Remington R1 Double Stack Review | A Pistol You Can Really Trust!

Remington is a trusted gun brand that the armed forces have used for a long while. In the past decade, they've introduced new R1 handguns, with features of the original model, only better. Our review today has the Enhanced Double Stack Remington 1911 45 ACP in mind.

You'll see more about this gun in this Remington R1 double-stack review. Its features, initial impressions, specs, pros, problems, and more. What did our trial and experience show? Here's all about it.

Double-Stack Pistol

Remington R1 Double Stack Review: About The Gun

The Remington 1911 has remained relevant even over 100 years later, surviving numerous technological advancements and still showcasing its prowess today. We recently had the opportunity to handle an earlier version, which was satisfactory but not exceptional like the current model.

Remington Arms manufactured these pistols between 1911 and 1919, following the World War. The name "1911" derives from the initial year of its production. I acquired this gun several years ago, both double stacks and single stacks. Unfortunately, they sometimes fail to receive the appreciation they truly deserve from users.

However, this weapon is top-notch in terms of accuracy, precision, and affordability. It has been a great gun for me. Remington did an excellent job with this beauty, providing 15 rounds of .45 ACP that equals pure happiness. The grip is soft and comfortable, making it an awesome gun that I highly recommend.

Personally, I love the fact that it is made from stainless steel, ensuring durability. This pistol boasts impeccable craftsmanship with good-quality tolerances and no rattling. The standout feature for me is the grip, which offers a smooth texture when firing. The trigger, while smooth upon clicking, is somewhat average when compared to its competitors.

Is the Remington 1911 R1 Still Being Made?

Yes, the Remington 1911 R1 is still in production. Remington initially discontinued the production after 1919. However, in 2010 the company resumed manufacturing the Remington r1 2010 with their XP-80 series. They gave the guns a new name, Remington 1911 R1.

They had tremendous success because of the gun's popularity among hand gunners. Soon they offered variations of the 1911 R1, with each variation more advanced than the initial model.

Double Stack Remington 1911 R1 Features

a person holding a handgun

The Remington 1911 R1 version has an adjustable rear sight, and the front sight is red fiber optic. Anyone who finds the modern three-dot system in guns not suitable will love them because they help you look over the suppressor.

Features rear and front slide serrations and a match-grade stainless barrel. Aesthetically, the 1911 gun is appealing even in its functionality, with the extra grip from the serrations and because of the match-grade steel barrel bushing.

It has a Beavertail grip safety. Regarding grip safety, the grip comes with a checkered memory bump and a beveled trigger guard.

For customization fanatics like myself, the R1 comes with an ambidextrous safety cut and thumb groove to help mitigate recoil. Further customization is possible. It comes with two 15+1-round magazines. I liked the two bumper pads that it comes with, which augment the magazine surface, making it easier for speedy handling and precise shooting.

Loading the magazines was a breeze. The R1 features PVD finishes with G10 VZ grips for durability and provides an excellent non-abrasive shooting experience.

Additionally, it boasts a lowered ejection port for easy ejection and emptying. My R1.40 is one of my most cherished pistols, with its sleek two-tone design of a DLC lower and brushed silver slide. The aesthetic appeal is remarkable. I also performed some trigger work on it, elevating the trigger to a world-class level.

The barrel performs exceptionally well, delivering accuracy and consistency. Shooting this gun is an absolute pleasure, and its reliability is unmatched. The Remington R-1 is a double-stack 1911 with a Para Frame and removable grips.

It exhibits good accuracy within a range of 15-20 yards. The frame is constructed from pure steel, ensuring the absence of any plastic materials. Although the ergonomics may differ from other guns, they are still commendable.

closeup of the Remington =pistol in a person's hand

Remington 1911 R1 Specifications

Caliber & Mag capacity

45 ACP and 15+1 rounds

Barrel Length in inches


Total length in inches


Overall Height in inches


Width In inches



41 oz

Trigger pull

3.5-5 lbs

Pros and Cons of Remington 1911 R1

The pros and cons of the Remington R1 include:


  • Accuracy testing proved the gun to have a 4.8 star out of five from us
  • Reliable as it could chew JHP hydras, black hills 200gr SWC 1.18, Remington golden sabers, and other quality ammo like a beast.
  • Suppressor ready as Remington sets them up for suppressor usage.
  • A full-length guide rod for precision.


  • It doesn't have an easy-to-access rail for the IR laser or gun lights.
  • It's bulky and heavy for anyone without an L or EL glove.

Is the Remington 1911 R1 a Good Gun?

The Remington R1 is a good gun. It's tight and accurate. While shooting, it felt heavy, but that can come in handy for gunners who like that solid feeling when they grip a gun. The weight also minimizes the recoil. However, its girth makes it hard to carry concealed, especially when I added a suppressor. It became heavier and harder to carry concealed.

Analysis After 1k Rounds

In 1k rounds, the shots run smoothly. Using different ammo, I realized the R1 was choosy, but it jumped with other brands of ammo. After a few hundred rounds, the slide and trigger loosened a bit but didn't malfunction with hardball ammo.

I liked the lower velocity of the 45 ACP, which suppressed nicely. It removes the fast crack that is related to faster calibers. It also significantly reduces noise and muzzle flip. However, finding an R1 holster with an attached suppressor took some work.

Is Double Stack 1911 Reliable? Problems We Experienced With the Handgun

a person shooting with Remington

The gun is reliable while shooting, maintaining shots within a two-inch range within 20 yards. However, it exhibits selectivity towards ammunition brands, favoring handball ammo despite being capable of achieving more exceptional ammo groups. 

Another notable aspect is its compatibility solely with OEM magazines, lacking support for aftermarket upgrades or modifications. This gun possesses excellent sights, enabling accurate shooting over short distances, and its heavy shots make it reliable for hunting purposes.

Additionally, its features include a threaded match-grade barrel, a competition trigger, and a true-glow sight installed on the front. It is advisable to replace the cast barrel stop pin with a forged alternative, as the former is prone to easy breakage.

For individuals with smaller to average-sized hands, this gun may prove to be cumbersome and excessively thick. Furthermore, despite trying various types of ammunition, it consistently produces varying outcomes with each shot fired. 

Remington 1911 R1 Upgrades and Accessories

There are several accessories and upgrades to enhance the R1. The ones we liked are the following.

Consider a suppressed R1 pistol holster. There are a few options out there. I went for a custom-made holster because the vast options available don't require a fixed light on board—just the plain R1.

The second is the earplugs. These will help during your shooting time. Consider the comfortable and easy-to-put-on ones because this gun is loud without a suppressor.

pistol holster and earplugs

Last is the night sights. I went for ones requiring no switches or batteries and are always ready when I need them.

Remington 1911 R1 Limited vs. Traditional Designs

Remington r1 differs from traditional designs in terms of comfort and hand fit. The R1 has a unique tapered magazine with a bottom pad, while other conventional techniques have more angular grip frames. Both are good for shooting. But the base pad of the R1 needs more room to carry.

The R1 features front and back strap checkering, while the traditional designs only have the front ones. The grip of the R1 fits well because the thin G10 grips complement the fat frame.

Does Remington Make a Double-Stack 1911?

Remington makes Double-stack Enhanced 1911 45-ACP 15-Plus-one Double-Stack Pistol. It has two magazines, an owner's manual, and a cable lock.

The firearm is a dominant force for the owner's protection. The gun has a sure handle secured by its 20 LPI checkered Beavertail grip safety and a flat mainspring housing. It also has a fiber-optic front sight and a 2-dots rear sight. It also features a trigger with extended performance for over-travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Glock Better Than 1911?

The Glock is more straightforward to handle than the R1 1911. Glock is ideal when transitioning from double-action revolvers. Its corrosion resistance is more than in the 1911s. But they are both excellent guns.

What’s More Accurate, 1911 or Glock?

R1 1911 is more accurate than the Glock. Its stock trigger has a consistent creep that works better during precision shoots than in Glock. But both triggers are okay for close-quarter shoots, exactly what anyone needs for self or home defense.

Do 1911 Jam a Lot?

With the designer-recommended ammo, it rarely jams. The designer recommended ammo for 1911 is hardball ammo. However, with other modern truncated cone ammunition, it might throw in some jams.

Is the Remington R1 a Series 70 or 80?

The Remington r1 is a Series 80. But the modern-era Ruger is in the series 70, which differs from 1911's 80 in the firing pin and hammer shelves. Also, the firing block safety varies, too.

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