Tisas 1911 Review | A Closer Look at This Highly Accurate and Reliable Handgun!

If you're a gun enthusiast like me, you've probably heard of the Tisas 1911. It's one of the most popular handguns, highly sought-after pistols on the market today, and for a good reason. Let's take a closer look at my Tisas 1911 review and explain why this gun is so popular.

I would highly recommend 1911 pistols to anyone looking for a great shooting experience, whether you're a seasond or beginner shooter. It's well known for craftsmanship and accurate shooting. 

Tisas 1911 Review: Here’s the History

The Tisas 1911 is a semi-automatic pistol first designed by John Browning in 1911. The U.S. military long ago adopted the firearm as the standard sidearm.

Although this pistol gave a great shot, over the years, the Tisas 1911 review has made manufacturers make tremendous improvements over the years.

Today, there are many different types of Tisas 1911 I have found on the market. The most popular brands include Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Springfield Armory. There are also many aftermarket parts and accessories available for the Tisas 1911.

The Tisas 1911 is a popular choice for self-defense, home defense, competition shooting, and collectors alike. Despite its affordability, this handgun surpasses expectations with its impressive performance and sleek appearance. Its resemblance to the Colt 45 adds to its allure.

The solid steel frame and comfortable wooden grip enhance its durability and handling. While the ammunition may be slightly pricey, the magazine's capacity of 8 rounds is satisfactory.

However, the Tisas 1911 is visually appealing and exudes quality craftsmanship. It's a superb pistol with flawless machining and finishing, comparable to higher-priced firearms. The out-of-the-box accuracy of the Novak sights at 25 yards is commendable.

Tisas pistol

Who Makes the Tisas 1911?

The Tisas 1911 is made by Tisas Trabzon Gun Industry Corporation. The company is based in Turkey and has been in business since 1987. Tisas Trabzon Gun Industry Corporation is a leading manufacturer of firearms and ammunition in Turkey. The company produces various products, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition.

Tisas Trabzon Gun Industry Corporation is committed to providing quality products and customer service. Customer service is handled by Tisas US, which is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Are Tisas 1911 Forged?

Yes, the slides and frames are forged steel while the barrels are hammer forged steel.

Are Tisas 1911 Easy to Use?

The Tisas 1911 is a remarkably user-friendly pistol. With its simple operation and easy maintenance, it offers a hassle-free experience. The single-action design makes firing a breeze, and the inclusion of a manual safety adds an extra layer of confidence, ensuring the pistol won't discharge accidentally.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, the Tisas 1911 is an exceptional choice for those seeking an effortless handgun. Its trigger breaks cleanly at five pounds, and the thumb safety functions flawlessly. While the stock grips may be the only weak point, this can easily be remedied with aftermarket options like the Magpul MOE grips.

The magazine and feed ramp improvements are also worth noting, as they handle hollow points exceptionally well. As a nostalgic favorite, the Tisas 1911 brings back memories of its service in the USMC. Its accuracy is consistently impressive, and its concealability is an added bonus.

Many satisfied owners have praised its reliability, having fired hundreds or even thousands of rounds without encountering any issues. For those who appreciate both Glocks and 1911s, the Tisas model offers excellent value for money, delivering quality and performance that are hard to beat.

Whether it's the Army green or Service black variant, the Tisas 1911-style pistols have garnered widespread admiration for their superior quality and improved sights, making them a remarkable choice in the market.

a person holding a gun

My Tisas 1911 Review - Features and Specifications of the Tisas 1911 A1-45 acp Guns.

I am lucky to have interacted with the most modern Tisas 1911 A1 gun. The gun is made with high-quality materials and built to last. I have found the following features great when shooting with the Tisas 1911 A1 gun.

  • It is a single-action, semi-automatic pistol, meaning the hammer must be cocked before each shot. This safety measure has encouraged me to use the gun, knowing there are no accidental discharges that would sometimes be fatal.
  • The gun has a manual safety lever: This is another safety measure that I appreciate because it prevents the gun from firing when it is engaged. It must be engaged for the gun to fire.
  • I have found this defensive handgun perfect for responding to attacks. Its magazine that holds 8+1 rounds of ammunition gives me an upper hand since I can fire seven shots before reloading. Additionally, it has a well-polished feed ramp and beveled magazine, which helps me insert the magazine into the gun more easily. The extended magazine release helps me release the magazine with my thumb.
  • I have enjoyed the light trigger pull on the Tisas 1911 A1, which makes it easy to fire the gun accurately. There is nothing as exciting as an accurate shoot!
  • The gun is made from steel: This makes it a bit heavier than other guns but also gives it more durability. I am sure no one wants to use a gun that easily wears out. This is one of the most powerful machines.
  • It has a drift adjustable rear sight and a fixed dovetail front sight: The drift adjustable Novak style rear sight helps me to adjust the gun for windage. The fixed front sight helps me to aim the gun more accurately.
  • The trigger pull on the Tisas 1911 A1 is between 4.5 and 5 pounds. It is a bit heavier than other guns, but it is still within the range of what is considered normal.
  • It has a 5" barrel: The barrel is the part of the gun that the bullet travels through. I love the 5" barrel because it makes the gun more accurate, making it a better colt commander.
  • The gun is one of the easily concealed carry pistols since it weighs 2.4 pounds.
  • I love black colored guns, but they also come in silver color. These colors make it more stylish and appealing to several people.
  • It has an a45 ACP, a powerful cartridge used in self-defense situations. Although I have found this cartilage has more recoil than other cartridges, the gun is still easy to control since it has a workable recoil spring.
  • The gun has a Chromoly- steel frame: The frame is the part of the gun to which the barrel and slide are attached. It has a parkerized finish, and the twenty five yards Steel frame makes the gun more durable.
  • The gun has an overall length of 8.5 inches, a width of 1.4 inches, and a height of 5.5 inches: The gun makes it easy to carry and conceal.
  • For all the guns I have handled, the textured grips have been fantastic, but for this gun, the checkered plastic grips help one to hold the gun more securely. In addition to the checkered edges, the gun also lacks sharp edges, making it even more comfortable to use.
  • Safety for gun handlers is key, and one amusing thing about this gun is that safety is guaranteed in the following ways:
  1. The gun has an ambidextrous safety that helps you to engage the safety with either hand.
  2. The extended thumb safety offers support for the hands thumb.
  • The checkered trigger guard helps you to hold the gun more securely, offering a great trigger job.
  • The stainless steel slide helps to protect the gun from corrosion.
  • The gun has a skeletonized hammer that helps reduce the gun's weight.
  • The gun has a lightweight aluminum trigger: The lightweight aluminum trigger helps reduce the gun's weight. Additionally, the barrel bushing makes the gun more durable and reduces weight.
Tisas gun parts

Barrel Bushing

Some 1191s have a barrel bushing that is on the end of the muzzle of the barrel, that aligns the barrel. It also prevents the barrel from wear and tear during the disassembling time.

The barrel bushing is not fixed but can be removed and replaced using a bushing wrench.

Grip Safety

The gun has a piece at the backside that is curved that protrudes referred to as grip safety. One has to press it in order to fire.

Beavertail Grip Safety

It has beavertail grip safety that helps to prevent the gun from firing if it is dropped.

a shooter showing the gun in his hand

Mainspring Housing

There have been tremendous improvements from flat to arched mainspring housing. The latter adds back thickness to the back of the pistol and prevents movement of the pistol in the palm of your hand during shooting

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How to Do an Accuracy Test for Handguns?

This reminds me of this moment's excitement, though it is filled with such anxiety. If you're a gun enthusiast, you've wondered how accurate your handgun is. After all, accuracy is important for any shooting activity, whether plinking at cans in the backyard or seriously competitive target shooting. Luckily, testing the accuracy of your handgun is a relatively simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete.

What You'll Need

To test the accuracy of your handgun, you'll need the following items:

  • A target
  • A chronograph
  • A shooting rest or sandbags
  • Ammo
  • Hearing and eye protection

Step 1: Set Up Your Target and Chronograph

First, set up your target at the desired distance. Then, set up your chronograph directly before the target, so the bullets pass through it before hitting it. Finally, ensure the timepiece is level with the target to get accurate readings.

Step 2: Get Into Position

Next, get into position on your shooting rest, sandbags, and rock island. Make sure you're comfortable and have a good grip on the gun. Remember to practice proper gun safety throughout the testing process. Do not let your thumb touch the slide stop when shooting.

Step 3: Fire Your Weapon

Now it's time to start firing your weapon. First, make five shots through the chronograph and then check the readings. The average of the ten readings will give your gun's muzzle velocity.

Step 4: Check Your Target

After you've fired your weapon:

  1. Check your target to see how accurate you are.
  2. Remember, the goal is to get as close to the bull's eye as possible and also hit your target.
  3. If you're unhappy with your results, try as many times as possible.

Is Tisas a Good Gun Manufacturer?

Tisas is one of the great manufacturers - see also Charles Daly 1911 - who make lightweight commander guns. More reviews have shown that these popular handguns have stood the test of time because of their good value, strength, and features.

I have to manually cycle the steel-cased ammo every time it locks about a quarter inch back.


  • Its flawless exterior look makes me fall in love with this handgun.
  • I enjoy how it gives me an accurate heck.
  • Its price and quality match.
  • I love that this pistol has zero marks on the inside and outside.


  • I have to manually cycle the steel-cased ammo every time it locks about a quarter inch back.

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  1. .Just purchased the low cost “carry” version. $475.00 which is above MSRP. Oh well. It appears to be very well made. A bit more refined than my RIA. Pleasantly surprised at the quality. After a dis-assembly and clean all looks very good. Only one concern. This pistol is tight. I mean REALLY scary tight. Off to the range in a day or two. Will see if it loosens up some.

  2. GREAT GUNS!!! I own 3 and love them .only issue i had was with 1 mag that ended up in a scrap pile .i will collect more of these babies while they are still affordable

    • Steel-cased bullets can be found in a variety of calibers. The most common are 7.62x39mm and steel-cased 9mm, but many other calibers are made with steel cases due to the cost effectiveness of steel vs. brass. Hornady is one of the most recent manufactures to introduce steel-cased ammo into their product line, which seems to be a success.


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