PSA Dagger 9mm Review | A Solid Pistol by Palmetto State Armory

The new Palmetto State Armory dagger 9 is a fast-foray 9mm into the budget handgun market. The PSA Dagger competes with the Glock 19 in the compact handgun market, and you could say it's a Glock 19 Gen three make-alike.

In this PSA dagger 9mm review, we’ll see if it's worth it, is it affordable and how does it compare to 3rd Gen Glock 19? Here is all that and more from our experience.

PSA Dagger 9mm Review; Is the PSA Dagger a Glock?

PSA Dagger 9mm is a mid-size, polymer frame, double-stuck, striker-fired pistol with a magazine capacity of 15 rounds. 

a handgun

It's not a Glock, as it has some departures from the stock Glock 19 in price point and other features, as you’ll see. The frame is not the fire-control group. But this 9mm firearm maintains a customizable feature-rich framework, even in its basic form.

PSA Dagger 9MM Unique Specifications


22.4 oz unloaded


Striker Fired



Overall Length

7.15 inches

Barrel length

3.9 inches


3 dot system; two dots rear sights, one dot front sight.

Twist Rate

SAAMI Spec 1:10


  • Compatible with lots of aftermarket Glock parts.
  • Beautiful, aesthetically appealing outlook.
  • Rounded feel that is non abrasive to hit the knuckles as I shoot.
  • Excellent value for its price. A striker block safety.


  • I got the first-time fixation on the trigger for beginners because it's not so much upgraded as it is side-graded.
  • It's not compatible with only a few holsters.

Is PSA Dagger 9mm Affordable?

The PSA pistol is affordable compared to the Glock 19. That's because it ranges between 290-350 bucks compared to the 500+ dollars for the G-19. So yes, it shines in its MSRP. Is it up to the G-19 standard? See its features.

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PSA Dagger Review Features

After handling the firearm, these are the feature notes of the sights, magazine, grip texture, ergonomics, controls, range, and ammo I've compiled.

Let's start with Sights.


The sights feature a three-dot system. It has a two-dot serrated rear sight and a one-dot front sight made of metal. They are okay, but I was not too fond of the lack of night sights. However, I quickly realized that it's customizable to any Glock sights I want. As far as sights go in forming an ideal sight picture, the PSA dagger three-dot system is pretty cool.


The gun comes with a typical Magpul Glock 19 mag, but the firearm is compatible with other Glock mags. So far, the mag is okay and has worked just fine. With several Glock magazines, the follow-up rounds shouldn't be a worry.

Grip and Ergonomics

The gun's grip is striking. I prefer blocky grips because they give a good grip angle. But this grip feels unique and outstanding from Glock 19. Palmetto State has completely re-contoured and redesigned it to have a non-harmful aggressive grip texture that feels good in hand. They gave it two cutouts in the grip bottom on the sides for the mag, which differs from the original Gen 5 guns.

The grip also features a finger groove to push the trigger finger up high into the bore axis and give an excellent grip. It has a smooth beveled undercut trigger guard, so I didn't get a Glock knuckle while shooting it.

The gun's ergonomics are pretty similar to those of Gen 3 Glocks except for the grip shape. The texture, undercut trigger safety, and beaver tail makes it easy to shoot. So it's a little above average only because of the trigger.

Its Controls

Here's an overview of the mag release, slide, rip, and trigger.

Magazine Controls Release

I liked the dagger's magazine release, which is relatively easy to press. I didn't have to reposition the gun to reach it. The grip sides have concealed carry cuts and good texture that help when you must pull it after pressing the release.

Slide Lock

Unlike the Glock Gen 5, which has the slide stop on both sides, the slide stop for the dagger pistol is on the left side alone. It's not ambidextrous and only has the flat, typical stop that's well camouflaged.

PSA Dagger Review of its Trigger

Palmetto State mixed the M&P 2.0 trigger with the Glock trigger, so you don't have the trigger blade in front, but a hinged trigger like the one in M&P 2 .0. Most buyers didn't like it for the shallow reset. Also, the trigger gets a little gritty.

But I liked it with time. The more you put rounds to it, the more it smoothens. If you're like me, you can polish the trigger bar, the connector, and the safety plunger. The good thing with Glocks, you can get a trigger upgrade.

a gun in the person's hands

PSA Dagger Upgrades, Accessories, and Aesthetics

PSA Dagger has a fantastic gun look and feel with a stainless steel slide finish. The good thing about it is it is compatible with all Gen 3 Glock parts, with a few exceptions.

Exceptions are like the trigger pin that goes through this pistol's breech face is several mm wider than the OEMs. Therefore, when I bought a new slide, I had to buy a new firing pin but not the whole firing pin assembly. However, other accessories and aftermarket parts, like threaded barrels, optic cuts, and others made for Glock Gen 3, will work on the PSA dagger pistol just fine.

PSA Dagger vs. Glock 19 Gen 3: Is PSA Dagger Any Good?

Though the PSA dagger is a revamped Gen 3 Glock 19, they both have noticeable differences. They have different outlooks, especially with their grip frames, as we've seen.

PSA dagger has a rounded grip frame and a textured talon grip. Gen 3 Glock 19 has a textured Grip-On rubber grip that is adhesive. Also, dagger models have a stainless steel guide rod different from the g-19's plastic one.

two handguns next to each other on the wooden table

The guns' internals feature some differences in the slide rails. Gen 3 has semi-proprietary slide rails, while the PSA dagger has polymer 80 slide rails. The slides are almost similar but differ in the spring guide rod.

Is It Worth It? Review After 300 Rounds of Shooting 

This gun has dual accelerator cuts on both sides. They are non-textured, which is okay, but textured ones would be even better. These helped at the range while shooting to mitigate recoil. During the live fire, it worked nicely because of the excellent grip and the accelerator cuts, and I mitigated recoil better than in OEM Glocks.

After shooting three hundred rounds, I had no hitch. Using a 40-round ETS mag, the feed stopped in the first round, and I experienced some limp listing. But after using different magazines and mixed ammo, the rest of the shooting went fine. So the gun is worth it because out of five, we gave it a 3.7.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is the Dagger Pistol?

The dagger pistol costs between 295-350 bucks. That depends on the additional features you want the initial purchase to feature. Click the first link above to see the ideal MSRP for the Dagger pistol.

Is the PSA Dagger as Good as a Glock?

Yes, and no. Yes, because it has a good feel and ideal recoil mitigation. No, because the trigger is not as good as the Glocks. The Glock feels like a SIG texture on this gun, while the outlook felt the same as a Gen 3 Glock. The only difference was the RMR cut slide bite.

Does the PSA Dagger Use Glock Parts?

The PSA dagger can use most of the Gen 3 Glock parts. But some pants aren't compatible. For instance, the dagger's firing pin is thicker.

Why is Palmetto State Armory so Cheap?

Palmetto State Armory manufacturing uses bulk pricing. That helps them to reduce production costs. Therefore, the reduced production cost reflects in the retail prices. 

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