How to Change the Combination on a Stack On Gun Safe | We Explained the Procedure

Key Takeaways:

  • Stack On gun safe locks share a standard factory-set combination
  • After buying one, you can change the factory-set combination code to one of your choosing
  • Stack On digital safes come equipped with a manual override key
  • To reset a combination lock, turn the dial in the clockwise direction three times

These gun safes provide cutting-edge protection for your firearms, making them a top choice among gun owners. Most gun owners may wonder how to reset the combination to their  Stack On safe. The procedure for resetting a gun safe combination varies with the model. So, in this guide, let's look at how to change the combination on a Stack On Gun Safe.

How to Change the Combination on a Stack On Gun Safe

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As a gun safe manufacturer that produces and sells high-quality gun safes in the United States, Stack On has a distinguished history that spans over four decades. They make residential gun safes and gun safes commercial industries.

These gun safes have high-quality locks, but the processes for locking gun safes and opening them vary. Plus, all Stack On gun safes locks share a standard factory-set combination. But what should you do if you want to perform a Stack On gun safe code reset?

After purchasing one, you must change the factory-set combination code to one of your choosing. Now, to reset the code password on a Stack On gun safe is not simple. 

Stack On safe code reset isn't complicated but changing the safe’s combination requires a specific sequence of steps. Let me walk you through some methods you can use for resetting a Stack On gun safe’s lock, but it varies with the model.

Procedure for Changing a Digital Stack On Safe Combination

You can change a Stack On digital gun safe's code in two ways. If you know the current combination, the unlocking procedures below will work. The steps for resetting a combination are as follows:

First Reset Method

1. Enter the Current Code Combination

To get into your Stack On safe, you’ll need to know the current combination code, which could be the one you set, someone else set, or the factory default. Press the pound (#) key, then the asterisk (*) key, as soon as the door opens.

2. Repeat The Existing Combination Code

At that point, you’ll need to re-enter the current combination code and hit the pound key (#).

3. Enter the New Combination Code

When selecting a new six-digit combination, choose one that’s easy to remember but also a hard nut to crack for anyone else.

4. Repeat

Repeating the new six-digit combination code followed by the pound key (#) will unlock the safe.

5. Test

After entering your new combination and the pound sign, you can press the asterisk (*) to see if the new code works. Always ensure the safe’s locking bolts are operational by testing the new combination with the door open.

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Another Approach to Resetting a Stack On Gun Safe

1. Press the Red Button

Use the existing security combination to unlock the Stack On safe’s door. Once the safe door opens, look for a small red button next to the hinge. Push the red button down and let go.

2. Check For The Yellow Light

When you see the yellow light go on, you know it’s time to update the combination. The Stack On safe’s door must be open and the yellow light on before you can update the access code.

3. Punch in the New Code

Enter the new security code on the keypad and confirm it by pressing the (#) sign after the yellow light is on and the safe door is open.

4. Test

Before locking your Stack On door safe, ensure the new security code works. Test the new security code in this manner to ensure its proper operation. It will come in handy to protect your safe gun storage.

Test the new code by pressing the (#) key while the door is open. Repeat the procedure to try changing the security code if the new one is unsuccessful.

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How to Open a Stack On Gun Safe Combination Lock in Just a Minute 

Step 1: Find the Door’s Indicator Symbol

Let's consider Stack-On safe reset dial combination. To start with the process, there are typically two indicator signs on safes: an opening mark and a changing mark. The opening mark is the most popular indicator sign. 

You'll find it positioned at 12 o'clock, right in the middle of the upper half of the dial. It's the threshold your numbers must reach to unlock your safe without compromising security.

Step 2: Start With the First Number and Go Clockwise

You must dial the numbers with care and accuracy to avoid making mistakes and having to start over. The number line's accuracy must be within one decimal place of the nearest whole number. 

So, dial the first number three times in a clockwise direction, making sure to get past the first position each time. On the third rotation, the number must be precisely where it should be.

Step 3: Dial the Second Number in the Counterclockwise Direction

Again, dial the second number in the opposite direction of the first. Before proceeding, double-check that the number from the second spin is where it should be. Make sure it is exactly on the line marked on the paper if you want to avoid making any mistakes.

Step 4: To Unlock the Door, Dial the Third Digit in a Clockwise Direction

Dial the third number in a clockwise direction. If you want your number to be correct, you must ensure it falls right on top of the first mark. You can let go of the handle once you've dialed the final digit in the combination. 

Turning the handle clockwise will begin to open the door toward you. If you cannot access it, you might have made a mistake. Repeat the previous steps as necessary.

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Can You Reset the Code Combination on a Gun Safe?

Yes, you can reset the code on a firearm safe. Any combination lock will have more options for resetting it. Remember, changing the lock’s code will require following a set of steps.

How Do You Reset a Safe if You Forgot or Lost the Combination?

Getting the combination from the manufacturer is the surest bet. To get the combination back, you’ll need to contact the safe’s manufacturer and provide the serial number. They should be able to give you the safe combination once they’ve established your rightful ownership.

How Do I Open a Stack On Safe?

Stack On digital safes come equipped with manual override keys. If your batteries die, you can still use your key. Typically, you’ll find the keyhole below the locking keypad.

Which Way Do You Turn a Combination Lock to Reset?

To reset a combination lock, turn the dial in the clockwise direction three times. By doing this, the lock is reset and ready to open.

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  1. I have an older model Stack On 12 gun safe with a dial combination lock. I know the combo but want to change it. I keep numerous guns and medications in it and enter into it daily. Unfortunately, someone else has discovered the combo. How do I change my dial lock combo? It’s a single 3 number combo dial with a single operator handle that opens andunlocks the safe. It stands 5 ft tall. I believe I purchased it in 2014. It has 3 bolts to secure the door. Any help? Ps….I no longer have the literature/owners manual.


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