M&P 2.0 Subcompact Review | Another Concealed Carry Gem of a Pistol!

All concealed-carry gun owners agree that a reliable gun is always handy, whether in carrying and concealment, grip texture, finish, or durability. Is that what the M&P 2.0 subcompact pistol offers? Here's an M&P 2.0 subcompact review for the next time you go to the concealed carry market.

M&P 2.0 subcompact is a double stack frame and comes with two magazines. It's easy to use because the 18-degree polymer frame offers a good grip, manual thumb safety, and natural aim. You'll see more about this 9mm‌ pistol and its unique specs compared to its competitors, like the G-1911. Read on for more.

M&P 2.0 Subcompact Review: Product Description

As of November 2022, the 9mm M&P m2.0 subcompact pistol is the latest evolution of M&P 2.0. They started with the 4.25-inch barrel and 17-round mag. Next followed the compact size with a 4-inch barrel length and 15+1-round mag. Then the 3.6-inch barrel has the exact grip as the 2.0 subcompact pistol, except the 2.0 has a longer barrel.

Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 gun

Trigger Review and Features

The M&P 2.0 subcompact version has a new trigger, a step up from the original version. It's a hinged trigger pull that only works when you pull the tip of the bottom part. So, pulling the top part of the trigger doesn't work, no matter how hard. That is part of the build in safety put in place for the MP handguns.

It's a crisp break trigger with a tactile, inaudible, faster reset. It's more satisfying to shoot follow-up shots compared to the 1st generation. A gun reset time means the difference between life and death, and that's a unique feature of this subcompact pistol I loved.

Built into the frame is a trigger over-travel which the previous versions didn't have. It offers thumb safety manually. Its trigger-pull weight average is 5 pounds.

Is the M&P 2.0 Single or Double Stack? 

The 2.0 subcompact is a double-stack gun that comes with two 12+1-round magazines. One mag has a flat base plate, while the other has an extension for the pinky, making up a better grip frame. The extension is hollow at the base, so it doesn't have space for extra ammunition. But the extension gives me a better grip because, with the flat one, I go in three fingers.

However, it comes with two magazine extender sleeves. One magazine extension sleeve allows room for 15 rounds.

The other allows 17 rounds, like the original version. It also gives a full grip without the pinching feel while shooting. It also has a loaded chamber indicator.

a person holding a gun

Also, the magazine release is adjustable and not ambidextrous, which I liked. Ambidextrous magazine releases have issues with causing unintentional mag fallouts. Adjusting to the right is possible for lefties.

Tip: If you're going to use it as a concealed carry handgun, don't use the mags with extended sleeves in the second round. That's because, with time, the sleeves' texture bands slide downward while the gun is in the pocket. That causes the mag to not click well for the second round. I find using it with a bit of a magazine hanging out handy here.

M&P 2.0 Grip Texture; Is It Hard to Use?

closeup of the grip texture

It has a good grip texture that's handy for striker-fired handguns, especially with sweaty, bloody, or oily hands, whichever the case. Also, it has an excellent 18-degree grip angle that gives a natural feel while aiming.

If you carry it in your waistband like me, it's not aggressive to the skin even while shooting. You can use white sandpaper to reduce the hurt if you find it rough. 

But most shooters, including myself, have zero issues with its texture.

You have the disassembly pin on the base, which allows you to take the pistol down without pulling the trigger. It helps with changing the backstrap of the gun. The pistol comes with interchangeable palmswell grip inserts that include four back straps, allowing you to customize it to your grip size.

The Gun Rail and Sights Review and Features

It has an excellent 1913 rail that is more profound than the G-26 1911. The rail can accommodate TOR 7/8, inforce lights, OLD lights, and so forth. You can use a lot more lumens that adapt to the Glock 26. On the rear side, you have scalloped serrations that give you an easy time grabbing them.

It has a three-dot system made of steel. For accuracy, there are two dots in the rear sight and one in the front. Also, you can change or customize it to the one that works for you. Here are the people that can use it and its unique specs.


The Slide, Slide Lock, Slide Release and Features

The M&P 2.0 subcompact comes with a steel slide with a Parkerizing Process Armornite finish. It gives the gun proper corrosion resistance, hardness, and an excellent black finish, like the skin in regeneration. That's handy because the top layer wears off when I carry it. The process imparts finish materials into the steel finish to accommodate the tear and wear. But there's a stainless steel slide chassis.

The Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Subcompact has a different slide lock and Slide release from the 1.0s for those who have an experience with the 1.0 pistols. It has added material to keep it from automatic forwarding.

With the 1.0s, the slide would forcefully move forward if you went with the magazine. With the 2.0s, I've not experienced that. The slide release and lock is ambidextrous, which is ideal for the slide.

M&P M2.0 handgun

Purpose and Unique Specs

The purpose of the 2.0 subcompact is to give the best gun experience to enthusiasts, recreational shooting, and personal and home defense. Its unique specs include the following.


9 mm 

Capacity and mags

It comes with 2 12+1 round magazines

Barrel length

3.6 inches

Overall length

6.6 inches


M&P 9 mm M2.0 subcompact


25.0 oz or 708.7 g


Manual thumb safety

Pros and Cons of M&P 2.0 Subcompact

The pros and cons of the 2.0 include the following:


  • Customizable sight steel
  • Thumb safety guarantee
  • Adjustable magazines to fit the grip 
  • A good grip texture is ideal for beginners and experts alike
  • Aesthetically appealing finish that doesn't fade.


  • The thumb safety is manual, which might challenge starters, but I found trigger exercises to help immensely.

Is the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Subcompact a Good Gun?

Smith M&P 2.0 is a good gun. Users agree with me that its experience is better than the 1.0 series, as you've seen. It has enhanced features, and its maintenance is effortless. If you think it's complex with care, here's a straightforward way to disassemble it.

  • Press either side of the slide lock and slide the release lever to release the slide to the rear.
  • Rotate the slide lever 90 degrees until it clicks in place.
  • You have two choices.
  • One, pull the trigger to release the slide. For this option, make sure your pistol is safe.
  • Second, use the release pin to push the sear-release button. There you have it.
a handgun

Is the M&P Shield Subcompact Good for Concealed Carry?

The M&P Shield Subcompact is suitable for disguised carry. Though it's different from the M&P 2.0 subcompact, the M&P subcompact has 6.1 inches of total length with a 3.1 inch barrel. So its design had concealed carry in mind.


Is the M&P 2.0 Worth It?

Yes, M&P 2.0 is worth it. While doing field tests, the gun was incredible with accuracy and reliability. It has well-done ergonomics, and for optimal hand fit, it has four options for adjusting the back strap.

Is M&P 2.0 Better Than Shield?

M&P 2.0 subcompact is better than Shield. That's because it has a better texture. Also, the 2.0 version is more straightforward to shoot with than the Shield.

What Does M&P Stand For?

M&P in Smith and Wesson handguns stands for Military & Police. The M&P brand came to market in the 1880s. It has introduced various M&P guns, including the latest in the 2.0 evolution, the 2.0 subcompact.

What Is the Smallest 9MM Pistol?

M&P shield with a 3.1-inch barrel and 12.7 oz weight is the lightest and smallest 9mm caliber pistol. You want a light, small, and effective gun. A 2.0 is also an ideal carry gun. 

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