What Is The Best Fire Rated Gun Safe? | Does Steelwater Top the List?

Are you pondering whether getting a fireproof gun safe to secure your firearms is essential? Gun owners buy gun safes for various reasons, but fire protection is second only to security. Protecting your firearms against theft is vital, but so is keeping your valuables safe in case of a house fire.

Key Takeaways:

  • The best fire safes are those awarded a UL fire rating
  • Buy a fireproof safe with a minimum 1-hour rating
  • Putting the gun safe in the basement is the safest place
  • Bolt your safe to the floor for safety

Now, when searching for the best fireproof gun safe, it's crucial to look at how heavy the gun safe is, is it waterproof, and if it comes with internal A/C power and UL fireproof rating. So, the more features it offers, the more likely it's ideal. You may ask, now, what is the best fireproof gun safe currently on the market? Let's find out in this guide.

What Is The Best Fire Rated Gun Safe?

Steelwater 22-Gun Extreme Duty Safe


  • It can withstand flames of up to 1875° F for an hour

  • LED lighting inside improves visibility

  • Total security from any hammering, cutting, or hammering

  • Electronic lock resistant to electromagnetic pulse

When shopping for a new firearm safe, Steelwater is a name you can trust. It’s ideal if you’re looking for an affordable fireproof gun safe model. Not only will it keep your belongings safe, but it looks stunning.

The 12-gauge steel frame and the 5-inch thick door made of fire board provide the ultimate locking mechanism against breaking. Each of the 10 solid steel locking bolts in the safe is 1.5 inches in diameter, providing maximum protection against intrusion.

Steelwater 22-Gun Extreme Duty Safe

The electronic lock on the door protects against EMP. So, not even the most tech-savvy hacker can open the gun vault. Even if the burglar removes the lock, the firearm safe remains secured by the spring-loaded locking bolts until the master keys open it.

Here is the best part:

It’s a fireproof gun safe that can withstand temperatures up to 1875° F for an entire hour. Its fire resistance is far better than similar gun safes in the same price range. You can feel secure knowing that your belongings are safe within the safe even if a fire breaks out.

The fireproof safe’s interior is just as well-designed as the exterior. It can accommodate up to 20 long guns, and you can adjust the shelves to accommodate different configurations. 

Safe by Steelwater

It also has gun safe door organizers for creating partitions for extra ammunition and weapons.

Thick padding inside keeps your valuables safe from dings and scrapes. Plus, the interior LED lights automatically come on when you open the door. That way, after you open the safe, you'll be able to see its contents even if the building's power goes out.

The package includes a dry 200-gram silica pack that you can use as a dehumidifier for the safe’s inside. While this isn’t a huge deal, it shows the company’s dedication to keeping your valuables safe. It’s a great gun safe that’s worth the price.

What Is a Good Fire Rating for a Gun Safe?

When shopping for the best fireproof gun safes, the protection level should be your top priority. Investing in a fireproof safe is the most reliable approach to keeping your firearms secure from flames.

The best fireproof gun safes are those awarded a UL rating by Underwriters Laboratories.

UL is an internationally renowned testing and certification firm that sets safety standards across many sectors, including safes.

A safe with a UL Class 125 1-hour fire rating can withstand temperatures (1700° F) outside and (125° F) inside for at least an hour without reaching an unsafe level. 

Fireproof icon

A fire protection safe with this seal guarantees it has passed rigorous testing and is up to code regarding gun safe safety.

In an average house or office fire, a safe with a rating of less than an hour will not provide adequate gun safe protection. In most cases, a typical house fire can reach temperatures between 1400° and 1700° F. 

A fortress gun fireproof safe you keep needs to resist these kinds of temperatures or risk having its contents melted. Besides keeping moisture out of a gun safe, a solid seal will protect the valuables inside the solid steel construction against rust, corrosion, and other forms of harm.


What Is the Best Rating for Gun Safes?

Buy fireproof firearm safes with a minimum 1-hour rating. Any fire-resistant safe with fire ratings of less than 1 hour will not safeguard your valuables for long in the event of a regular house or office fire.

Where Is the Greatest Place to Put a Gun Safe in Your House?

The greatest place to hide a fireproof gun safe is the basement. Burglars don't bother with them; taking one is difficult because the burglar would have to carry it upstairs.

Do I Need to Bolt My Gun Safe to the Floor?

It would be best if you bolt your fireproof safes to the floor. If your fire-resistant safe falls over, it might cause severe injury or even death, so anchor it.

How Does a Fireproof Gun Safe Work?

A fireproof gun safe features extra padding from materials that endure the heat. Some come with a sealant inside to lock the door when there is a fire.

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