How to Make a Room Into a Gun Safe | A Cozy But Secure Space for Your Firearms

As a gun owner, you may have ideas to ensure the safety of your household members against human attack. Ideally, you can convert an existing room into a gun safe room or create more space to keep your firearms inside. You can make a secret door in your house seem like a regular one. In your research, you may have more ideas for making gun safe rooms.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can turn an existing room or gun closet into a gun safe by adding security features.
  • Protecting your gun from moisture, fire, and home invasion would be best.
  • You don't have to build a gun safe from scratch. You can turn an existing room into a gun closet for storing guns.
  • You can limit accessibility using a disguised door, a sturdy door, a vault door, a standard closet, or situating it away from the public.

Do you know how to make a room into a gun safe? There are many safety features involved. In this brief I will give you some tips to build a gun safe from scratch and maximize an existing space in your house to hide the gun safe.

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How to Make a Room Into a Gun Safe

Getting gun safes in basements or upper office floors are considered as the safest spaces. Some of them have existing rooms, such as a storm shelter, a vault room, a mechanical room, and a panic room. If there is no safety room, you must ensure a safe door to allow entry using an internal lockout mechanism.

Some buildings have a vault room or panic rooms with safety features, such as a vault door around the vulnerable area of your safe room to ensure maximum protection.

Other factors relevant to making a safe room are:

Size of Your Firearm Collection

When purchasing gun room equipment, you should consider how much gun storage you need to keep your guns safe. A large collection of ammunition, protective gear, ear protection tools, and long guns requires large gun closets.

Keep an open mind that your collection will expand over time - you may only need a little space for your gun rooms if you use efficient gun storage solutions.

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Obtaining Supplies

When it is time to build a safe room, you need to gather materials. You must install electrical cabling, security cameras, a digital keypad, and water-saving devices. You'll also need a fire seal as a gun safe fire protection system, a secure door, and gun safes for a freestanding safe. However, the latter depends on the collection inside the gun room.

It would help if you had proper ventilation to protect your gun collection from moisture while ensuring pristine air circulation during winter. A gun-safe dryer is the best solution. Consider adding plumbing to a wall space to improve the functionality of a gun room.

Other Helpful Tips Before Building a Gun Safe Room

When constructing a gun room, you should think about it first. It would be best if you had everything done correctly. Think about how much weaponry you used. Shelving is standard for most walls. It would be best if you had an adequately ordered wall to ensure proper mounts for pistols. You can place them vertically, horizontally, if necessary, or concurrently. The available space influences the gun number.

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Gun Wall Display

Some people consider firearms to be artifacts. A gun wall functions better for that purpose. You can centrally place your gun in the house or behind a regular door. Whether you own a handgun or a long gun, you can create an interior wall with a customized design to maximize the available space and make your preferred style. Gun walls are the perfect DIY solution for any room where guns hang.

What Are Gun Safe Walls Made Of?

Walls in a gun safe room are made of concrete. A thick concrete wall assures more safety. However, you can also use thick steel plating as walls. Steel is ideal due to its tremendous ability to withstand impact. Thus, the best for walls, if not the vault door.


Can You Turn a Closet Into a Gun Safe?

Yes, you can turn a closet into a gun safe room. A standard cabinet increases house value because you can easily use them as storage space in the bedroom. You can use it to hide a weapon. A hidden vault is ideal. It must remain private to ensure the gun isn't easily accessible using a vault door.

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What is the Purpose of a Gun Room?

The purpose of a gun room is to eliminate grave dangers associated with firearm storage areas. It is essential for gun owners to protect their possession from damage. Family, burglars, or even moisture can damage your weapon. A safe room limits such risks.

You can also use a tightly secured gun room as a panic room.

How Do I Build a Safe Room in My Basement?

You can build an underground safe room in your basement quickly. You'll need concrete, a vault door, a plywood firearm lock, a hammer tape measurement level, and a circular blade drill. However, you'll also need a security technician to ensure you meet all the standards of a gun room.

Mark where the storage room is on the ground. Ensure the space is located in the basement section and not beneath the ground floor. After that, establish the dimensions of the safe space for enough room to accommodate safe and quick maneuvers.

A standard gun safety measures about 60 inches deep. 30 x 60 inches long. 73 x 74 inches tall.

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Can You Put a Gun Safe on an Exterior Wall?

Yes, you can put a gun safe on an exterior wall. Guns can sometimes get damaged. Thus, ensure you lock the guns away with exterior walls with at least a 12-gauge thick steel door in a vertical position. However, the total steel of the vault doors must not exceed 0.100 inches for a gun safe.

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