Ruger SR1911 Review | A Reliable 10mm Pistol

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If you’re at all familiar with 1911s, you know that each gun ranges from affordable to downright expensive. While the new Ruger SR1911 rests somewhere on the higher side of the affordable end, it is still an incredible bargain for such a reliable shooting experience. As I’ll share in this review, Ruger SR1911 gun is … Read more

What Does 1911 Mean in Guns | Our Guide to History and Benefits

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America’s love affair with firearms began as an experimental phase with primitive, heavy muzzle-loading muskets, cannons, and arquebuses. As technology advanced rapidly, the world witnessed a growing demand for compact models.Regardless, the most significant turning point was the introduction of pistol designs, also known as the colt government, in 1911. On that account, what does … Read more

How to Conceal Carry a 1911 | 10 Most Popular Methods

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How often do you see someone carrying a concealed weapon? If you’re anything like me, I don’t overthink it. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anyone else carrying a concealed weapon before.Concealed Carry Laws vary from state to state. Some states require a permit to carry a concealed weapon, while others allow citizens to carry … Read more

Most Accurate Handgun | What Modifications and Shooter’s Skills Do for Accuracy

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As a responsible gun owner, you want to ensure that you’re using the most accurate handgun for self-defense. But how do you know which one is right for you?The most accurate handguns are typically low recoil and a high muzzle velocity. Recoil is the backward movement of the gun caused by the cartridge’s explosion. Muzzle … Read more