How to Hide a Gun Safe | Unexpected Spots in Your House for Firearm Safekeeping

Key Takeaways:

  • There are several reasons for hiding a gun safe, including protecting your family, visitors, and privacy.
  • You can play around with your house setting to find the right place to hide your safe, such as taking advantage of your home decor.
  • Always find unexpected spots in your house for the best firearm safekeeping option.
  • DIY videos or an interior design specialist can help you find the most favorable spots within your living space to complete this task.

Many people are taking on this responsibility by storing their ammunition, weapons, and other related items in a gun safe. But even the best, top-rated gun safes cannot offer the ultimate safety guarantee if it’s in plain sight.

Without a hidden gun room or closet, your armory might attract unnecessary attention from visitors, kids, or robbers. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to secure a gun safe.

Why You Need to Know How to Hide a Gun Safe

Do you have to hide the gun safe in the first place? Several important reasons motivate gun owners to conceal their armory, and some might catch you off guard. Let’s explore!

  • Preventing break-ins – Intruders often scope out their targets, looking through doors and windows for signs of valuable items. The sight of a large safe will draw them to break in to steal the contents. So gun safes are better off concealed.
  • An added security layer – When you hide your gun safe, you’ll have an added protection layer to your weaponry. An intruder will take longer to look around and rummage the rooms, giving you time to strategize on how to access your gun collection.
  • The element of surprise – A hidden gun safe gives you the surprise advantage in the event of a robbery. The assailant won’t know you own guns and think they have the upper hand, yet you’re in control.
  • Privacy reasons – You may have family visiting or friends visiting your place. Or you could have strangers or workers in your home now and then. There’s no reason for all these people to know that you have a gun safe.
a safe with code

The most important thing to remember is only you and authorized home occupants should know where the firearm safe is. So, where do you create hidden gun storage? Hop on to the next section to learn more.

The 9 Best Places to Hide Guns

Now that you know the importance of hidden gun safes, it’s time to get to the real business: how to hide a gun safe. 

Here are the different methods of putting your armory out of sight:

Fit It Under the Stairs

It’s common to find hollow spaces under the stairs in many homes. So if you have one, you may use tools and DIY guides or hire a contractor to access the area, create room for your gun safe, and install a concealed entrance for the hidden compartments. This method helps you hide a big and heavy gun safe at an accessible location without using up valuable floor space and provides easy access.

a safe in the dark garage

Hide It in The Garage

The places that guests and family members don’t visit frequently are perfect locations for a gun safe of any size. A garage is one of them, although it’s a risky spot because curious strangers or neighbors can peep inside when you drive in and out. A safe cloak can help you overcome this challenge by making the safe look like a cabinet. You can also have your gun safe hidden in the same corner as junk and boxes.

Build It into Large Furniture Items

Furniture like a coffee table or couch is available in any living room or lounge; therefore, they can make a remarkable secret storage space. Hollow out parts of them to create space for your gun safe. For instance, you can cut out a section below one of your couch cushions for the safe and then cover it again. Additionally, in the case of bedside gun storage, the best place to place it should be on the side of the bed closest to where you sleep. Keeping the gun safe under the bed is also a safe storage option for your home defense firearms.

locked wooden door inside the living space

Leverage Wall Storage

A wall gun safe has a unique design that lets you install it between the wall studs. It’s invisible but requires effort, time, and money to create one. However, your investment will pay off. Just make sure it’s a perfectly concealed, fireproofed gun safe, and make sure to keep moisure out of a gun safe.

Distract Attention with Décor

The goal isn’t necessarily to make the safe invisible but to make it look like usual stuff and not draw too much attention. That’s why it’s possible to hide a gun safe in plain sight.

Cleverly using décor items can keep eyes away from your safe. For instance, you can cover it with massive pictures or wall signs. If you have a huge safe, you may decorate it according to the current year season, like hanging a Halloween or Easter poster on it or concealing it behind a room plant.

a safe behind the picture on the wall

Install It Beneath the Floorboards

Very few intruders will check under the boards they’re stepping on. Instead, they’ll focus on cabinets, closets, and drawers. Installing the gun safe under the hardwood floor can be a clever move. However, ensure you cover the section where the unit is with a rug. If you choose to hide a gun safe there, put a thin carpet under the safe for even weight distribution.

Hide It in The Pantry

It is one of the least expected spots, hence perfect for hiding your weapon safe. On the one hand, you can place it on the shelf behind your cutlery; on the other hand, it’s not one of the areas an intruder will rush to. Creating a gun safe in your pantry is similar to how you’d build a gun safe in the closet.

Hidden Mirror Door

You can also replicate the spy movie scenes where someone pulls open a mirror and reveals a hidden compartment. Hidden mirror doors are now a favorite for hiding valuables. Besides concealing your gun storage safely from intruders, kids and visitors may not see beyond their images when they look inside the mirror.

Put That Extra Refrigerator to Use

This area is also another way to hide your safe in plain sight. An intruder isn’t coming for your milk and apples, so the last thing they’ll waste their time on is that refrigerator that seems to be awaiting disposal. You may use your wits and handle the job like any DIY project. But you may have to cut out or adjust some parts, so hiring an expert can be a perfect decision.  

a kitchen with a hidden safe


Should A Gun Safe Be Hidden?

Yes. Hiding a gun safe is an excellent idea because it reduces the risk of burglar activity, offers an added security layer to your home, and provides the element of surprise that places you ahead of intruders.

How Do You Hide a Large Safe in Your House?

Large gun safes are relatively more difficult to hide than their smaller counterparts. But it’s still possible to secure your ample gun storage in the pantry, wardrobe, within your garage junk, or behind decorations like a large poster or Christmas tree.  

Where Do People Usually Hide Guns?

People conceal guns in secret places, some in plain sight. 

Examples include under the stairs, inside a hidden compartment on the wall, under the floorboards, or the usual stuff like décor or furniture.

Should I Put Something Under My Safe?

Yes. Wherever you choose to hide a gun safe, always have a thin carpet under the safe for even weight distribution. This option can protect your wall from damage. Notably, never place a rubber mat on a linoleum floor, as it could cause permanent marks.

safe hidden in the bedroom

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