ZEV OZ9 Review | A Pistol With Seamless Reloading and Minimal Recoil!

The OZ9 has the upper hand over the Glock. ZEV Technologies made the OZ9 with a modular design that allows a shooter more options in grip size. In this ZEV OZ9 review, you'll see that they used an ideal grip angle that doesn't force the shooter to camp their wrists while shooting.

The manufacturers increased the gun's weight by half-pound, which helped mitigate recoil. They also went in with a lighter trigger assembly pull but not as light as a competition gun (which goes off when you breathe on it).

Let's take a closer look at the ZEV OZ9.

ZEV OZ9 gun

ZEV OZ9 Review: Product Description with Features

Weighing our OZ9 test gun against the Glock 34, the OZ9 was 8 ounces heavier under the same configurations. The gun remained straight when shooting, which helped manage recoil.

The light trigger bar took sports shooting to another level. I could clock 0.171 seconds, shooting nine rounds. When pressing the trigger, there's a hard wall; you can feel tension build-up. But it keeps rolling through when it breaks, which differs from the break you feel in Glocks.

The OZ9 has a patent pending steel chassis receiver, the actual serialized portion of the gun. The frame of the OZ9 is one continuous length to the rear rail section, making it different from the Modular SIG P320 lineup.

The module and rail section are one, making the rail section polymer. The extended beavertail rail provided a double surface area while contacting the slide. That means the increased contact reduces vibrations, which reduces recoil.

I could remove and configure the SIL receiver into something else. Only remove the single takedown pin in front of the trigger guard.

a handgun

The gun comes with standard and short grips, each with a semi-aggressive stapling. It provided a better grip that's not too aggressive.

The gun comes with a match-grade barrel, a pro-flat-faced trigger, a pro-flat-faced mag, an exclusive OZ9 signature slide featuring front and rear serrations, window cuts, and a deep optic cut for the Trijicon RMR or SRO. ZEV Technologies did a great job with the optic cuts. I could get a lower 1/3 or a lower 1/5.

The gun will come to you in a red SKB case with laser-cut foam, two Glock Magpul magazines, and a mug-pulled doc pouch to hold the included documentation.

Here are its pros and cons.

OZ9 Pros

  • Good recoil management
  • Ideal iron sights
  • Ideal chassis system with replaceable polymer grips that accommodate other ZEV components
  • Good job on the fiber optic front sight and the rear sight


  • None so far

OZ9 Pistol Review: Unique Specs


Grey PVD


Semi-auto Pistol

Barrel Length

4.5 inches






26.25 oz

Gun Range and Shooting Experience Review

After 800 rounds of firing, the shooting experience felt nice. The gun performed well, and we had no hiccups along the way. The first rounds felt zero recoils, and the gun had a flat shooting experience.

Any shooter who shoots the ZEV OZ9 will notice how minimal the recoil is and how flat the gun stays. That was what ZEV Technologies had in mind when they made it with a still receiver and more ergonomic grips like the R1 1911. It made me have exceptional build drill speed.

Because of its modularity, you could switch the grip and grip angle to the shorter one. While shooting after the exchange, it gave the gun a Glock 19's grip frame size and a Glock 17's slide length.

a person holing the gun

The gun carries well with the OWV secondary holster or the wingman 2.0 holsters using a duty-style belt and the standard-size belt with plain-clothes concealment. The weight was more than a Glock's, but it's ideal for concealed carry.

The Pro mag made reloading seamless, and the large field of view of the target and sights made shooting while moving easy.

The Problems I Experienced With OZ9

While using Glock's Magpul mags, I encountered several problems while at the shooting range, mostly failure to feed. Magazines are the first cause of feeding problems. The malfunction only happened while using the Magpul magazine.

After switching to the factory Glock magazines, the problems stopped. The OZ9 is a high-end striker-fired handgun that would have been even better with different magazines.

How Good Are ZEV OZ9?

ZEV OZ9 packed in the suitcase

Everything, from handling, shooting, maintenance, and specs, is the same and even better than Glock's. It has an extremely short take-up with an odd creep rather than a crispy break. It also offers an exceptionally positive reset.

The gun has a fantastic trigger at the top of the most outstanding striker-fired triggers I've handled. Its trigger steel housing mechanism in the receiver and not in its frame like the typical Glock made it unique.

Is the OZ9 a Glock?

The OZ9 is not a Glock. It's a 9mm pistol with various segments used in-house. Therefore, it doesn't simply show a revamped Glock. Instead, ZEV Technologies preferred a totally different product.

ZEV started as an aftermarket company for Glock parts. The company gained popularity as an uppermost-tier manufacturer and stepped up in its gun game by producing the OZ9. The gun is more impressive than the Glock.

3 ZEV handguns in a row

What Gen is ZEV OZ9?

ZEV OZ9 is not in any generation. It would partly fit Gen 3 because it used Glock generation 3 magazines. Its features are like Gen 3 Glock design products. Also, It has a full-size OZ9 chassis, which accepts ZEV Z34 and Z17 barrels and slide machining. However, it doesn't fit the OZ9 grip frames.

Are ZEV AR15s Good?

Yes, ZEV AR15s are an upgrade. For one, it's well-built with an attractive outlook that's not overdone.

The gun has a constant maximum accuracy with its mid-length system and 1:7 twist rate. These are a continuation of ZEV Technologies' accuracy and speed shooting theme. The muzzle-flash cut and recoil management are top-notch. The gun is perfect for shooters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ZEV Pistols Worth the Money?

Having shot the OZ9 and several ZEV pistols, the guns are worth the money. They didn't copy Glock's design but preferred to develop a new product entirely. The gun features innovative features that make it better to use.

Where Is ZEV OZ9 Made?

ZEV Technologies designs and manufactures OZ9 pistols, among other rifle accessories. Their facilities are in Oxnard, Centralia, California, and Washington. They made the OZ9 reset the performance bar.

Is ZEV a Good Brand?

ZEV is a good brand because it listens to the customers. They gave their customers what they asked for: a gun with high function, ease of handling, and a reliable handgun. But they make most of their guns with the order, so they are rare in the handgun market.

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