Taurus 1911 9mm Review | Our Take on This Top-notch Handgun

Are you looking for the best 1911 pistol model on the market today? Most probably, YES.

The best answer? Taurus is a timeless brand that has been producing top-notch gun models.

Get the Taurus 1911 9mm model as it has stood the best of time, and it's a worthwhile purchase. It's an ideal firearm that will keep you feeling in control and safe.

You will have a great firearm you can use for home defense or as a carry concealed weapon

Our 9mm handgun review will provide you with robust information to help you decide whether Taurus 1911 is worth it.

So, let's dive in.

Essential Things to Know about 1911 9mm Taurus Guns

The Taurus 1911 is an impeccable US military single-action recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol. It was designed and manufactured by Forjas Taurus and distributed by Taurus USA.

Taurus handgun

The Taurus brand has been in operation for many years and stands among the best manufacturers - see Kimber - and distributors. The outstanding quality of its guns is due to constant technological innovations and a devoted team of gunsmiths.

The Taurus 1911 has been in operation since 2005, and advanced models like Taurus G2C are hitting the market. This 9mm handgun is an iconic and unrivaled performance pistol that has been tested and proven to meet its users' needs.

The pistol is packed with features and meticulously hand-fit and assembled by experts in a cutting-edge factory. If you're a gun enthusiast, this 1911 gun serves as a dependable defensive weapon, making it an excellent choice for shooters who like the robust 1911 model.

Despite its wealth of features, this model also excels as a concealed carry gun, offering both reliability and versatility. It provides a comfortable carrying experience and delivers exceptional shooting performance with its 9mm pistol.

Moreover, you won't have to break the bank to own one of the finest, well-crafted firearms available in today's market.

During my test of the Taurus 1911 in my backyard, it performed admirably, with the only minor drawback being slight finickiness with Kimber Mags. However, the gun's safety features were top-notch, providing easy accessibility in emergency situations.

Speaking from personal experience, I purchased a brand-new Taurus 1911 and can honestly say I never encountered any issues with it. The trigger pull weight was ideal at 4.5 lbs, and it consistently shot straight without any jams.

I previously owned a Taurus 1911 in .45 caliber, which had an excellent trigger. However, I decided to sell it due to its finish coating, which would easily rust upon contact without gloves, regardless of how much oil I applied for preservation.

After firing over 60,000 rounds, I can proudly say that the only original Taurus parts remaining on my gun are the frame and grip safety. This experience has taught me valuable skills as a 1911 gunsmith, and the gun now shoots exceptionally well.

Why Choose Taurus 1911 

If you are a newbie in the gun world and looking forward to investing in the best model, worry not. The Taurus 1911 9mm is a good firearm.

Here are a few reasons why choose Taurus 1911 9mm:


You shouldn't have any reservations about investing in Taurus guns. There are reliable and top-notch firearms and game-changers in the industry.

Since their release, the 1911 models have been adopted by the US military and law enforcement officers. They are an excellent choice for newbies getting their first new gun.

If you believe in the use of firearms for home defense, the Taurus 1911 is an excellent choice. When your family is put in danger, you will have an easy-to-shoot pistol at hand.

It comes with solid foundations for learning how to shoot. You will have a concealed carry or a recreational firearm to add to your extensive collection, thanks to its size.


The 1911 9mm model is renowned for its utter reliability. With extensive training and practice, you can trust that you won't miss the target.

The accuracy of this remarkable gun is unmatched, especially with its crisp trigger pull and match barrel. It boasts fewer mechanical parts than Glocks, making it more reliable for sharpshooting.

Its solid framework contributes to its unmatched accuracy and reliability, making the Taurus 1911 9mm an ideal tack driver. Whether you're an experienced gun enthusiast or a novice shooter, this firearm guarantees consistent accuracy. You'll confidently blast targets from 25 yards, knowing you have the right tool in your hands.

While accuracy testing is typically done at 5 yards, it's good enough for a 9mm pistol. This top-notch gun exudes absolute power. However, it's worth noting that some users find the grip to be somewhat rough.

Additionally, the 1911 platform may not be the best fit for the budget gun market, as its allure lies in the incredibly smooth and reliable experience it offers.

One user shares their positive experience with a Taurus 1911 .45acp, praising its performance except for the factory-provided Mec Gar magazine, which they replaced with Wilson Combat magazines to avoid any issues with chambering hollow points.

Beavertail Grip Safety 

You can choose the best firearm in the market without considering how safe it is to use. Your needs for buying a Taurus 1911 may vary, but you won't hesitate to pick this model because of its matchless safety.

Most of the Taurus 1911s have beavertail grip safety and manual safety. The Taurus 1911 9mm model rests comfortably in the hands and is easy to handle.

Unless you pull it or press hard, these models have a grip safety that helps prevent the trigger from moving. The grip safety should also deactivate smoothly if you hold the gun properly in a tight and correct grip.

Taurus PT 1911 guns come with a manual safety. This is widely referred to as ambidextrous safety, whereby the safety is on both sides of the slide.

A hammer sear and firing pin block will activate when you engage the manual safety on a 1911 gun. It will prevent the hammer from coming into contact with the firing pin.

This is why most of the great 1911 model handguns used by law enforcement officers are carried "cocked and locked." Intrinsically, the Taurus PT manual safety and grip safety are secure and effective.

Top Pick Taurus PT 1911 Review

Taurus pistols have a colorful history and have prevailed above competitor guns over the years. If you are entering the world of firearms, you may find it daunting to pick a unique Taurus PT1911.

The good news? The Taurus 1911FS PT1911 8+1 .45 ACP 5" is a unique model you shouldn't worry about purchasing.

Here are key features that will attract you to this Taurus PT1911 model.

  • This Taurus PT1911 is an unbeatable pistol that is budget-friendly and has great value.
  • I like the forged steel frame of this gun as it makes it more powerful and will last many years without fatigue or wearing out.
  • It guarantees ambidextrous safety, meaning you can operate the pistol from both hands. It's an exceptional feature if you plan to carry concealed all day.
  • This pistol features a skeletonized trigger that reduces the weight of the trigger. The Taurus PT 1911 has a satisfying trigger pull, and the trigger guard will ensure nothing touches it, even your sharpshooting finger.
  • I also like this Taurus gun because it is a standard full-size 1911 model. It comes with a barrel length of 5" and 8+1 capacity making it a great model for self-defense and concealed carry.
  • The Taurus 1911FS with 45 ACP has front and rear cocking serrations. Making it a great choice for those with limited hand strength. You can always balance the pull weight when shooting in wet weather.
  • This Taurus 1911 9mm firearm offers top-notch security and safety. The hammer and thumb safety and Taurus security system are secure, and lock the gun to avert unexpected harm.
  • I like this single-shot action gun by Taurus because the trigger pull is soft and light. It's an accurate firearm that easily squeezes the trigger without exerting much force.
  • It comes with 2-dot self or home defense sights that guarantee absolute accuracy, proven reliability, and day-and-night illumination.
  • This gun also features polymer-framed grips resistant to wet and dry weather conditions and fatigue when shooting.
  • Thanks to the blue-black matte finish, this Taurus PT1911 pistol is aesthetically pleasing and rush-resistant.


  • Durable and will not wear and tear quickly
  • Cost-effective and worth the amount you pay
  • Ample enough 8+1 capacity
  • Matchless safety features
  • Reliable and top-notch accuracy


  • Some gun lovers may find the model a bit pricey
  • Lack of aftermarket replacement parts
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Tips to Guide You Buy Taurus 1911 9mm Gun

It shouldn't be taxing to choose an exceptional 1911 firearm. Below are tips to make your gun deals successful:

  1. Know Your Needs 

You have to ask yourself several questions before you strike a gun deal. This will leave you with a few crucial questions. Why do I need a good gun? Why choose the Taurus PT firearm?

An awesome Taurus gun is excellent for home defense or as a concealed carry gun. Consult gun experts and know why Taurus 1911 9mm and not other guns.

  1. Research Extensively 

There is vital information available these days about guns on the internet. Taurus is a reputed gun brand, and you will not miss information on 1911 models that will suit your needs. Visit the company's website, read gun reviews, and watch videos. Compare the available models and pick the best.

  1. Materials

The materials used to make different parts of a gun vary and are quite imperative. Taurus 1911 guns are forged from high-strength heated steel alloys. Frames of some firearms can be made of lightweight alloys of aluminum or other metals.

They are durable and will last many years without rusting or getting damaged. You will like the blued steel of the Taurus PT 9mm model.

  1. Prices 

It's wise to strike gun deals with reputable manufacturers or sellers, but keep in mind their prices vary. Be cautious when considering the street price of Taurus PT models.

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What Accessories Are Available for the Taurus?

Accessories available for the Taurus firearms include:

  • A manual, padded plastic storage box.
  • Barrel bushing wrench.
  • Two magazines.
  • Two safety lock keys.
  • Gun holster.
  • Red and green laser rear sight.

You are eligible to get a 1-year free National Rifle Association Membership if you purchase a Taurus firearm.

Is Taurus 1911 reliable?

Taurus 1911 is a reliable gun that will satisfy your needs. It's a dependable, accurate, and safe-to-use firearm. You will have a feature-loaded gun model that will suit your shooting needs.

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