How to Conceal Carry a 1911 | 10 Most Popular Methods

How often do you see someone carrying a concealed weapon? If you're anything like me, I don't overthink it. I'm pretty sure I've never seen anyone else carrying a concealed weapon before.

Concealed Carry Laws vary from state to state. Some states require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, while others allow citizens to carry without a license.

Concealment is a personal choice. There are pros and cons to both sides. For example, some people argue that concealed carry makes them safer because they aren't visible targets. Others say that it's better to be safe than sorry. The bottom line is: it's your right to decide whether or not to carry a gun in public. So, if you want to learn how to conceal carry a 1911 gun, keep reading.

Different Ways to Carry Concealed Carry Gun

Here are the top ten methods on how to conceal carry a 1911:

1. Waistband Holster

The waistband holster is probably one of the most versatile tools for concealing a handgun. You can wear it on your belt, under your clothes, shirt, or even inside your jacket pocket. To get started, find an appropriate-sized holster. Be sure to check the fit by sliding your hand through the loops and getting a proper grip for safety.

2. Inside Jacket Pocket

Many people prefer to carry their handguns inside their pockets. When needed, it's easy to grab a  compact pistol without accidentally pressings on the firing pin. And with this method, it's harder for onlookers to know what you're carrying. Plus, there's no fear of accidentally dropping your firearm.

3. Belt Loop

If you choose to hide your firearm inside your pants, make sure your belt hole is big enough. Otherwise, the gun will end up falling out of your pants when you move around. Also, consider investing in a quality holster that will stay put. An excellent place to start is our Concealed Carry Holsters page.

4. Shirt Pocket

Another popular way to carry a pistol is inside your shirt pocket. With this method, all you need to worry about is getting caught with a loaded gun in public. And since it's easier to lose a wallet than a gun, hiding a firearm inside your clothing is excellent protection against theft.

5. Handbag/Purse

This method works well for women who prefer to carry their handguns in purses or bags. However, if you're going to use this method, make sure the bag is large enough to hold your entire firearm. Otherwise, it might look suspicious when you walk down the street. This should be spacious enough to conceal spare mag.

6. Under Pants

Some people claim that this method is the best way to carry a firearm. They say that a person wearing a pair of pants has less chance of being noticed by bystanders. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. If you were to go to a mall, restaurant, or grocery store where everyone looks the same, then maybe this method would prevent you from being spotted. But if you're walking through a crowded parking lot at night, the chances are that someone will notice you.

7. Inside-The-Waistband

Using an iwb holster means having your firearm tucked away inside your waistband tucked in a gun belt. This keeps it hidden from sight but still allows quick access. When using this method, make sure there's room behind your back so the pistol won't stick out, and it's the best method for an everyday carry.

8. Shoulder Holsters

A shoulder holster is another popular way to conceal a handgun. Of course, the same holster comes with pros and cons to each style. Some people like to have their guns clipped to their shirts, while others tuck them inside their jackets. Either way, the shoulder holster is a reliable option. Just remember: once you remove your firearm, you must reholster it. Otherwise, it'll just fall out again.

9. Specialty Garments

There are some items designed specifically to conceal firearms. These include holsters made for belts, vests, and shoulder harnesses. There are also special tactical gear garments such as body armor and ballistic vests. The problem with these items is they tend to be expensive. But if you want to invest in something that's genuinely concealed, we suggest trying a couple of different options before settling on one particular design.

10. Pocket Holster

Pocket Holsters are worn around the waist and have a pouch to keep your firearm. You can wear them under clothing or over it. In fact, some holsters even attach to the outside pockets on clothing.

What Do You Need To Know About Carrying Carry 1911

Carrying a concealed weapon should feel comfortable and natural. After all, it's not meant to cause harm; it's meant to protect yourself. So, if the thought of carrying a firearm makes you nervous, think about why. Is it because you don't trust yourself? Or do you feel like you'd rather avoid conflict altogether?

Regardless of the reason, the first step towards feeling more confident with your firearm is realizing that carrying a concealed weapon isn't dangerous. It's pretty safe. And even though carrying a firearm may seem intimidating at first, it becomes second nature over time. You'll soon find that it feels right.

If you'd rather have more control over where you're able to carry your gun, try wearing it on your hip or waistline instead of inside your pants or coat. This approach also helps protect yourself from accidental drops and provides a quick response time when necessary.

a gun in the holster

A holster is probably the best option for beginners. They offer several advantages:

  • They provide a secure platform for your firearm
  • They help prevent slippage
  • They improve comfort and reduce fatigue
  • They're easy to access when needed.
  • They provide ample room for additional accessories.

On the other hand, holsters can be expensive. They also take up valuable space when stored away. Lastly, some people feel that having a concealed handgun on their person is plain weird. We live in a free society — so your decision to make.

Is It Hard To Conceal Carry a 1911?

It depends on your skill level when drawing and shooting from the hip. If you're new to the sport, then yes, it isn't easy. However, once you become accustomed to drawing from the hip, it becomes second nature.

So, if you want to conceal carry 1911 or a Kimber pro carry II with ease, practice drawing and firing with your firearm in training mode as much as possible. In addition, don't forget always to keep your weapon pointed at a safe target. Finally, when practicing, remember to concentrate on precision and accuracy.

Now That You Understand How To Conceal Carry a Handgun, Why Do People Still Use Guns Openly?

In reality, open vs. concealed carry pros and cons are pretty balanced. So, depending on who you ask, one side may seem like the obvious choice. But even though there's no perfect solution, most experts agree that there's something to be said for both methods.

For example, those who choose not to conceal carry their firearms often feel uncomfortable in social situations. On the other hand, people who carry their weapons openly attract unwanted attention. Some people find it intimidating when they see someone carrying a gun. Others think carrying a firearm makes them look rugged or masculine. Still, others believe that carrying a gun gives them an advantage in any situation.

a person holding a gun behind his back

Overall, concealed carry pistols are becoming increasingly popular among law-abiding citizens worldwide. However, many states continue to ban open carry (carrying a handgun without a permit). Regardless of whether you plan to conceal carry or open carry, here are a few tips to get started:

First off, train to draw quickly and accurately from the hip. Make sure you hit all five shots in each magazine during training. You should also learn how to shoot with two hands. This will give you an edge if you need to fire in self-defense while running. And lastly, take notice of the laws in your area.

Is 1911 Too Big for Concealed Carry?

If you're planning to conceal carry a full-size pistol, then the answer is "yes!" However, don't let this deter you from trying out a compact 1911. Although these are smaller handguns, they are pretty comfortable. Plus, they usually weigh less than a full-size model. Moreover, they have shorter barrels which mean faster follow-ups.

firearms holster

Most importantly, short barrel models work great for concealed carry because they're easier to handle. Furthermore, the reduced recoil allows for better control over the handgun. With that being said, if you decide to try out a reliable 1911, be sure to find one with a 4″ barrel length. Most manufacturers recommend that you buy a 3.5″ barrel model.

Do I Need to Wear a Shoulder Holster When I’m Concealing Carrying My Pistol?

Some people prefer using shoulder holsters because they provide a very secure hold. Other people find them cumbersome. But regardless of what type of Holster you choose, make sure it fits properly. If it doesn't fit comfortably, you won't shoot straight.

Furthermore, consider the type of clothing you intend to wear when you conceal carry. For example, if you plan to wear a dress/skirt, make sure you reach the trigger guard easily. Also, avoid wearing anything tight. It could prevent you from quickly reaching the trigger. Lastly, never cross your arms when holding your revolver. This can cause your shooting arm to cramp up.

a gun in the holster

Can You Conceal a Full-size 1911?

Yes, you definitely can! However, remember that most full-size 1911s are heavy. As such, they can be difficult to conceal. Some people find it awkward to hold because of the extended grip angle. To conceal a full-size 1911, you might want to go with a 380 caliber weapon. Compared to full-size 1911s, .380 pistols are relatively light. They're also more maneuverable.

If you've decided to purchase a 1911 pistol, keep in mind that these handguns come in different sizes. Therefore, you may have to shop around before finding a suitable 1911 model. Remember that it'll be harder to conceal if you purchase a bigger-sized pistol.

Is 1911 a Good Carry Gun?

Law enforcement agencies have used 1911 handguns throughout the world. This makes sense because 1911 was initially designed as a police sidearm. However, many civilians use them for personal protection purposes now. More and more citizens are choosing this particular pistol for concealed carry. Some states even allow residents to carry their 1911s without a permit openly.

As mentioned earlier, many factors determine whether or not 1911 works well as a concealed carry firearm.

Before purchasing 1911, perform a thorough background check on the manufacturer. Look at reviews online, check out customer feedback or ask friends who own similar pistols. Finally, consider the laws in your area and your budget.

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  1. Using an iwb holster means having your firearm tucked away inside your waistband tucked in a gun belt. This keeps it hidden from sight but still allows quick access. When using this method, make sure there’s room behind your back so the pistol won’t stick out, and it’s the best method for an everyday carry.


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