Ruger SR1911 Review | A Reliable 10mm Pistol

If you're at all familiar with 1911s, you know that each gun ranges from affordable to downright expensive. While the new Ruger SR1911 rests somewhere on the higher side of the affordable end, it is still an incredible bargain for such a reliable shooting experience. As I'll share in this review, Ruger SR1911 gun is a commendable entry that will no doubt provide for your needs. However, make sure to check out other options in our top-rated 1911 pistols reviews, too.

From its stunning design to its beautiful finish, this gun is the pistol of a gentleman. And yet it doesn't miss a beat as a versatile battle-proven firearm that has stood the test of time across several generations. If you're ready to own an updated version of an American classic, be sure to read my thoughts on the time I spent with the Ruger SR1911.


That's right, the 1911 at one time was the de facto gun of choice among the United States armed forces. It wasn't until fairly recently (the 1980s) that it was replaced by the newer, more agile Beretta M9. But the 1911 handguns had one heck of a run, with nearly a century's worth of wars and battles to prove their might.

It was only a matter of time until the 1911 saw an updated model for the modern era. Enter: the new and improved Ruger SR1911. After spending some time with this gun, there is no doubt that it belongs among the best 10mm pistols.

Some of its hallmarks include:

Ruger SR1911 Specifications

Additional seven-round stainless steel magazine

Two-tone stainless steel construction

Customizable mainspring housing

Extended magazine release

Customizable grip panels

Three-dot Novak sights

8 + 1 round magazines

Left side thumb safety

Beavertail grip safety

Checkered backstrap

Titanium firing pin

230-grain 45 ACP

Slide-to-frame fit

Low-glare frame

5-inch barrel

Front strap

In short, there's a lot to like in this gun. I'll get to it in a bit, but I really like shooting with the Ruger SR1911. You get a lot of bang for your buck, and the reliability is off the charts.

Those of you who want a piece of American history won't find much better than what Ruger provides in the SR1911. It's a solid investment that is worth every American penny. As a concealed carry gun, I wholeheartedly recommend this 1911 pistol.

It has a balanced weight to it that stands out from other similar guns like Rock Island Armory 1911 or Springfield Mil Spec, which I've fired recently. I would go so far as to say that for personal defense, you'd be hard-pressed to find as reliable of a pistol at a better price.

Features That Make It Great

Built on the Series 70 gun model platform, you're getting a user-friendly pistol that delivers amazing customization. Many will argue that the best part about this gun is its ability to be morphed into whatever fits your needs the best.

Want to swap out the side panels with aftermarket ones? No problem. Don't care for the trigger? Change it out for a new one that you do like. The same is true for just about every aspect of the Ruger SR1911 gun. From the plunger tube to the barrel, Ruger doesn't stop you from making this gun your own.

The stainless steel feed ramp serves to prevent visible wear and tear, resulting in a long-lasting pistol that continues to shine in all its glory, even after considerable use.

The Novak sight setup is standard fare on all Ruger SR1911 models. I found the one front sight and two rear sight assembly to go a long way in helping me maintain consistent firing with my test gun. Granted, I have seen better sights on different guns. But what's here works well for this model.

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The frame comes equipped with an integral plunger tube, oversized magazine release, beavertail grip safety, and extended thumb safety. You will also find a skeletonized hammer and trigger that combine to deliver incredibly fast and precise shooting. We reviewed Colt Delta Elite 10mm as another highly precise pistol.

And with the titanium firing pin, you can look forward to your Ruger providing you with a faster lock time. The firing pin and the other additions are what help make the Ruger SR1911 such a fine pistol.

If you prefer, you can buy an extended magazine well for the Ruger SR1911 that lets you get faster mag swaps. As is standard, your stainless steel magazine comes with an 8 + 1 capacity, which I find to be perfectly adequate for self-defense if you're going to carry it on your person. You also get an additional seven-round stainless steel magazine included with the Ruger SR1911.

I would have liked it if the safety were able to be swapped from the left side for the sake of further customization options. This was surely done in an attempt to keep costs down, and I can respect that. But when you consider everything else that is customizable, the safety tends to stick out like a sore thumb.

Performance Matters

At the range, I had a literal and figurative blast firing this gun with the 230-grain 45 ACP rounds. My 45 ACP shot groups remained consistently close together, with a five-shot group of 45 ACP rounds providing some of my personal best.

When you shoot the Ruger SR1911 pistol, it's evident that you're handling a full-size handgun. It's heavy, but it's very well balanced. Unlike the government model pistol from yesteryear, the Ruger SR1911 feels incredibly polished from front sight to rear sight.

The five-inch barrel provides the perfect blend of weight and balance, ensuring that you can carry the Ruger SR1911 with confidence. I appreciate the extended thumb safety, as well as the slide stop lever. This allowed for easier manipulation on the range.

The trigger is another big plus in my book. I know some people aren't too keen on the design and feel of it. But I found the 4-pound trigger pull to be just right in providing for a solid shooting experience. Beginners may struggle with this, not to mention the heaviness of the Ruger. As such, it may be best to start with something a bit less imposing.

If you have had a good deal of experience with handguns, you shouldn't have any trouble acclimating to the performance of the Ruger SR1911.

The recoil spring is another nice feature that serves to lessen the recoil operation. And thanks to the oversized ejection port, I found it to be easier to reload. This helped to improve my reload times as I got more comfortable with the Ruger SR1911 and all of its intricacies.

In terms of performance, I shot at 25 yards with the aid of a sandbag rest, getting around two inches from the target. A couple of times I was able to shoot around one-inch accuracy at 25 yards, but these were few and far between.

There is nothing negative I can say about the Ruger SR1911 when it comes to its trigger and shooting. The sights are most excellent and the mainspring housing provides for an exceptional grip.

For me, it's the perfect marriage of performance and style in a pistol. However, I can see some people having accuracy issues with the trigger style. I would recommend taking advantage of the customization and investing in a trigger that to your liking if you find the style of the stock trigger to be uncomfortable.

From the people I have spoken with, there were some who were able to shoot with greater accuracy after they made some slight changes to the Ruger SR1911.

If you plan on taking this gun hunting, it has some nice features that complement the outdoors. The grip frame sports a low-glare finish and the durability of the construction is off the charts. Much more than style, the new Ruger SR1911 is built to stand the test of time, providing you with a solid investment that will definitely get you your money's worth. I tested and evaluated another robust handgun for hunting in my Springfield XDM 10mm review.

For one thing, the Ruger SR1911 is absolutely stunning to behold. It's easily one of the best-looking guns I've used. And two, its accuracy is impressive and consistent. While its style is certainly subjective in terms of what's attractive, there's no denying the craftsmanship that went into creating this pistol.

Those who are looking for a reliable personal carry will be plenty pleased with this 1911's accuracy. And the SR1911's magazine capacities will be more than sufficient if you would ever need to protect yourself. Home defense, I would wager, would be made easy by the three-dot sights and balanced frame.

As you can tell from this review, I believe that the Ruger SR1911 will surely make you a fine pistol for all kinds of applications.

Disassembly and Reassembly

To disassemble the Ruger SR1911, the first thing you want to do is eject the magazine and lock the slide. Make doubly sure that the barrel is clear before proceeding. Once you have confirmed that there are no rounds in the Ruger, move the slide to the forward position, and push the thumb safety.

Next, use the bushing wrench to remove the bushing. You can also press in the recoil spring plug as you rotate bushing. Just be sure to watch that the spring doesn't eject, as it is under quite a bit of pressure. Take the plug out of the spring to allow for the safety to become disengaged.

Press the slide release lever and pull the slide back. Set the slide stop to the side. If you hold the gun upside-down, it will prevent the internal components from giving you issues with removing the frame from the slide.

Remove the coil spring next, and make sure that you turn the bushing into the counterclockwise position and as far to the right as it will go. When you push out the barrel, the bushing will come out with it.

Reassembly can be a bit tedious, at least it was for me. There isn't any great secret that I discovered that allowed for easier reassembly. Just exercise patience and follow the above steps in reverse to ensure that your Ruger is reassembled in the correct fashion.


Is this as good as it gets? Well, the trigger isn't perfect, but it's really darn good. And the fact that Ruger lets you swap out the barrel, slide, trigger, side panels, and more make this pistol one that deserves praise. I wanted to convey my appreciation for the Ruger SR1911 in this review without sounding overzealous.

With that being said, it would be a disservice to Ruger and to you if I held back my true thoughts on the SR1911. With only two real potential issues that I can see, Ruger has delivered a grand-slam of a winner.

You're getting a steel-frame model handgun that doesn't come with a ridiculous price tag. I was leery of the low price at first. But after spending ample time with the Ruger SR1911 on the range - see also Kimber 1911 - I can safely say that it is one of my personal favorites. What made it for me was the reliability, classy style, and good balance. I'm confident that this model will go down as one of the best updates to ever grace the market.

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  1. A good review. Thanks. Two things though: based on two SR1911s I have in 45acp, I wonder if you actually got 2″ groups from the 10mm. And the trigger you didn’t love will break in and be more pleasing. Oh, the sights. You might have mentioned the 3 white dots are near perfect when hunting, and for me, that is why I would buy one. Not the best for carry, I agree. If you really love my comments, please send a check in the amount I need to buy one.


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