Meet the Team

Our Founder

A photo of Charles Crain
Charles Crain


As a certified firearms handling instructor, Charles feels personally responsible for teaching all gun owners about the safe handling and use of firearms. He is also passionate about providing instructions on gun safety, marksmanship, and other firearms-related skills. Charles enjoys managing Sharpshooter Society as he finds it to be the perfect place to share his knowledge and experience.

Our Content Tactical Specialists

Ryan S at a tactical gun range
Ryan S


Ryan provides firearms consulting and instruction to civilians, military, contractors, and law enforcement. His writing is a safe space to learn about firearms, self defense, self awareness, situational awareness, firearms safety.

Todd Fletcher at a gun range
Todd Fletcher


With 25+ years of training experience as a firearms and defensive tactics instructor, Todd is now a retired law enforcement officer. He is passionate about teaching folks how to safely use firearms in the unexpected emergencies.

A photo of Amerido Berrios
Amerido Berrios


Professional manager, security and firearms instructor with fifteen years managerial experience, directing operations of security practices and regulations in organizations in both the government and private sector.

Sharpshooter Society Gunsmiths

A headshot of Dusan Stanar
Dusan Stanar

seo specialist

Makes sure that we rank highly for all your firearms-related queries. He also ensures that our website content is easy to navigate: everything you need to know is just a few clicks away.

A photo of Tara Djurovic
Tara Djurovic

designer in charge

Creates illustrative visuals for firearms informational topics so that you can enjoy reading but also learn from the details that are presented. She also show cases our favorite guns and safes.

A headshot photo of Emil Romen
Emil Romen

Research specialist

An advocate for the freedom to carry firearms himself, Emil does excellent work at researching all gun-safety and firearms topics so that you get all your questions answered.