Cobra Derringer Review | A Great Compact Pistol Ideal for Concealed Carry!

two Cobra Derringer handguns

There is a large selection of Derringer Pistols available among the Cobra Firearms. I find Cobra Derringers as one of the most desirable classic American derringers. There was a time when no reputable cowboy or gambler would be seen without one. The gun remains popular today, so here is my Cobra Derringer Review.The American-made Cobra … Read more

How To Shoot a Snub Nose Revolver Accurately | Grip, Aiming and Trigger Pull Explained

Snub Nose Revolver

Snub nose revolvers are double-action revolvers with a short barrel and a long cylinder. They are designed to fire—38 Special ammunition. The term snub nose refers to the shape of the grip. This revolver style was developed in the 19th century and became popular in the 20th century.This kind of revolver is also known as … Read more

Pistol vs Revolver | Which Type of Gun Should You Choose and Why?

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When looking at the pistol versus revolver, both guns have advantages and disadvantages. Deciding over a revolver or semi-automatic pistol can be challenging for any first-time gun buyer. If you choose to carry or transport revolvers, you may have a harder time due to their size and weight. Nevertheless, you can always check those out … Read more

44 Magnum Bullet Size | Detailed Guide With Advantages, Comparison and Use

Magnum 44

The 44 Magnum revolver bullet is powerful. It was a more effective cartridge for the 44 S&W Special, its progenitor cartridge.“Dirty Harry,” Clint Eastwood’s 1971 film, was the catalyst for its rise to fame among law enforcement officers, hunters, and aficionados of hunting rifles. Given its popularity, ammunition is never an issue, and the best … Read more

What Is a Single Action Revolver? | The Benefits of This Firing System Explained

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A single-action revolver is a handgun that uses a rotating cylinder to fire rounds. Single action revolvers can be either semi-automatic or manual. To use it, the user must cock the hammer to rotate the cylinder and prepare to shoot. Single-shot revolvers are typically lighter and smaller than double-action trigger handguns, making them easier to … Read more

Can You Fire a Revolver Without Pulling the Trigger? | How to Prevent a Negligent Discharge


Firearms need a trigger to be pulled in order for them to discharge. However, some revolver models can fire without the trigger being pulled. That is because the gun’s cylinder can rotate and align the gun’s hammer with the firing pin, causing the gun to fire.There are two main types of revolvers that can discharge … Read more

How Powerful Is a 44 Magnum Cartridge? | Our Full Guide to This Popular Bullet Type

a person loading 44 Magnum

One of the most powerful handgun rounds, the 44 Magnum, is the second revolver cartridge to receive the designation “Magnum.”The 44 Mag. remains one of the most popular big-bore revolver cartridges, attracting many enthusiasts. No big-bore round can compete with the range of ammo options available, from the light to the wild.It is the cartridge … Read more