How To Make a Gun Holster | A Simple Way With Readily Available Tools

A gun holster is a device used to hold or restrict the movement of a handgun, most commonly worn on the hip. The most common material from which gun holsters are made in leather. That is because; it is durable and provides a good level of protection for the weapon.

You may be a student learning how to make a leather holster, or you are making one at home. The procedure is simple, and it requires simple and readily available tools. This article will show you how to make a leather holster.

What Leather Is Used for a Leather Holster?

There are different varieties of leather commonly used for a gun case. The one commonly used to make a holster is cowhide, but other options include buffalo hide, horsehide, and goatskin. Each type of leather has unique benefits that make it ideal for use in holster making.

  • Cowhide: It is the most popular type of leather for holsters. It is durable and long-lasting, making it ideal for repeated use.

  • Buffalo hide: It is another popular option for holsters. It is also very durable but is not as flexible as cowhide.

  • Horsehide: It is a third option that is often used for holsters. It has good resistance to tearing due to its strength, making it an excellent choice for a gun case.

  • Goatskin: It is the fourth type of leather commonly used for holsters. It is very soft and pliable, making it ideal for a snug fit.

Regardless of the kind of leather you use for your holster, it is important to ensure that it is of the right quality to serve your needs.

different types of leather hide

What Is the Best Material for a Gun Holster?

There are varying issues you should put into consideration when making a choice of the best material for gun cases. The most crucial is the level of comfort you need. There are many materials that can offer a high degree of comfort, but some may not be as durable as others.

Leather is among the most common materials for holster making. It is comfortable and offers good protection for your revolver. However, it can be costly and may not necessarily last as long as some other materials.

Synthetic materials are often used for holsters because they are less expensive than leather. They are also usually more durable.

The Basic Tools Used in Making a Revolver Holster?

In order to make a good case for your revolver, you will need a few specific tools. Here are some of the important tools  you will need:

  • A sewing machine/Needle: This device is perhaps the most important tool you will need. A good, sturdy sewing machine and a strong needle will be able to handle the thick fabric and heavy stitching required in making a quality holster.

  • A rotary cutter: This device will help you to quickly and accurately cut the fabric for your holster.

  • A straight edge: This is necessary when you want to cut straight lines with your rotary cutter.

  • An iron: A good, hot iron will be necessary for properly pressing the thick fabric before sewing.

  • A measuring tape: This is essential for helping you measure the size of your revolver and fabric.

  • A leather hole punch: This tool will be used for hole-making in the leather.

  • Stamping tools: These are used for making your desired pattern on the leather.

  • A hammer: This will be used for setting the rivets that will hold your holster together.

With the above tools, you are ready to make a high-quality revolver case that will last for many years.

tools for making a gun holster

The Procedure for Making a Gun Holster

If you're looking to make your own gun case, there are a few things you'll need to take into consideration. Here are the basics of creating a case that will be both functional and comfortable.

First, you'll need to select the right materials. Leather is a popular choice for holsters, as it is durable and can be molded to the shape of your pistol. However, you can make use of other commonly used materials such as nylon or Kydex.

Next, you'll need to measure the size of both your gun and your body. That will ensure that the case fits both snugly and comfortably.

Once all the materials and measurements are ready, you can begin construction. Start by cutting your leather or other material to the desired shape and size. Then, use a stitching needle and thread to create a seam around the edge of the case. Make sure you have an opening at the top so that you can insert your gun.

Finally, finish off the holster by adding any desired embellishments. That could include a belt loop, snap closure, or even decorative stitches.

With minimal resources and effort, you can easily create a custom case that will provide years of use.

a gun in the holster and the target

Steps of Making a Leather Gun Holster

Leather is the commonly used material for making a holster. The following simple leatherwork steps will help you make a leather case, provided you have all the leather tools.

  1. Sketch out your design for the holster on a piece of paper. That will help you visualize the finished product and ensure that all of the dimensions are correct.

  2. Cut the leather to size using a sharp knife or rotary cutter. Ensure you leave enough excess material so that you can trim it down to size once the holster is assembled.

  3. Soak the leather in warm water for about 30 minutes. That will make it more pliable and easier to work with. You may also use the leather dye to make the leather more pliable.

  4. Using a stitching awl, punch stitch holes along the edge of the leather where you will be stitching it together. Make sure that each stitch hole is evenly spaced from each other so that your stitches will be nice and straight.

  5. Begin stitching the leather together using a strong needle and a strong thread such as upholstery thread or fishing line. Begin from one end, moving across to the other, ensuring that each stitch line is tight and secure.

  6. Trim away any excess material that may be due to rough cut once you have finished stitching. You can use a rotary cutter, scissors, or even a sharp knife for this.

  7. Wet the leather down again and mold it into the shape you want your holster to take. Use something like a coffee mug or a can of soup to help you get the right shape.

  8. Allow the leather to dry completely before using it. Depending on the temperature and humidity levels, that could take a few hours or even a day.

Making your own leather case is a great way to get a custom-fit product that will last for years.

Can You Make Your Own Kydex Holster?

The answer is yes; you can make your own Kydex holster. However, the process is not as simple as cutting and shaping the material. There are a few steps involved in order to ensure effectiveness.

In order to make your own Kydex case, you will need the following tools and supplies.

  • First, you will need a sheet of Kydex. You can purchase this at most craft stores or online.

  • Next, you will need a heat gun or hairdryer.

  • You will also need a sharp knife and a ruler or measuring tape.

Once you have all the material ready, you can begin. The following are simple steps to follow:

  1. The first step is getting the data to tailor by taking measurements before you cut your Kydex sheet to the desired size. When measuring, be sure to add a few extra inches so that you have enough material to work with.
  2. Once your Kydex is cut to size, use your heat gun or hair dryer to heat one end of the sheet. You should take care not to overheat the material since it warps or melts.
  3. Once the end is heated, begin to bend it until you have formed a curve slowly. The size of the curve will be dependent on the type of holster you are making.
  4. Once you have the basic shape of your holster, you can begin to add any additional features. For example, if you are making a case for a revolver, you will need to cut out a slot for the cylinder. You can also add loops or straps on the outside of the case for attaching to your belt.
  5. When your holster is complete, use your heat gun or hair dryer to cool and harden the material.

Making your own Kydex holster is a great way to save money and get exactly the type of holster you want.

a person making a gun holster

How Did Cowboys Wear Their Gun Belts?

Cowboys were notoriously known for their unique style of dress, which often included a gun belt. While the belt served a practical purpose, holding a cowboy's firearms also became a fashion statement. So, how did cowboys wear their belts?

There are two main ways cowboys wore their belts: around the waist or over the shoulder. A cowboy's method often depended on his personal preference or what was most practical for the situation.

If a cowboy was going to be riding a horse, it was usually more practical to wrap the belt around the waist. That allowed him to reach for his firearms easily if he needed them. But on the other hand, wearing the belt over the shoulder could be cumbersome and get in the way while riding.

In some cases, cowboys wore their gun belts both around the waist and over the shoulder. That provided them with quick access to their firearms no matter what they were doing.

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