agility, and speed. Using a Rough Rider enables shooters to achieve these skills with ease. Below are the main advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a Heritage Rough Rider 22.


  • It is light and has minimal recoil
  • Easy to use
  • I love the fact that it is affordable
  • It has good wooden grips
  • It's a versatile gun


  • The inability of the cylinder to pop out (this refrains users from using spotlight clips).

Is the Heritage Rough Rider 22 Any Good?

The build quality of Rough Rider guns is outstanding. It weighs roughly two pounds and has a nice texture that helps you hold on even when your hands are wet or sweaty.

Above all, the trigger pull on this gun is excellent, and the cylinder empties well.

The revolver has proven to be dependable, although its screws tend to loosen. After firing several thousand rounds, the finish shows signs of significant wear and tear, but the gun still performs well with even the cheapest bulk ammunition. While its accuracy is average, it gets the job done.

The only disadvantage of this revolver is its time-consuming loading and unloading process. However, the use of a speed loader can mitigate this issue.

Once loaded, pointing and shooting the revolver is simple and natural, allowing for incredible accuracy even at high speeds with 22LR ammo. If you plan to use the revolver for hunting, its adjustable turrets come in handy for dialing in shots, particularly for targets over 50 yards away. The included scope is also useful for dry firing a revolver.

The initial experience with the revolver had some minor issues such as light strikes and shooting low and to the left. However, the customer service from Heritage was exceptional, with prompt repairs that included a new barrel. The revolver now performs as well as the customer's other firearms.

It is an excellent, cost-effective option for shooting, easy to maintain, and ideal for those living in wooded areas. While some users may prefer an adjustable rear sight instead of the strap groove, it remains a favorite firearm for recreational use.

After owning the gun for nearly three months, the customer loves it and carries it regularly for work and hiking on their property. While the recoil can be heavy, the grip is reliable, especially in the moist forest environment.

Heritage revolver

Loading and Shooting

Like other single-action revolvers, a Rough Rider is plenty accurate and has perfect timing. This is unlike any other low-cost revolver on the market. They also have a manual guide instructing experienced and novice shooters on proper shooting techniques.

Rough Riders have fixed cylinders and do not swing out during loading. You must pull the hammer to a half-cocked position to load your firearms and rotate the swing-out cylinder. That allows users to load one cartridge at a time into the cylinder.

Open the right side loading gate on the frame opposite the hammer and insert ammo one by one into the empty chamber one by one. Rotate the manually cocked cylinder and repeat the process until you get the chambers of the six-shooter revolver full.

With other guns, you can get speed loaders depending on the number of rounds you want to fire. Insert the ammo before proceeding to the range. It makes loading the cylinder easier. But unfortunately, this revolver's cylinder does not pop. So you have to load them manually one by one. 

Once the loading gate is closed, you can proceed to the next firing level with the Heritage Rough Rider 22 revolver. After each shot, the gate reopens and the hammer returns to the half-cock position. To unload the revolver, simply place the hammer in the half-cock position again.

Heritage revolver

The ejector rod, cleverly built inside the barrel, allows you to easily eject spent casings while the cylinder rotates. If you want to empty all six chambers, pull and release the plunger on the ejector rod. Afterward, you can turn the cylinder, clean it thoroughly, and repeat the cleaning process multiple times for optimal results.

This revolver is a great choice firearms, offering a low noise level similar to a cap gun. Its reliability is impressive, as it has proven to function flawlessly even after firing 500 rounds. Considering the value for the money spent, it's undoubtedly worth its weight in gold.

Many users have praised the Heritage Rough Rider, with some reporting over 3000 rounds fired without any issues. The enjoyable process of loading, firing, and unloading, coupled with its accuracy, makes it a recommended choice. While there may be some wear on the frame from holster use, and the occasional replacement of a handspring, these minor setbacks are outweighed by the overall satisfaction of owning this revolver.

In fact, some individuals liked it so much that they purchased additional units to share the shooting experience with family members. The Heritage Rough Rider has proven its reliability, accuracy, and value to numerous satisfied users who have effortlessly taken down small game like rabbits and squirrels.

Maintaining the Heritage Rough Rider 22

I've used several single-action revolvers, and the Rough Riders 22 is one of my favorites in terms of maintenance. I clean the revolver after each shooting session. I wipe the outside with a damp cloth and then apply a few drops of CLP or gun oil to the moving parts inside. Here are some quick maintenance tips that I use.

  • Start by emptying the chamber and fully unloading the revolver.
  • Half cock the hammer
  • Push the center pin latch forward
  • Remove the cylinder
  • Wash the breech face plus the chambers
  • From time to time, run a patch through the barrel.
  • FAQs

    Why Are Heritage Revolvers So Cheap?

    Heritage Revolvers are affordable because of their simple design. It used lower-cost materials and streamlined manufacturing processes.

    Is a 22 Revolver Powerful?

    A 22 revolver is powerful and effective for target shooting, small game hunting, and self-defense in certain situations. But it’s not as powerful as larger caliber firearms.

    Who Makes the Most Reliable Revolvers?

    Many manufacturers produce reliable revolvers, but some of the most respected brands include Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt, and Taurus.

    Are Revolvers Worth Buying?

    Revolvers can be an excellent investment for those who value simplicity, reliability, safety, and classic design. They are also ideal for those who prefer a firearm with less recoil and noise than other guns.

    Is Heritage a Good Revolver?

    The Rough Rider revolver series is a solid gun with many characters and impressive history. While they speak volumes of the historic Old West culture, some modern innovations continue to give them a run for their money. With marketing tactics and introducing larger calibers, competitive brands may seem like they dominate the scene. The Rough Rider outperforms them in accuracy, affordability, and positive gun reviews. 

    I won't deny that I occasionally crave a double-action trigger on semi-automatic pistols. Rough Riders always bring me back home, thanks to their various rim shapes and different barrel lengths. In a nutshell, it is an excellent gun to practice shooting a single-action revolver. They are also affordable compared to a longer barrel gun. Above all, it's also ideal for beginners who value safety when handling guns with short-barrel lengths.

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