What Size Gun Safe do I Need? | Guide to Storing All Your Firearms!

The size ideal for your safe will vary depending on various factors. Finding the right size for your gun collection is an issue you shouldn't take for granted. If you aren't keen, you might spend more on an out-of-date lockbox when your needs are bigger than you think.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bigger is better compared to a small gun safe. Consider it a long-term investment. You'd want to increase your collection in the future.
  • A safe bigger than your current firearms inventory is ideal. Including an electronic lock would make it much more secure.
  • Safe dimensions influence whether a safe is ideal as fireproof. Bigger will protect your valuables more.
  • You can customize a more giant safe to suit your future inventory needs and display appeal.

Consider asking yourself, what size gun safe do I need? The most common regret is buying a gun safe, reaching home, and then realizing the new safe is not the ideal size. Size is integral for adequate rifle space, extra security, and safety prospects. Let's dive in.

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What Size Gun Safe Do I Need? 

As a customer, you may find out different reviews about security products. Most customers admire big gun vaults that are highly secure and fireproof. Finding good gun safes means finding something to keep your valuables away from fire and keep your gun collection intact. What's the value you put into storing your data? The bigger, the better, the safer. However, this also depends on the size of your gun.

The size comes with benefits:

  • For functionality in storage, it can accommodate a shelf space, rifle racks, and gun cabinets that you can customize and design for display purposes.
  • You can also use the cabinets, safe deposit boxes, and wall safe to store and protect important documents, gun barrels, and other valuables.
  • A large safe can fit more complex electronic locks and include a key lock on the safe door. Both combinations can make the safe more secure, thus limiting quick access.

All the ways to improve and make high-quality gun safes depend on how you'll consider the functionality and your needs.

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Does A Bigger Safe Have A Better Fire Resistance?

Manufacturers measure gun safe fireproof capability by its exterior dimensions. The manufacturers decide how many cutouts they will utilize. In addition, safety ratings for a good safe differ with manufacturers.

Safe manufacturers - including Costco - give just ratings without testing results which isn't assuring fire protection. But manufacturers such as Liberty Safe are extremely thorough in their tests.

A fire-resistant gun safe ensures more safety for paper documents than standard safes. Plus, it would be best to consider other damage risks to your firearms. As a gun owner with multiple firearms, low-end gun safes in your apartment won't cut it.

If you live in a multi level house, consider keeping the safe on the lower portion of the house and make the lock so complex, even if one can access it using a simple door.

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Buying a Small Safe is the Most Common Regret

You'd never encounter any customer regretting purchasing the best gun safe and the correct lock box for their firearms collection.

The same applies when it comes to essential information. Purchasing a larger safe can protect this information from theft and fire damage. However, the ideal size varies from one person to another. Consider a small size safe if you don't intend to increase your inventory, and have a small gun.

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Recommended Safe Features for Long-guns Storage

Budget approximately $1200-1500 for a safe with external hinges and an interior 58" wide that provides space for 35-inch barrel rifles and shelves for handguns and valuable things. Besides showcasing a variety of accessories, you can easily lock and access the storage unit. According to some safe dealers, they offer 750lb safes that combine size and security.

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How Many Guns Fit In A Safe?

Most safes have a number indicating the number and size of weapons they can carry from the manufacturer. Leading manufacturers constantly aim to guarantee the best protection for your valuables. The numerous slots within a safe determine the rifle space to accommodate your weapon collection.

Guns have different sizes. One gun can take up more space than usual compared to others. You need to secure the right size safe to fit more guns.


What Size Gun Safe Should You Get Started With?

The size gun safe to get started with should be twice as big as the one indicated on the safe and your needs. If the safe holds at least 25 rifles, consider the number to become at least 50 guns. You can store your rifle and some other essential documents.

How Many Guns Fit in a Safe?

Thirty-one guns could fit in a compact safe without extra attachments, and you can easily stack them. Usually, gun owners have a wider variety of firearm models which means the total capacity will drop. Take stock of your rifle collection.

How Many Guns Will a 36-gun Safe Hold?

A 36-rifle safe essentially holds ten-12 rifles in the standard size. This can be adequate for a medium collection.

How Much Do A Typical Safe Cost?

A typical safe depends on the weapon's size. Small-sized gun safes typically cost $200 to $1000, while larger ones may cost up to $1000. Before buying any safes, research them to establish which offers the best protection for your particular firearm. A safe to store long guns would be expensive compared to one for short.

How Heavy Should my Safe be?

Since size and weight are complementary features in a safe, you might ask yourself what the ideal weight is. A standard firearm's safe weighs from 200 to 650 pounds, while safes in the midrange range weigh around 750 pounds. A 750-pound safe is about 72 inches tall and 50 inches wide. Usually, the price for such a safe is approximately 1000-1600 euros.

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