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Do you worry about the safety of firearms in your house? Cases of firearms accidents in homes increase annually. Unfortunately, most involve youngsters. The good news is that many of these mishaps are preventable by following pragmatic measures.

It's advisable to store your firearms in gun safes. When selecting the best bedside gun safes, you have to balance gun safety, reliability, and ease of access. So, what is the best bedside gun safe? Let's review them in this guide and the factors you should consider before purchasing.

Top 3 Bedside Gun Safes

1. [Overall Best Bedside Gun Safe]
Sentry Pistol Safe

Sentry Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe with LED Interior Lights

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2. [Best Value for a Bedside Gun Safe]
Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard 


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3. [Best Bedside Gun Safe for Durability]
Bulldog Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault

Bulldog Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault

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What Is the Best Bedside Gun Safe?

Bedside and nightstand gun safes are an exciting subcategory of gun storage, primarily because you cannot move them often, unlike standard gun safes for apartments and home defense gun safes. A bedside safe has a slim profile to fit next to your bed with thicker steel than the average safe. 

The bedside safe design allows trouble-free and quick access to a firearm whenever needed.

Bedside safes add a layer of protection, and here are some of the best options:

[Overall Best Bedside Gun Safe]

1. Sentry Pistol Safe


Sentry Pistol Safe is one of the best bedside safes on the market. It comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner allowing fast access to the safe. 

The safe has high-intensity interior LED lights that allow you to see your gun even in dark surroundings.  

Sentry Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe with LED Interior Lights

The gun safe also has a silent, zero-feedback electronic locking mechanism, allowing you to open it quickly. The advantage of this locking mechanism is that it won't alert potential intruders when you open your firearm safe. 

What we like best about this Sentry safe is it has a compression gas strut that keeps the safe door in position when you open it, allowing you to retrieve your firearm using one hand. The compression gas strut enables you to quickly access your gun in tight spaces, where you can catch intruders off guard. 

The safe's solid steel construction is strong and sturdy for maximum firearm protection. It's hard to break into this safe, and its steel is long-lasting. 

Lastly, this firearm safe offers three convenient access points for added security. You can choose to access it using a digital key, an override key, or fingerprint biometrics.

This feature is particularly useful in case the fingerprint biometric fails, ensuring that you can still access your gun safely through either of the other two options. By providing multiple access points, it significantly reduces the chances of being locked out.

As a gift for your husband, this safe is not only a perfect size but also provides the essential features needed to protect your family and secure your weapon. The setup process is straightforward, and the safe includes pre-drilled holes for easy installation on furniture or the wall.

Additionally, the dimensions of the safe are ideal, and its biometric and code-based opening mechanisms make it even more appealing. In terms of both design and material used, this pistol safe is well made, ensuring durability and long-lasting use.


  • High-intensity LED lights for use in darker environments.
  • Solid steel construction for maximum protection and durability.
  • 3-way access, ensuring you're not locked out.
  • Fingerprint biometrics is fast and more secure.
  • It has a silent and quick entry locking mechanism that lets you open the firearm safe without alerting intruders.


  • It has a single pistol capacity that limits you to one bedside firearm.

[Best Value for a Bedside Gun Safe]

2. Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard


Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard is another dependable, quick-access bedside gun safe to store your firearms. It has the best protection against unauthorized personnel with the added USB charging port and clock functionality.

The gun safe is compatible with patented RFID technology, allowing you to open your safe faster. What we like about this safe is the touch-free entry faster than biometrics and keypads. 


The gun safe has a spring-assist drawer and a discreet display panel with a clock display that lets you see what time it is. It also has an access code keypad that enables you to input your access code to open the gun safe. 

Besides protecting your firearms, you can also use this gun safe to charge your accessories. It has one USB Type A and one USB Type C port, letting you charge your phone and other devices. 

The tamper-proof construction provides maximum protection for your firearms. It has hardened interior locking lugs and heavy-duty exterior housing, guaranteeing protection against prying attacks.

We can attest that the construction quality of this gun safe exceeds the most strenuous industry standards. 

Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard has three access methods. You can access it using the mechanical key, RFID reader, or user-programmed access code. So, if one method fails, you can use another to access the gun safely, ensuring you're not locked out. 

Another feature we like about the gun safe is its dual power source, using both battery power and AC for operations. With two power sources, the gun safe always remains functional, even if one source fails. This ensures maximum protection for your firearms and valuables at all times.

Installing this gun safe is a breeze, thanks to the 1500 lb rated security cable and pre-drilled mounting holes. The added convenience of being able to mount the gun safe to a stationary object adds an extra layer of security against thieves.

Additionally, the clock feature is easy to use with no need to worry about am/pm settings, and it can be turned off if desired. Users have found that the gun safe looks exactly like the pictures and performs exactly as described.

It provides a perfect fit for their guns, eliminating any concerns about accidental access by children. The quick and quiet access, along with the amazing silence function, have impressed users, leading them to recommend this gun safe to all their friends who carry firearms.


  • It is easy to install this firearm safe.
  • The three-way access provides more options for accessing your gun safely. If one system fails, you can get quick access to the bedside gun safe using other methods.
  • Sturdy construction that exceeds industry-set standards offers maximum protection and makes the safe long-lasting.
  • Powered by AC and battery, ensuring continuous, uninterrupted power supply for reliable protection of firearms and other valuables.
  • It has USB ports that let you charge your phone and other accessories. 


  • This firearm safe is small and unsuitable if you have more than one firearm. 

[Best Bedside Gun Safe for Durability]

3. Bulldog Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault


The Bulldog Magnum, Biometric Pistol Vault, is a larger gun vault compared to the Hornady rapid safe night guard with a capacity of up to two guns. 

What we like about this safe is that it has a semiconductor fingerprint reader that lets you get quick access to the gun vault using your fingerprint biometrics from any angle, as it can scan the 360-degree finger position.
Bulldog Magnum Biometric Pistol Vault

It makes fingerprint access faster and more secure. The gun vault also has a spring-loaded door compatible with soft stop technology that lets the door drop back quietly without a sound. 

If you're in a dark room, you can open this safe without a hitch since it has interior lights that light up the gun vault. The lighting helps eliminate the risk of discharging your firearm accidentally while trying to access it in the darkness. 

The gun vault has a sturdy construction. It has a 16-gauge steel construction that guarantees maximum protection for your firearms. This construction also makes it durable, eliminating the need to replace it within a short period. 

You won't need to worry about your firearm or other valuables getting scratched when coming into contact with the interior wall of this gun vault. The soft egg crate foam interior provides a smooth surface that softens impacts. 

Additionally, the gun safe is easy to install as it comes pre-drilled, allowing for easy mounting. It also includes ready mounting hardware, eliminating the need to purchase extra hardware and saving costs.

I personally mounted it in my car and it works great, although I do wish it came equipped with a hard wire power option instead of being battery operated.

Overall, it is easy to use, quiet, and safe. I have had no issues programming fingerprints and it opens on the first try for me every time, providing security to only me and not anyone else. The biometric code works flawlessly each time, and the black color is a great match for my cabinet. It has a good design overall.


  • It uses fingerprint biometrics to open. The fingerprint reader allows for 360 degrees of hand position.
  • The gun safe can store up to two handguns.
  • The 16-gauge steel construction is strong for maximum protection and durability.
  • The interior lights ensure safe operations in dark surroundings.
  • The spring-loaded door allows you to open and close the safe quietly without alerting intruders.


  • While fingerprint biometrics give quick access, they can fail occasionally.

The ONNAIS is a great gun safe with quick access through a biometric fingerprint sensor. It's a handy feature because it helps to keep children and unauthorized users out of your safe. 

What we like about this safe is that it's made for multiple-user access and the fingerprint biometric scanner allows you to set up to 30 user fingerprints.


The gun safe has a solid steel construction, making it strong and long-lasting. Steel has anti-corrosion properties, making it highly durable, and the construction ensures maximum firearms protection. 

Another standout feature of this gun safe is its internal construction. The interior walls have soft foam paddings that provide a soft surrounding to prevent scratches when storing firearms. 

The gun safe is large enough to qualify as a vault. Why? Unlike Hornady Rapid Safe Night Guard and Sentry Pistol Safe, the ONNAIS gun safe has a large capacity in which you can comfortably store two handguns and other small valuables. 

It offers three-way access, allowing you to open it using keypad locks, override keys (with two backups), or a fingerprint biometric scanner. This ensures that even if one system fails, you can still access your gun safely through alternative methods. This feature is crucial as it ensures that you will never be locked out of your gun safe.

One of the best aspects of this gun safe is its portable design. With dimensions of 11.49 x 9.17 x 3.07 inches and an average weight of 4.41 lbs, you can easily carry the gun safe around wherever you go. Its compact size and lightweight nature also make it convenient to store the safe in various locations, such as cabinets, nooks, or drawers.

The testimonials about this safe reflect its practicality for everyday carry, allowing quick access while keeping it out of reach from children. Setting up the safe is straightforward, and the option to choose a password between 5 and 15 numbers is appreciated.

The reliability of the safe, noting its solid construction for the price. One user humorously comments on using a magnet for their gun, while another emphasizes the importance of a gun safe that meets their needs beyond home alarm activation.


  • The portable design allows you to easily carry the gun safe and store it almost anywhere, including tight spaces.
  • The three-way access ensures you do not get locked out of your gun safe. If one system fails, you still access the gun safe using other methods.
  • The large capacity allows you to store two handguns and other small valuables.
  • The soft foam paddings on the internal walls of this gun safe prevent scratches when your firearms and other valuables come in contact with the walls.
  • The solid steel construction makes it hard to break into this gun safe, thus protecting your guns from unauthorized users.


  • This gun safe is not water resistant.

The Sentry Digital Pistol Safe is another standout safe for your firearms. The gun safe comes with a quick-entry zero-feedback electronic lock, ensuring you access your firearm fast. 

It can be crucial when intruders break into your home. What we like most about this gun safe is that it has a compression gas strut that ensures the door remains quiet when you open it. The door remains open as you retrieve your firearm. 

Sentry Safe XL Quick Access Digital Pistol Safe with LED Interior Lights

The gun safe boasts a programmable, high-intensity interior LED light that proves to be a valuable asset in low-light conditions. This feature ensures that the internal components and valuables inside the safe are clearly visible, eliminating the risk of accidental discharge. 

The safe is well-constructed and sturdy, meeting the intended purpose of safeguarding the firearm. It is equipped with an efficient biometric system that accurately and promptly unlocks the safe. The interior is lined with durable foam that protects the contents from scratches or damage. 

The capacity of this gun safe is large enough to store up to two handguns. Plus, you can store extra magazines and other small valuables. It provides value for your money as you won't need a separate gun safe to keep your extra firearms or magazine. 

Lastly, the gun safe, solid steel construction offers maximum protection to your firearms and other valuables you keep in the safe.

Overall, this gun safe is a reliable and practical option for those who prioritize safety and security.


  • The large capacity allows for the storage of two handguns and an extra magazine, and other small valuables. You won't need to buy another firearm safe to store your magazine.
  • The three-way access ensures you do not get locked out of your firearm safe. If one method fails, you still access the gun safe using other methods.
  • The soft foam paddings on the internal walls of this gun safe prevent scratches when your firearms and other valuables come in contact with the walls, therefore maintaining their original quality.
  • The solid steel construction makes this gun safe, strong, and durable, thus guaranteeing maximum protection of firearms against children and burglars.
  • The zero feedback electronic lock ensures you open your gun safe and retrieve your firearms without your home intruders noticing.


  • 15.75 lbs are heavy to carry and may also limit where you store the gun safe.

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe is a remarkable safe with a slim vertical design best suited for desk mount. Besides mounting it on your desk, you can also discreetly mount it under your bookshelf or in a vehicle. It has a sturdy steel construction for maximum protection and also makes it long-lasting. 

What we like about this firearm safe is that it has a programmable electronic keypad that lets you open it fast. 

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe

You scan your biometric fingerprint, and your gun gets deployed within a few seconds. It can come in handy in case of a break-in.

Another standout feature of the firearm safe is its portable design. It measures 14.76 x 7.48 x 14.76 inches and weighs only 7.7 lbs, allowing you to mount it almost anywhere, including tight spaces. The portable design also allows you to put it in your car. 

Four AAA alkaline batteries power the firearm safe, ensuring 24/7 firearm protection. It features a silence mode setting that mutes the locking and unlocking sound of the gun safe, allowing for discreet gun retrieval.

Additionally, it incorporates a lock-down system that automatically locks the safe after five consecutive incorrect code entries. The fingerprint scanner is impressively fast and has performed flawlessly after scanning multiple fingers, including my left thumb, which I primarily use.

The safe itself is sturdy, and the buttons and fingerprint scanner feel of high quality. The foam interior provides a secure hold for my Walther PPQ 9mm 4-inch pistol, although I plan to test it with other models such as the Glock 17, 19, and Walther PPQ Q5 Match.

It offers good value, clear instructions, and the biometric sensor worked flawlessly right out of the box. With this safe, you can securely store your personal protection and an extra clip. The keypad functions well and is easy to configure.


  • It can be mounted anywhere.
  • Rapid fingerprint login.
  • Keypad and a backup key are just two of many entry methods.
  • You can carry your handgun because it is lightweight and portable.
  • Foam-lined inside for pistol protection.


  • Pre-cut foam lining the interior may not be suitable for all handgun models.

Keeping your firearms protected from damage or theft is easy with the Langger V electronic safe. The gun safe's 16-gauge carbon steel construction and long-lasting coating will safeguard your firearm against corrosion for years. 

What we like about this firearm safe is it has a precision rail system that allows you to open the safe in a flash and have a gun you've stashed away in the ready position in an instant. 

iometric Slider Handgun Gun Safe for Nightstand

It also stores one extra magazine and a handgun up to 9.2 inches. 

Another standout feature of this safe is its vertical design, which makes it ideal for storage under a desk, nightstand, vehicle, or bookshelf. The gun safe has a mounting plate that, depending on preference, enables many installation configurations. It allows an authorized person to quickly remove the safe from the mounting plate when moving it.

The whole interior lining of the gun safe is high-density foam, making it perfect for storing and protecting firearms.

You can securely store and retrieve your firearm using the handgun safe in two convenient ways. The safe features a biometric system that requires just one touch to unlock, as well as a 4-digit keypad that allows you to set a personalized combination.

Additionally, there are two backup keys provided for quick access to the safe when needed. What sets this safe apart is the lightning-fast entry speed of the keypad, with a match time of under 0.2 seconds.

However, it's crucial to note that keeping the emergency keys outside the safe is essential in case the batteries fail. This particular safe offers great value, especially when compared to the significantly higher-priced Vaultek. The combination of biometric and keypad access provides flexibility, and the keypad serves as a backup option for wet hands.

Not only was my boyfriend impressed with this gun case, but I would also highly recommend it. It effectively keeps children and potential intruders at bay, providing sufficient security for home use. As my first gun safe, I found it to be sturdy, with five bolts and reliable biometric security for quick access. While the biometric reader is decent, overall, this safe meets my needs perfectly.

On top of that, if you input the wrong PIN three times in a row, the safe will beep and lock you out for 5-10 minutes. It is a vital feature when an intruder is attempting to get access.

Some guns it's compatible with include:

  • Glock 19, 17, 22, 34, 43, 45,
  • Beretta M9,
  • Ruger P-85, 57

And lots more.


  • It has an impact-resistant latch that keeps the safe firmly locked when struck.
  • It comes with holes already punched out, so you can mount it on the ground or a wall.
  • Features a silent mode for minimal disruption while in use.
  • Key override with high-security laser cut.


  • It has an internal battery compartment.

Should You Buy a Biometric or Locking Safe?

A firearm safe is essential for any responsible gun owner to prevent your firearm from falling into the wrong hands. There is a wide variety of safe options, making it difficult to narrow down the ideal one for your needs. What differentiates one case from another? Some of the critical distinctions between biometric pistol safes and conventional locking gun safes are:

1. Access

The first and most obvious distinction is in the safe's entry method. Biometric and locking pistol safes offer secure storage for your firearm behind locked doors.

  • Combination or Keys

You will require a key or combination to open a locking pistol safe. It works in much the same way as any other safe.

  • Fingerprint

Locking a biometric safe requires users to scan their fingerprints or other identifying biometric data. To access the safe, you must scan your fingerprint and compare it to the stored data to determine if you have access. 

Most biometric safes have the same basic design and locking mechanisms as conventional safes, except biometric data is necessary to unlock the safe rather than a key or combination. Unlike a key or combination that can get lost or stolen, we prefer biometric safes since they ensure that only authorized individuals can enter the safe.

Gun on a bedside table

2. Guaranteed Security

The biometric safe provides extra security and safety in an emergency, a significant differentiation from the traditional locking safe. Although neither is as risky as not securing your weapons at all, there are distinctions in security between the two.

  • Speed of access

With a biometric safe, such as a fingerprint scanner, you can quickly gain access to your firearms for self-defense. What we like about a biometric pistol safe is that the lock opens with a single touch, provided that the user's fingerprint or palm print matches the one on file.

A locking safe is slower because it's challenging to locate the correct key or recall the correct numerical combination when you're already under pressure. 

  • How many people have access

A safe's security depends partly on the people who have access to it. If the firearm is in a locking safe, anyone, including a child with access to the key or who figures out the combination, can access it.

Only people whose fingerprints are on file can access the safe if you have a biometric safe. Most modern biometric safes also have a standard key if the fingerprint reader fails.

Gun on a bed below a pillow

3. Cost of Ownership

A further distinction between a locking firearm safe and a biometric pistol safe is the price.

The biometric safe is often more expensive since it offers a better level of security without compromising accessibility and convenience. Of course, the quality, dimensions, and brand names available for any product may vary. It means that there is a spectrum of costs associated with both options.

Prices for locking pistol cases vary widely, from under $50 to well over $1,000 for a gun safe, depending on factors such as the quality of the materials used, the number of firearms it can store, and whether it's portable.

Similarly, the cost of a biometric safe might vary widely depending on the number of firearms it stores. However, the less expensive gun safes typically cost between $150 and $200, which is a fair price for gun safes, given the higher level of security and quicker access they provide.

A gun and an American glag

What to Consider When Deciding the Best Bedside Gun Safe

Picking a perfect firearm safe for the bedroom doesn't have to be hard. If you take into consideration these factors, you can pick the gun storage that is reliable, practical, and meets your needs.


Size is an important factor and will affect the gun storage ideal for you in the following ways.

  • If you have a limited bedside table, go for gun storage that can easily fit on pre-drilled holes or in your bedside cabinet

  • If your handgun is a 10mm pistol, you'll need a big safe that can securely house it. Smaller guns like pocket pistols will not take up much space in your storage

  • If you own more than one handgun, double-gun safes are ideal for you as opposed to single-gun storage

  • A good gun storage should also have space to store extra ammunition

Fireproof Rating

No safe on this list has a high fire resistance rating. However, if that's your primary concern, you can get it. The most reliable fireproof gun safes carry the UL seal of approval.

Safe on a shelf in a closet


Some safes feature an accompanying mobile application that alerts you when the safe's battery is low, or someone has attempted to unlock it.

Some safes can unlock themselves when they sense your proximity to them using Bluetooth technology. Tech-savvy individuals will find these to be valuable additions.

Security Features

There is no such thing as a completely secure personal safe. Someone with a sledgehammer, crowbar, or locksmithing expertise can break into it with a few minutes of work if it lacks anti-pry bars or a pry-resistant door. 

So, at best, a personal safe is a deterrent for thieves and children.

You may, however, upgrade your safe with some impressive safety features. To begin, invest in a high-quality steel safe. There are many options for safes, including 10, 12, and 18 gauge steel.

Look for a pry-resistant door or anti-pry bars around the safe's lip to protect against crowbar attacks. Internal hinges are preferable because they prevent the safe's weakest point, the back, from getting compromised.

  • Keypad vs. Biometric Authentication

Biometric scanners and keypads are the two most frequent safe entry methods.

You can only get quick access to a biometric safe through a fingerprint scanner. We recommend looking at how many fingerprints the safe can store, with the usual range between 5 and 50. Instead of using a biometric safe that requires a 'swipe' scan, consider a touch-and-hold scanner.

Entering with a keypad reduces random errors but needs you to know a code. You'll need to memorize a 4- or 5-digit code to enter most Keypads systems. Look for separated controls so you can feel them in the dark.

Backlit buttons are a nice touch on some keypad entry systems. Some even come equipped with a motion sensor to turn on the backlight when you get close automatically.

Keypad on a gun safe
  • Battery vs. Manual Entry

Mechanical lock systems, such as a combination lock or the Simplex automated locking system, are another option for accessing your safe. The Simplex lock is a basic locking method that doesn't require batteries.

Unfortunately, batteries often give out at the worst possible times. If you're looking for a battery-operated safe, we recommend you get one with lithium batteries that you can charge via a USB port. These batteries last longer and are easy to recharge, just like a cell phone.

Mounting Capacity

You can wall mount most safes in this review, but only if they have the mounting hardware. By using a mount, you reduce the risk of it getting stolen. You can install the safes in pre-drilled holes in the outer edge of the table, or the nightstand drawer, with slider safes. In this position, it's easy to slide the safe between the nightstand and the mattress.

Quick Access

The essence of having a gun is to keep you safe when in danger, mostly in home attacks. It won't make sense to have a gun safe that takes time to access; you may have no chance to defend yourself in time. Therefore, before settling on a gun safe, ensure it is a quick access type.

Taking out a gun from a safe

Many gun safe manufacturers have incorporated quick-access locking mechanisms in their gun safes. These mechanisms include but are not limited to keypad locks, fingerprint locks, RFID, and backup keys. These easy access mechanisms ensure you retrieve your firearm quickly, especially during emergency home attacks.

Note that many burglars prefer attacking at night, catching you off guard. In the darkness, a quick-access gun safe that takes a short time to open will let you retrieve your handgun before burglars harm you or your loved ones.

Interior Lining

You may buy a gun safe to store your firearms and other valuables, including delicate jewelry. You should note that the items you store in the safe may rub through the safe's internal walls, resulting in dents and scratches. You all know that such a process may degrade the value or quality of your valuables.

Consider a gun safe with a soft internal wall to avoid such problems. Most gun safes have soft foam linings in the internal walls to avoid scratches or dents on your valuables, especially when someone attempts to gain forceful entry.


Most gun safe buyers may overlook this requirement, but it can save you a few coins in the future. After purchasing a gun safe, chances are they may develop issues or malfunctions, mostly the locking mechanism. A damaged/malfunctioning gun safe is of no use.

Therefore, before purchasing your safe gun, take your time to review the small print of your warranty. Most gun safes have warranties that last for one year, meaning you'll get free services or a replacement if your gun safe malfunctions within one year after you purchase your safe.

If you're lucky, you may get a one-of-a-kind warranty plan. In this warranty coverage, you may extend your warranty period. A lifetime warranty is even much better. Take advantage of it if you come across one.

Warranty document for a gun


How Reliable are Biometric Gun Safes?

Biometric firearm safes efficiently save time and allow easy access, but they can also malfunction. Dust, sweat, or bloody hands may mess up your fingerprint, making it hard for the gun storage to open.

Most gun storages also require you to configure them with several fingerprint imprints. Failure to set up these imprints and you risk getting locked out of your gun storage. Depending on the make and model, most can store up to 20 imprints in their memory.

Why Do You Need A Bedside Gun safe?

You need a bedside gun safe so that you're able to house your ammunition and pistol safe. It is good gun storage practice to do so. The best gun storage will ensure that people who have unauthorized access to your safe, like burglars, don't access your gun.

Where To Put A Gun Safe In Your House?

The best place to put a firearm safe is in your basement. Since it's a hidden area and doesn't receive much human traffic, it is unlikely that thieves will steal your guns. It also helps to keep the guns safe away from your kids. 

In the case of bedside gun storage, the best place to place it should be on the side of the bed closest to where you sleep. 

Can I Travel With a Safe Handgun?

The legality of carrying a firearm ranges widely from one country to the next. Therefore, it is difficult to transport a gun when going abroad. Most countries outside of the US have pretty restrictive regulations on who can possess a firearm.

Verify local regulations and those of the airline or transportation authority before any trip within the United States. Ensure the safe you buy has approval from the TSA for transporting handguns through airport security.

Are There Legal Compliance Requirements for a Safe Handgun?

Yes. The criteria can differ from one state to the next. If you're a California resident, you'll likely need Department of Justice (DOJ) approval. Check the product page for your safe to see if it has approval from the California Department of Justice.