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Taurus G3 9mm pistol
  • A manual safety and slide release lever are optimally positioned above the thumb for easy manipulation
  • A short reset promotes quick, controlled follow-up shots
  • Generous stippling patches across the grip for maximum control

Key Takeaways

  • The Taurus G2C magazines are compatible with a G3
  • Extended magazines allow you to carry more ammo and shoot faster without needing to reload
  • The Taurus G3 is perfect for someone who wants to carry a concealed weapon without sacrificing firepower
  • Don't compromise on quality when picking an extended magazine
  • The quantity of rounds a Taurus g3 magazine carries determines its size

What Magazines Are Compatible With the Taurus G3? Why Choose the Taurus G3?

The Taurus G3 is an excellent choice for people who want to carry a concealed weapon without sacrificing firepower. A review of the gun's size and weight shows it is a great choice for those new to firearms, but its powerful 9mm caliber make it suitable for experienced shooters.

The Taurus G3 is also easy to conceal, so you won't have to worry about the awkwardness of carrying around a large weapon while you're out in public. You can even fit the pistol in your pocket if you need to.

Most G3 guns on sale come with three 10 to 12-round magazines. G3's magazines have an ambidextrous release button to enable easy usage by both left and right-handed people. 

When it comes to mag compatibility, we often get questions like this: "Does Taurus g3c take Glock mags?" Sadly, it doesn't! But we'll see which mags it does take!

a gun and the bullets

Do You Need an Extended Magazine?

An extended magazine is a detachable magazine that holds more bullets compared to the standard capacity of the firearm. It is suitable for someone who wants to get more out of their handgun.

Taurus G3 extended magazine 20 round can provide several benefits, including increasing the capacity of your Taurus G3 flush-fit magazine with regular capacity of 15 rounds. This means that you can load more bullets and shoot faster. It also allows for faster reloading to prevent a situation where you run out of ammo and become helpless.

An extended magazine lets you get more shots off without reloading often. You'll also love the extra range that comes with extended magazines, especially when shooting at targets at long distances.

Taurus G3

How to Pick a Good Taurus G3 Extended Magazine

To avoid malfunctioning or complications, you must be cautious when selecting an extended magazine model for your G3. Search for availability, functionality, and quality. Consider the following factors when deciding on magazine specifications:

The Materials

When checking for Taurus G3 compatible magazines, go for a lightweight magazine you can easily carry around. Review to ensure it's sturdy and won't break even when it falls on hard surfaces. Review if the material is free from rust and corrosion to ensure it will function well for extended periods. Polymers and steel provide the best materials.


The size of the extended magazine you pick depends on the number of bullets you want to carry for your Taurus G3. A review of the size shows that a magazine that takes up more length loads more bullets.

One factor determining the quantity of ammo you need is the purpose for which you need them. You'll need to carry enough rounds if you're going for a competition or range shooting. Remember, some extended mags may make it harder to conceal your gun.

Tolerance for Reloading

You need to review the time you'll spend reloading your magazine. A magazine with more bullets may need more time to reload, but you can shoot continuously for longer once you reload.


Review the price of the extended magazine, especially when operating on a tight budget. Shopping around will help you establish the availability of what's on sale.

However, you shouldn't settle for poor quality because it is affordable. Getting a high-quality extended mag may need you to spend more than you are willing to.

Our Recommendation

Taurus G3 9mm pistol
  • A manual safety and slide release lever are optimally positioned above the thumb for easy manipulation
  • A short reset promotes quick, controlled follow-up shots
  • Generous stippling patches across the grip for maximum control

Taurus 9mm 17 round Magazine

The magazine is compatible with both the Taurus G2 and the Taurus G3. It features a metal body, which means it's sturdy and durable. It can hold up to 17 rounds of 9mm ammunition. The magazine also has an anti-tilt follower, which keeps your rounds from jamming or getting stuck in the chamber of your gun.

Taurus G3 magazine 17 round comes with sleeves that allow you to use it without the need to adjust your grip frequently. You also don't have to worry about losing control of your gun when in operation. Review the 17-round magazine on sale for its limited lifetime warranty.

It has witness holes to enable you to see whether it still has bullets, and you can easily know when to reload. Many states have banned the Taurus G3 17 round magazine, so you may check the gun laws in your state before buying it.

Promag 32 Rd 9mm Taurus PT-111 G2 Extended Magazine

Designed originally for the Taurus PT-111 G2 pistol, this Promag magazine also fits into Taurus G3. The magazine is made with heat-resistant stainless steel, protecting it from corrosion and rust. It allows for jam-free operation in areas that need fast action. You do not need to clean or lubricate it regularly as it doesn't have any springs or moving parts.

The 32-round magazine has a clear base plate so you can see how much ammo is left in your magazine at a glance. It also has witness holes along the side of the magazine body. They allow you to review how many rounds remain in each column and the number of bullets that remain overall in the magazine.

4 various Taurus magazines

Taurus G2C and G3 9mm 15-round Magazine

This magazine fits the Taurus G2C and G3, so you can use it on either of those guns. The magazine has a polymer construction, making it lightweight and durable. This 15-round magazine allows you to carry more bullets than the standard G3 mag.

A review of the magazine loading design shows it's fast and convenient. You can even do it when on the move. It has an anti-tilt follower, so you don't have to worry about jamming and other performance issues. The 15-round magazine comes in blue or black colors, allowing you to select your preferred color.

Mec-Gar P226 18-round Magazine

A review of the Mec-Gar P226 18-round magazine shows it's a high-quality replacement magazine for the Taurus G3. This 18-round magazine is made of steel and allows you to shoot for longer without reloading. The magazine also has a metal follower and lock plate, which helps ensure each round is properly seated when the mag is loaded into your gun.

Although this 18-round magazine was not originally designed for the Taurus G3, it fits perfectly and doesn't cause any issues during operation. The magazine is made of steel to prevent rusting or corrosion and can serve you for extended periods.

How To Properly Reload Your Taurus G3

If you can't reload your firearm well, even if you have the fastest hand in the west and can empty a magazine on target in a matter of zero fast seconds, you're in for some terrible news. Let's 4 essential handgun reloads.

There are four main ways to reload a pistol:

  1. Slide-Lock Reload or Emergency Reload (ER)
  2. Reload with speed (RR)
  3. Reload tactically (TR)
  4. Reload with retention (SR)

Taurus G3 Magazine Loader

You can, of course, consider the thumb sometimes, but be sure to invest in a decent magazine loader. Loading one magazine could be enjoyable, but if you want to empty dozens of magazines at the range, your thumb won't be pleased. You can fit pistol magazine loaders virtually anyplace in your range bag, making them a useful item. 


Will a Glock 19 Mag Fit a Taurus G3?

No, a Glock 19 mag is not recommended as a possible fit for Taurus G3. Upon our inquiry, Taurus confirmed that they have not tested compatibility of Glock 19 or any other Glock mags. 

Will a G2 Magazine Fit a G3?

Yes, a G2 magazine fits a G3. The G2 and G3 are similar, although the Taurus G3 has a smaller caliber. This means it can fire more rounds per second.

Will a Taurus G2C Magazine Fit in a Taurus G3?

Yes. The Taurus G2C mag will fit in your Taurus G3. A review of the Taurus G2 and G3 shows they are relatively the same size. They both use 9mm ammo, so you can use their mags interchangeably.

Is Taurus G3 Drop Safe?

Yes, the Taurus G3 is drop-safe. The feature allows you to carry the gun with the thumb safety disengaged.

How Do I Know When the Magazine Is Empty?

Review through the witness holes to know if you have an empty magazine. However, if your magazine has no witness holes, you'll see the high visibility follower at the load port, indicating the mag is empty.

What Magazines Are Compatible With Taurus G2C?

Magazines that are compatible with Taurus G2C are:

  • Taurus G2c 9mm 10-Round Magazine.
  • Taurus G2c 9mm 12-Round Factory Magazine.
  • Taurus G2c / PT-111 Millennium Pro G2 Magazine 9mm Luger 12 Rounds

Our Recommendation

Taurus G3 9mm pistol
  • A manual safety and slide release lever are optimally positioned above the thumb for easy manipulation
  • A short reset promotes quick, controlled follow-up shots
  • Generous stippling patches across the grip for maximum control

Instead of Taurus g3c Magazine Compatibility Chart, Here’s a Great Video by Vermont Concerned Channel:

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