Can a Revolver Jam? | Our Guide to Common Causes and What to Watch For

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Today, we dive into the question that lingers in many minds: can a revolver jam? Join us as we explore the common causes of revolver jams and the necessary steps to address them.The revolver has long been celebrated for its reliability and functionality. However, even the most dependable of weapons can encounter reliability issues.By comprehending … Read more

Rock Island M206 Review | Budget-Friendly, Smooth-Shooting Revolver!

Rock Island M206 handgun

For anyone who wants a budget-friendly, smooth-shooting revolver (that doesn’t feel like pulling a block of concrete across a rough surface when shooting), the RIA M206 is worth a closer look. But are Rock Island revolvers any good? Let’s find out!The gun is ideal for concealed carry, self and home defense, and even as a … Read more

Pistol vs Revolver | Which Type of Gun Should You Choose and Why?

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When looking at the pistol versus revolver, both guns have advantages and disadvantages. Deciding over a revolver or semi-automatic pistol can be challenging for any first-time gun buyer. If you choose to carry or transport revolvers, you may have a harder time due to their size and weight. Nevertheless, you can always check those out … Read more

Can You Fire a Revolver Without Pulling the Trigger? | How to Prevent a Negligent Discharge


Firearms need a trigger to be pulled in order for them to discharge. However, some revolver models can fire without the trigger being pulled. That is because the gun’s cylinder can rotate and align the gun’s hammer with the firing pin, causing the gun to fire.There are two main types of revolvers that can discharge … Read more

Why Do Guns Jam? | The Reasons for This Malfunction and How to Prevent It

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If you are a newbie to firearms, you may be wondering, “why do guns jam occasionally?” Guns jam for various reasons. Gun jams are frequently referred to as firearm malfunctions.  With years of improvement in weapon technology, the chances of jamming are relatively minimal. Thanks to today’s technology, firearms are optimized for efficiency. However, certain factors … Read more

Charles Daly 1911 Review | A Popular Top-Quality & High-Accuracy Pistol

Charles Daly 1911 guns

Charles Daly 1911 has been an American favorite for over 111 years. Used by the Military from 1911 to 1985 and beyond, the popularity of Charles Daly field grade 1911 is remarkable, and it’s getting more prominent now than ever. In fact, several companies currently make them. Some cost thousands of dollars, while some are … Read more

How to Change the Combination on a Stack On Gun Safe | We Explained the Procedure

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A safe is an excellent place to store firearms and other valuables away from prying eyes. To maintain maximum security, it’s necessary to reset the combination of the gun safe lock regularly. Currently, Stack On Gun safes are some of the best in the industry.  Key Takeaways:Stack On gun safe locks share a standard factory-set … Read more