How to Secure a Gun Safe in an Apartment | Safety Measures to Prevent Unauthorized Access

Key Takeaways:

  • Before installing a gun safe in an apartment, it is essential to inquire with the landlord.
  • Put your gun safe in a smart position, out of reach by children and unauthorized access.
  • Bolt your gun safe to the wall instead of the floor.
  • You should consider professional aid when bolting your gun safe.

The most important thing to remember when storing a gun safely is to ensure it's not visible. Also, remember that if you have kids in the house, you should lock your gun safes in a place they cannot reach.

This article looks at methods of how to hide a gun safe in an apartment and factors to consider.

How to Secure a Gun Safe in an Apartment

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Here's how to secure a gun safe in an apartment.

Choose a Smart Location

The first thing the average gun owner needs to do is to locate the correct place for a gun safe. For instance, you should not place your safe near windows or entrances.

Additionally, you must ensure that the safe is not visible from the outside of your apartment. A modular safe is an excellent option for anyone searching for a reliable and adaptable place to keep their firearms locked up.

Bolt Your Safe to the Wall Instead of the Floor

Not all landlords will allow you to bolt your safe to the wall, so inquire first. If you are permitted to bolt your safe to the wall, you should begin your project by identifying the desired placement for your safe.

Find a secure position, preferably a corner, so that you can bolt to two walls instead of one; the corner of a closet for a gun safe is a popular option. Then, you must find the wall studs to which you will bolt your safe.

You will need to drill holes into your safe's walls that align with the exact center of the studs you're attaching it to. If your safe has a fire rating, drilling holes in the safe's body will void the warranty. Before you begin drilling, review the manufacturer's instructions. 

We advise you to contact professionals to assist with bolting your safe to the studs.

Bolt Your Safe to a Steel Slab

First, you'll need to get a heavy-duty, quarter-inch-thick steel slab. Ensure that it is larger than the door frame. Since the slab is larger than the door, it will prevent a burglar from removing it easily.

Place the slab in the desired location for the safe, and then bolt down the gun safe to the slab using the bolt-down holes on the bottom of the safe. To remove the gun safe, a thief would have to cut through the slab, a challenging and time-consuming process that no thief would undertake.

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What to Consider Before Securing a Safe in an Apartment

Here's what to consider before organizing a safe.

Requesting Landlord’s Permission

Gun owners must first obtain authorization from your landlord before installing a gun safe in your apartment.

Your landlord's permission is essential since many landlords prohibit gun possession in their apartments for various reasons.

Most rental property companies are always concerned that the weight of the gun safe would cause harm to the wall or floor during installation. However, you may opt for renters insurance which provides coverage over any damages during your stay at the apartment. The average cost of renters insurance is around $15 per month, and you can obtain protection for your firearms.

Due to the rising number of shootings in our country, some may not like to assume the liability of having firearms on the premises.

If you are fortunate, your landlord may allow you to store a gun in your apartment if you adhere to their laws and regulations and always keep it secure.

Size of the Safe

The next factor to consider is the size of the gun safe. You must verify that the safe has sufficient space for your firearms and ammunition.

Consider the available apartment space. A small safe, like a Stack-On safe, with less storage space if you live in a small flat or have limited space is preferable.

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Type of Safe

There are different types of safes with the most advanced security mechanisms available. There are bulletproof safes, combination-code safes, electronic safes, key-code safes, and combination lock safes

These safes can all safeguard your belongings. What you go for depends on personal preference.

Additionally, if you are looking for a safe you can modify, fix by yourself or a gun safe you can move around you should consider lighter gun safes that are easy to lift.

Where to Place Your Safe

You must also consider the location of a safe in an apartment building. Some individuals choose to store the safes near the beds. If you do so, you must ensure that your bedroom has adequate space. Furthermore, you must decide whether the wall can support the safe. 

The safe gun storage area should not be in an easily accessible position, like away from the front door. That’s because intruders will have an easier time stealing your possessions.

Delivery and Installation Service

Always choose lighter gun safes that are easy to lift. Also, ensure that the manufacturer offers delivery and installation services. That way, they can do more of the heavy lifting for you.

Which Method Is Suitable for You?

The best way to secure a gun safe depends on what kind of gun you have and how much money you can spend on security. The methods don't have to be too hard to follow. Having basic installations in secure locations is also effective. You can combine several choices to create a space that is both accessible and secure. Analyze your environment and select the option that best suits you.

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Can I Keep Guns in My Apartment?

A gun owner must determine whether an apartment landlord allows them to store guns. If you can keep store firearms in your apartment, secure them so that children and other unauthorized individuals cannot access them.

Can I Bolt Down Gun Safes?

Yes, you can bolt down gun safes to prevent unauthorized access. Bolting a safe is one of the most effective means of protecting firearms and other valuables against theft and fire. You should consider professional help to help you bolt it down properly.

Can You Bolt Gun Safes to the Wall?

Yes, you can bolt gun safes to the wall. That is especially important if you live in a rented apartment. When you move out afterward, fixing a few small holes in the wall is easier than replacing the floor or carpet.

Can I Place a Heavy Gun Safe on the Second Floor?

Yes, you can place heavy gun safes on the second floor. However, remember that a quality safe constructed from durable materials might weigh over one thousand pounds. That's a lot of weight to place on the second-story level. So you need to check the strength of the floor and ceiling below your safe if you plan to install it on the second floor.

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